Caterers’ Equipment Rentals: 5 Catering Equipment You Need For Your Next Party

A party is incomplete without food. Since your event will be for only one day, you don’t have to buy the caterers equipment. All you need to do is to visit the local caterers equipment rentals and place your order.

Just like when renting other party supplies, start your research early enough (at least three months before the party date). This way, you will have enough time to visit different companies and see what they have.

The catering equipment you need for your party varies depending on the type of party you are having. While this is the case, there are several equipments you need for the party to be a success, and they include:

Table setting

Your table setting should consist of both functional and decorative elements. If catering a sit-down meal, you need bread plates, dinner plates, and salad plates. If you are serving a soup course, have soup bowls in place.

You will also need wine and water glasses if serving wine and coffee cups if serving coffee. Other things you should have include: water carafes, bread plates, and cutlery if you want it set.

You won’t be placing the equipment on a bare table so you will need napkins, tablecloths, and centrepieces. It’s also wise to include a few extras such as sugar, pepper, and butter.

For a great experience, display the equipment attractively. Remember, it’s common for guests to come over with their friends, so it’s always wise to have a few extra items. Wine and water glasses also easily break, and you have to replace them.

Buffet equipment

If having your event in a buffet style, you need to have buffet equipment. Some of the equipment you need include:

  • Chafing dishes and fuel cells to keep the chafing dishes going
  • Match or lighter to get the equipment started
  • Tongs and large spoons for serving
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board for ham, roast beef, or turkey
  • Serving baskets
  • Serving utensils and dishcloths
  • Dinner plates and rolled silverware

You should note it’s common for items to drop and break when setting up a buffet so always have a few extra items in hand. Also, remember the buffet tables need decorations. Choose those that match the party theme.

Beverage bar equipment

For you to ensure efficient handling of drinks, you need a beverage station at your party. The equipment you need include:

  • Air pots for coffee
  • Iced tubs for cold beverages
  • Decaf backups for those that don’t like caffeine
  • An assortment of coffee cups, glasses, or mugs
  • A variety of cocoa, sugar, tea, and dairy packets
  • Jugs and straws
  • Napkins and basket
  • Urn

Don’t forget to place a tidy wastebasket in a nearby area for guests to toss their trash.

Serving equipment

Serving equipment makes it easy for you to distribute drinks and food for the guests. The equipment you need include: bus bins, serving trays, and water pitchers. If having plenty of guests over, you need extra bus tubs to hold the dirty dishes after clearing each serving.

Additional items

Sometimes you need additional equipment for your party. You need Cambro or other types of insulated container to keep the hot foods hot and the cold food cold regardless of whether you are serving indoors or outside.

When serving cold food, consider having a cooler in place.

Don’t forget to take along garbage bags to hold disposable containers and dirty linens. You also should have paper towels, hand sanitizer, tin foil, and plastic wrap.

What should you consider when hiring catering equipment?

For you to hire the right equipment, you need to consider plenty of factors that include:

Quality: How the catering equipment looks has a great impact on the look of your party and the experience you give your guests. For a great experience, ensure the equipment is of high quality. In addition to the equipment giving your event an elegant look, it also doesn’t break.

Quality products are always associated with quality companies, so ensure the party rentals Rockland NY company you are renting from is reputable and has good quality products.

Insurance: It’s common for glasses and other delicate party items to break during the event. To avoid paying hefty amounts of money to replace the broken pieces, work with an insured company. This way, you are sure that when a given item breaks, the company will take care of it.

Ideas On How To Serve Food To Guests At A Party

catering equipment

Are you having a party and wondering how to serve food? Here are ideas on how to serve the food:

Plated Meal

This is the most traditional and formal way to serve meals. When you choose to go with this option you need to serve your guests three courses: appetizer, entrée and dessert. To make the guests feel at home and have options, you should give them choices of two or three entrees.

The cool thing with this option is that every guest gets his/her food at the same time. As the party organizer, you know the right amount of food to buy and the catering equipment that you need as everything is pre-selected. This saves you a lot of money as you don’t waste food.

The main flaw with this method of serving is that you need more servers as you need to plate food in the kitchen and at the same time serve the meals to the guests.


Here you need to set your kitchen items in such a way that you have food stations on long tables where the guests can walk along and serve themselves. Another option is to have the servers behind the buffet tables to serve the guests.

This method is great as you need just a few servers thus you save money on your catering-staff charges. You also get to provide a variety of food options in a cost effective way.

While this method is great, it tends to take a lot of time as the guests have to wait for their turn to head to the buffet table. Another flaw is that buffets require a lot of food which can be expensive on your side.

Food Stations

Here you spread food in different “stations” throughout the reception space. One of the main advantages of this method is that you get to serve your guests with a variety of foods thus pleasing them a lot.

While the serving method is great, you need to have a large serving area that will accommodate the extra food stations. You also need to have extra chefs if you are planning of having interactive stations.

Important Tips

You don’t have to worry of where to get the kitchen cutlery as there are many cutlery rental companies that rent the kitchen items at a low price. There are also some companies that provide you with food servers and chefs. All you need to do is to do your research and you’ll find the best rental company to work with.