How to Rent A Wedding Tent

If you have always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, you need a wedding tent to keep your guests warm and comfortable.

When should you rent a wedding tent?

Besides renting a tent when organizing an outdoor wedding, there are plenty of other situations when you should visit wedding tent rentals and place your order.

One of these situations is if your dream wedding venue doesn’t have an indoor option. We all have our dream wedding venues, and if you have always wanted to have your big day at a certain place but there are no buildings nearby for your guests to sit, you will need to get a wedding tent to protect them from the weather elements.

You also should rent a tent if you are sure that there will be increment weather.

Outdoor events are fun, but if you have a weather report that the weather conditions will worsen later, it’s wise to get a wedding tent.

You might be wondering when the right time to rent a tent is, right? The best time to do it is at least three months before your event. By doing this, you have enough time to visit a number of rental companies and compare the tents they stock and the prices they charge for their tents.

As you shop for tents, you should think about several things. These things include:

The size of the tent

You need a tent that will fit your guests. If you aren’t sure about the right size to go for, get the input of professionals. You should note that different tent types have different dimensions, so be cautious as you might rent a tent that turns out to be too small for your guests.

Remember to always go for the higher side. This is because your event will still look organized and fun even with a larger tent, but it will look out of place if some of the guests are out of the tent.

For the best outcome, choose the squarest tent possible for your site. This is because a square tent will have a taller ceiling, which not only looks good, but it’s also spacious and keeps the tent cooler, so you don’t even need to rent air conditioners and other air cooling appliances.

Type of tent

The other thing you need to think about is the type of tent. If this is the first time, you are organizing a tented wedding, you should know that there are many types of wedding tents you can choose from. The most popular ones are frame tents, pole tents, etc.

Each tent has pros and cons to be aware of to make the right choice. For example, if you are on a budget but want to give your event a grand appeal, go for a pole tent. The swooping roof provides the tent an aesthetically appealing look, and you don’t spend an arm and a leg renting it.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a versatile tent with many moving parts, go for a frame tent. This tent allows you to connect different spaces, such as a walkway. Due to the tent’s versatility, you can get creative and create a unique look that people will talk about long after the wedding.

Wedding tent add ons

You only need a venue and wedding tent, and you are good to go, right? Well, it isn’t as simple as that. There are plenty of other extras you might need for your tent. These extras include:

Liner: The liner gives your tent an elegant look, so if this is the look you are after, this is the suitable unit. Most liners are expensive, so you don’t need to have them, especially if your budget doesn’t allow it or you are after a simple look.

Walls: Tent walls protect your guests from strong winds and rainfall. If you suspect the weather will worsen during the day, rent tent walls from the party tent rentals Rockland NY. Of course, the walls you rent should be high quality and match your wedding tent.

Other extras you might need include: flooring, lighting, heating, and cooling. Regardless of the item, you need for your big day, ensure that it matches the event’s theme.

Guide To An Amazing Tented Wedding

When you are putting together a tented wedding, you want the best time of your life, don’t you? The good news is that it’s possible to do it. All you need to do include:

Rent a tent that complements your vision

As you can tell, there is no way you are going to create the look of your dreams if you rent the wrong tent. As a rule of thumb, you need to ensure that the tent you rent from your local party tent rentals has the same theme as your wedding.

If this is your first time, it’s wise to work with a wedding designer and planner who will guide you in choosing a tent with the right aesthetics for your vision.

There are plenty of wedding tents you can choose from, with the common ones being:

Frame tents with the hip end: These slope in all directions, making them excellent tents for your wedding. They come in various sizes and are often made to withstand even the strongest winds.

While they are excellent wedding tents, their major downside is they can result in water runoff during inclement weather. This means that to keep your guests warm and comfortable, you should install a subfloor and flooring.

Sailcloth tents: These use canvas fabric with peaks and inside wood tent poles that add a whimsical element to your event. Due to their make, the tents work well for summer events with fewer chances of strong winds and rains.

Since you install the tents with stakes and ratchet cables, you should have several feet of staking space around the perimeter.

Frame tents with gable ends:  Also known as Rosenberger, these tents have two flat, vertical ends that are often easier to install and eliminate water runoff.

Similar to hip-end tents, these tents provide solid protection from wind, rain, and other weather elements. The tents even get creative as you can add wood paneling to the interior structure poles or even experiment with different drape techniques that give the tent a more modern look.

Clear tents: Since they don’t have internal structural poles, they are usually more spacious, giving your guests more room to move around.

You can anchor the tents in various ways, so they are as strongly anchored to the soil as possible and provide your guests with the highest levels of protection against inclement weather.

The see-through roof means your guests can see what is going on outside, giving them the exciting inside-outside feeling.

Incorporate your wedding tent into the wedding design

Renting the right tent isn’t enough—you need to work at incorporating your tent into the wedding design, so you have a uniform look.

For example, if you are having a traditional wedding, get a frame tent with a custom ceiling draping that creates a ballroom feel.

You can also install a wooded floor that will give your wedding a rustic look and feel.

When matching the tent to your wedding design, think about the light fixtures such as wrought iron lanterns, rattan pendants, and other features.

Book the right venue

You can have the best wedding tent, but you won’t pull off the look of your dreams if you don’t have the right venue.

The venue should have a flat surface where you will install your tent without worrying about your guests tripping over stones and other obstacles.

The venue also needs to be beautiful to look at. This means there should be plenty of flowers and trees.

It should fit your guests and the tent you rent from party rentals Rockland NY.

To get the venue for your event, you must start scouting for it as early as possible. Most people start searching for these venues a week or less to their event. This is wrong.

Since most weddings are held on weekends, chances are high that you won’t get the venue you wanted.

The best way to do it is to search for the venue two or three months before the wedding date. And don’t just identify the venue—book the venue and pay a deposit.