Everything You Need To Know About Service And Chafing Dishes

Service and Chafing Dishes

Service and chafing dishes also known as chafers are units that hold the buffet food keeping it at the right serving temperature. They are made up of a food pan, water basin, and heat source. The heat source creates steam that keeps the food warm. When having a party, you don’t have to buy the chafers as you can easily rent them from your local party rentals.

Factors to consider when renting chafing dishes

When renting the units you need to consider these factors:

The size of the unit: Chafers come in different sizes and it’s up to you to choose the right size for your needs. Your choices include: full size, round, and a half-size chafing dish.

The source of energy: As mentioned, you need an energy source for you to keep the food warm. You can use fuel or electricity. Your choice should be informed by the type of energy that you have access to. If you are having an outdoor event in an area that is away from the electricity line, you should go for a fuel chafer but if you are having your party indoors or in an outdoor area where you have access to electricity you should go for an electric chafer.

Type of chafer: There are many types of chafers that you can go for. There are round, oval, rectangular, drop in, square and even soup chafers. You should choose a unit that complements the theme of your party.

Cover type: While often ignored, the type of cover on the chafer is a great factor to consider when renting from party supply companies. The units come with many cover types such as lift-off, retractable, hinged, and glass top. When choosing the covers consider how you are going to serve the food. If you want the guests to serve themselves, you should go for units with roll top covers. If there will be servers to serve your guests, go for chafers with lift off covers.

Guide on using chafing dishes

For the units to give you a great service you should use them properly. One of the things that you should do is ensure that the water remains in the pan throughout the time that you are using the dish. You should also occasionally stir the food to prevent it from burning. To have a great experience ensure that the chafer that you rent from the serving pieces rentals is of high quality.

Cold Buffet Ideas For Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding and you don’t want to go through the trouble of keeping the food hot during the reception, you should go for a cold buffet. If you are wondering which are the best foods to serve, here are cold buffet ideas:


There are many types of meats that you should go with. The best ones are: turkey, pork slices, honey ham and chicken. If you want something extra for your guests, you should add mesquite, barbecue, and teriyaki sauces. To create a fancy look you should roll up the meat slices.

Bread and crackers

The good thing with bread and crackers is that you can easily serve them. To serve them you only need to arrange the crackers and bread on a fancy tray and place them on a table. To make the crackers tastier you should provide a variety of dips and spreads such as cheese dips, hummus, and vegetable dips.

To create variety you should serve different types of breads such as nut, fruit and toasted breads. It’s also wise to include biscuits.

You should also include a variety of spreads such as serve tuna, soft butter, and chicken spreads.

You should note that the style of arranging the crackers and bread is of great importance; therefore, you should professionally arrange them. If you don’t know how to arrange them, you should hire kitchen rentals to help you with the work.


The cool thing with sandwiches is that you don’t need to prepare them—you simply need to order them from your favorite sandwich chain. The sandwiches come in a variety of meats; therefore, your guests have a wide variety to choose from.

They also come in plastic trays; therefore, you don’t need to rent cutlery for the guests to eat on.

Fruits and vegetables

In addition to being healthy, they are also easy to serve. If you are operating on a tight budget, you should buy vegetable trays from your local store. If you don’t have a lot of money you should rent the party trays from a party supply company. The trays come with dips for the vegetables and fruits thus you don’t have to worry of the fruits falling to the ground.


These are cold buffet ideas for wedding. As you have seen you don’t have to keep the food hot for your guests to enjoy the reception. To make the party a success, it’s wise that you work with a professional party rental company.