Chafing and Service Dishes Rentals

Chafing and Service Dishes Rentals Rockland, Bronx, Westchester, Bergen, NY

Chafing Dishes Rentals NYC

If you are living in New York and looking to rent chafing dishes for an event, ABC Fabulous Events Party Rentals is the best source for renting chafing dishes, especially copper chafing dish rentals that lets you serve hot meals.

Store food in a single pan

The chafing dishes are apt for storing, reheating and freezing food. As it can be baked, transported, served and stored in one place, it takes a limited space and saves table space. The roll top chafing dishes are best for catering or buffet as guests can serve themselves. The roll top lids made of stainless steel and copper can retain heat and temperature. One can also select from a wide range of choices, including glass lids.

A multi-purpose dish

Our chafing dishes for rent can sparkle any buffet table. Cleaning couldn’t be so easy – all one has to do is toss the pans, store the chafing dishes for the next event, if required. Situated in Westchester, Rockland, and White Plains, the stores offer a wide variety of oval, oblong, round chafing dish rentals that suits every pocket. Chafing dish rental is a great party supply rental all year round.

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