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Caterers Equipments

All our stoves, grills, proofing cabinets, griddles, urns, chafing dishes and serving pieces can be found in top hotels, restuarants and catering establishmments.
We rent commercial grade cooking equipment, factory converted for use with propane gas. All our stoves and ovens are equipped with heavy duty casters.

White Igloo

Brass Heat Lamp

Black Super Cooler
Tabletop Burner - Propane

Butane Burner

Proofing Cabinet - Sterno
Proofing Cabinet - Electric

Commercial Convection Oven

6 Burner Commercial Stove
4 Electric Burner Stove

Deep Fryor

BBQ - Propane
BBQ - Charcoal

Refrigerator Proofer

Home Style Refrigerator
Home Style Freezer

Bakers Rack

Jack Stack
Raw Bar

Waiter Stands

Large Thermoses
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