All About Dance Floors

party dance floor

In addition to saying your vows during your wedding, another important part of the wedding is dancing. A wedding is a fun-filled event; therefore, you should have as much fun as possible.

Dance floors

For you to have a great dance you should have a great dance floor. If you are having the wedding party indoors you most likely have space that you can use as a dance floor; however, if you are having the party outdoors, it’s wise that you set up a dance floor. The wedding dance floor can be on a raised platform, with steps leading up to it, or you can construct it below the ground level, with steps leading down.

There are two main types of wedding dance floors that you can go for:

Acrylic: acrylic is a plastic material that is loved by many people as it’s weather resistant. The cool thing with an acrylic dance floor is that its bouncy thus provides you and your guests with a bouncy feeling.

Wooden: wood is easy to transport; therefore, you can easily move it from one place to another. It’s also firm thus your guests will have a great wedding dance without worrying of the dance floor crushing. To ensure that the wooden dance floor retains its look for a long time, you should avoid pouring liquids on it.

Wedding dances

There are a number of wedding dances that you should have. These include:

First dance: this is the first dance of the evening. As rule of thumb it should be between you and your partner. The song you dance to can be a ballad or upbeat. Regardless of the song you choose, it should have special meaning to the both of you.

Family dances: once you have opened the dance floor, you can now invite other family members on the dance floor. To keep it organized, you should ask your wedding DJ to help you in inviting people on the dance floor.

Fun dances: as mentioned, a wedding is a fun event; therefore, you should have as much fun as possible. Some of the fun dances that you should have are: dollar dances (where people pay to dance with the bride or groom) and anniversary dance (where couples who have been married for a given period of time are allowed to dance).


This is what you need to know about wedding dance floors. For ideal results, you should get the dance floor from a reputable dance floor rental company.