How to Set Up Your Party Chairs and Tables

After renting party chairs and tables from event rentals, your next move should be to set them up. Is this the first time you are doing it? Here is a guide to help you out:

Calculate the number of tables and chairs you need

The critical factor that will determine the number of chairs and tables you need for your event is the number of guests attending the event. Before you even go there, you must know the maximum number of guests that can sit in the tent or room so that you aren’t exceeding the limit.

Once you know the number of people, determine the best tables that can effectively accommodate the guests. There are square, rectangular, oval, and even circular tables that you can go for.

There is no or right table to go with—it all depends on the nature of your event and how you want it to look. If having a simple event where the guests don’t need tables, you can even get away with just a few tables for the main podium.

If you want all the guests to have access to a table, pay attention to the shape and dimensions of the table. After deciding on the table to go with, calculate the number of tables you need by dividing the total number of guests by the seating capacity of each table.

For example, if you will be having 100 guests and you have decided each table will seat 5 people, divide 100 by 5 to get 20 tables.

Leave enough space between the chairs and tables.

How you set up the tables and chairs will go a long way towards determining how the event will look and the guests’ comfort.

The table type will heavily determine the spacing you go with in your event. If you have round or rectangular tables, allow a minimum spacing of 52 inches between each table and 60 inches for round tables.

When setting up the party chairs, leave 18 inches between a table and the back of each chair. If you have square or rectangular tables, leave a distance of 16 inches between the backs of the chairs and 24 inches if you have round tables.

For the perfect look, leave 30 inches from the back of a chair to the wall and 16 inches elbowroom—this is the distance between one chair to the next at the same table.

Stick to a standard layout

To ensure you have a uniform look and utilize all the space you have to the maximum, choose the best layout for your home. You should note that the layout you choose depends on the shape of the table. Some of the common layouts you can go with include:

Rectangular table: The rectangular table looks the best when you place it in rows. If your room is longer than its wide, set up the tables in horizontal rows to maximize the extra length. If the room is wider, placing the tables vertically is the best way to go about it.

Square table: For a simple design, place your tables in a simple row, but if you are into a more complex design, go for a diamond shape. If you are going for the diamond shape, adjust the spacing between the tables to 24 inches between the corners of each table.

Round tables: You can also set up round tables in rows, but you will need extra space. To make the most of the space you have, shift the start of each row to have diagonal rows.

Choose the right chairs for the event.

For the perfect look, rent the right chair for your event. If you are having a casual event or having your event outdoors, go for folding chairs and tables.

Are you having a formal event? Go for a high-end chair such as a banquet chair.

Regardless of the type of chair, you settle for your big day, rent from reputable party chairs rentals Rockland NY. This way, you are sure you are renting a quality chair, and you are confident that you are covered by insurance so that in the event the chair breaks in your event, you won’t be required to replace or repair it from your pocket.

How to Make Your Party Chairs Stand Out

If you have been to a number of events, you must have realized that the chairs are usually dull. Most even, don’t match the theme of the event.

If you would love to have a more beautiful event, there are a number of ways you can make your party chairs stand out. Which are these ways? Here they are:

Rent unique chairs

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of decorating the chairs, go for unique chairs. This calls for you to avoid the usual plastic, Chiavari, and other chair styles.

Most party chairs rentals stock almost identical chairs, so you will need to visit a number of stores before you find unique party chairs.

If you are struggling to come up with unique party chair styles, an excellent option is to go for chairs of different colors. You can also find ideas from the professionals working in the party chair rental companies.

Decorate the chairs with fabrics

If you can’t find unique chairs, you can always decorate the generic chairs with fabrics. An excellent way to decorate with fabrics is to tie a decorative cloth around the back of the chair in a bow to give the chair an elegant appeal.

There are plenty of fabrics you can have fun with, with the most common ones being:

Satin: This is a shiny, silky material that is extremely easy to work with. Create a satin bow with custom jewelry to give your chairs an exciting appeal.

Organza: Organza is a sheer material that resembles mesh but is a little stiffer than tulle. You can find it in the rental stores or buy one.

Spandex bands: These are excellent when you are looking for wrinkle-free material for your chairs.

Tulle: Tulle is a fine mesh net fabric with more stretch than organza.

Sequins: These are excellent when looking to create a sequin train. To create the look, use fabric rolls or table runners. You can accent the sequins using a simple flower or brooch to complete the look.

Damask Taffeta: The fabric is excellent when looking to give your event a formal vibe. You can use them in prints or color block combos.

Regardless of the fabric you use, please note that the fabric you use doesn’t have to match the chair linens perfectly. It also doesn’t have to perfectly match the theme colors—as long as it’s closely related, you are good to go.

You can use the fabrics in a variety of ways—you can create knots, bows, and even double flower loops to give your chairs an interesting look. As they say, the sky is your limit when it comes to what you can do with fabrics.

Tie a ribbon to the chair

Ribbons are an excellent way to make your chairs more interesting. The chairs should already have the look you want for your event to get the most from them.

There are a number of ways you can use ribbons on your chairs. Some of these ways include:

Use ribbons with flowers: Here, you use a thick satin ribbon and a small flower to give your chair and event a whimsical look. For that perfect look, customize the colors to match your event colors.

Tie ribbon stands: If you don’t like sashes, tie simple ribbon strands in uncomplicated knots and allow them to dangle from the chair.

There are plenty of looks you can create using ribbons. You can create a monochromatic look, create a fading color scheme, alternate the ribbon colors, etc.

Whether buying or renting the ribbons, always get more than you think you need. This is because it often takes plenty of ribbons to cover every single chair for your guests.

Add a sign or banner to the chair.

If you don’t have a budget for extreme chair makeovers, an excellent way you can go about it is to add a simple banner or sign to the chair. You must have seen this at weddings, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

For your event to be memorable, add the signs on every chair. This calls for you to write every guest’s name on the back of the chairs. It will be hard work, but you can always ask for help from the professionals working in the event rentals Rockland NY.