Party Supplies: Guide On How To Serve Alcohol In Your Next Party

party supplies

It’s common for people to serve alcohol in their parties. If you are planning on serving drinks in your party, here are tips to consider:

Hire the right party supplies

If plenty of guests will be attending, you won’t have enough glass and stemware. To have an easy time you should rent the supplies from the local rental supplies. Before you settle on a given company, take a chance to research it and ensure that you only work with the most reputable and with the highest quality of units. In addition to the units being of high quality, they also should match your party theme.

You should note that the use of the glasses might get out of hand. For example, it’s estimated that one guest uses up to 3 glasses. This means that if you are expecting 100 guests you will need up to 300 glasses. Can you afford to rent all of these? If you can’t, you should hire someone to clean the glasses. Another option is to come up with a strategy to reduce their use. You can do this, using nametags. Place the name of every guest on a glass and have them use it the entire session.

Serve the right drinks

The drinks that you serve depend on what the guests take. For every guest to feel included, ask them what they want before the party date. If plenty of them want beer, provide plenty of it. The same thing applies if they want wine. When it comes to beer, you should serve two types of beer: light and crowd-pleasing beer, and another variety that is more interesting. For example, serve a foreign brand. Unless you are only serving beer, avoid keg as the chances are that most of it will be left unconsumed.

When it comes to wine, provide the varieties that the guests prefer. You shouldn’t worry too much about serving the wine with the right glasses unless you are having a formal event. As mentioned above, if you don’t have enough glasses, you can always rent them from the local party rentals.


These are tips to consider when serving alcohol at your next party. As it’s your party, you should maintain optimum safety standards. This calls for you to keep an eye on how the alcohol is consumed and who takes it. As rule of thumb, no underage person should take the alcoholic drinks.

5 Must-Have Wedding Party Supplies

If having a wedding there are plenty of wedding party supplies that you need to have for your event to be a success. Here are a few of the supplies that you need:

Wedding party photo booth

This is where you and the guests take photos. There are two types of photo booths that you can go with: open or closed. If having a casual party you can go with the open configuration, but if having a formal event, go with the closed photo booth. The booths come in different sizes and designs thus you have many options to choose from. For ideal results, go with a design that complements the wedding theme. If having the event indoors, take the measurements of the doors to ensure that the booths are able to go through.

Party cooling and heating supplies

To ensure that the guests are comfortable you need to ensure that the air is clean and at the right temperature. If having the wedding party during summer, have an air conditioner or fans to cool the air. If having the event during winter, have heating appliances in place. The cool thing is that you don’t have to part with large amounts of money to get these units. Most of the party rentals will rent you the units at a small fee if you rent the other items from them.

Party lighting

To light up your venue and also decorate it, you need to install lights. There are plenty of lighting options that you can go with. You can go with: pendant lamps, vintage chandeliers, and Moroccan lamps. For a great look, go with lights that complement the look of your party.

Glass and stemware

If having a formal wedding party you need to have the right glasses for the drinks. You need to have bar glasses, champagne flutes, red and white wine glasses, soft drink glasses, water glasses and beer mugs. For dessert servings, you should have martini glasses and glassware for your signature cocktails. Just like with the other units, ensure that the glass and stemware match the wedding theme.

Party tents

If having the event outdoors you need to have party tents. There are many types and sizes of tents that you can go with. All you have to do is ensure that the tents complement your wedding theme.  For a great look, the tents should be professionally installed and decorated.