Kitchen Rental: Tips On How To Rent A Kitchen For Your Party

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Food is an important part of any party. Unfortunately, food can be expensive if you order it from outside. The cheapest way of going about it is renting a kitchen and prepare the food on your own.

In addition to being affordable, renting a kitchen allows you to control what goes into the food. You also get to serve fresh, hot food. You can also easily customize the food for the different guests.

Tips on how to rent a kitchen

For you to rent the right kitchen you need to put a number of tips into place. Some of these tips include:

Get the right rental company: there are many rental companies in the market, but not all are right for you. Before you rent kitchen equipment you should visit the Small Business Administration and the Better Business Bureau and find the reputable companies in your area.

Needs: different kitchens are ideal for different purposes. There are some that are ideal for regular cooking while others are ideal for complex cooking. Before you go out to find to find a rental kitchen you should first understand your needs. For example, if you will have to bake you should go for a kitchen that allows you to do it.

The kitchen should also vary depending on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are going to receive many guests you should have a large kitchen that will allow you to prepare a lot of food within a short time.

Charges: many people tend to disagree when it comes to charges. To avoid disagreements you should agree on everything beforehand. Some companies charge per day while others charge per hour. You should fully understand the mode of payment before you take the equipment.

Chefs: some party rental companies will rent you the kitchen together with the chefs while others will require you to find your own chefs. If you have your own people who can prepare the foods, you don’t have to pay a premium fee to access the chefs, but if you are throwing a corporate party and image is everything, there is no harm in renting the premium kitchen.


A good party starts with good food; therefore, you should ensure that you prepare good food. To make your work easy you should go with a company supplying you with all the kitchen equipment including pans, plates, glasses and cups.

Ideas On How To Serve Food To Guests At A Party

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Are you having a party and wondering how to serve food? Here are ideas on how to serve the food:

Plated Meal

This is the most traditional and formal way to serve meals. When you choose to go with this option you need to serve your guests three courses: appetizer, entrée and dessert. To make the guests feel at home and have options, you should give them choices of two or three entrees.

The cool thing with this option is that every guest gets his/her food at the same time. As the party organizer, you know the right amount of food to buy and the catering equipment that you need as everything is pre-selected. This saves you a lot of money as you don’t waste food.

The main flaw with this method of serving is that you need more servers as you need to plate food in the kitchen and at the same time serve the meals to the guests.


Here you need to set your kitchen items in such a way that you have food stations on long tables where the guests can walk along and serve themselves. Another option is to have the servers behind the buffet tables to serve the guests.

This method is great as you need just a few servers thus you save money on your catering-staff charges. You also get to provide a variety of food options in a cost effective way.

While this method is great, it tends to take a lot of time as the guests have to wait for their turn to head to the buffet table. Another flaw is that buffets require a lot of food which can be expensive on your side.

Food Stations

Here you spread food in different “stations” throughout the reception space. One of the main advantages of this method is that you get to serve your guests with a variety of foods thus pleasing them a lot.

While the serving method is great, you need to have a large serving area that will accommodate the extra food stations. You also need to have extra chefs if you are planning of having interactive stations.

Important Tips

You don’t have to worry of where to get the kitchen cutlery as there are many cutlery rental companies that rent the kitchen items at a low price. There are also some companies that provide you with food servers and chefs. All you need to do is to do your research and you’ll find the best rental company to work with.