Company Christmas Party Ideas

company christmas partyIt’s almost Christmas again. As a business owner it’s good to organise a company Christmas party for your employees. Although, the business environment is a serious environment, it doesn’t have to be the case with your party. If you are stranded and don’t have ideas on how to throw a great company party, here are great ideas:

Cocktail party

This one is ideal if you are operating on a tight budget. The cool thing is that you need to serve a number of drinks and appetizers—you don’t have to prepare a meal. When it comes to the venue, you should ensure that the room is large enough for all of your employees.

When it comes to drinks you should offer sodas, water and alcohol. You should serve simple appetizers such as stuffed celery, pastry-wrapped sausages, cheese puffs and fresh vegetables with dip.

To get your employees into the holiday mood you should play holiday music on the background. To avoid boring the employees, you should hold the party for a maximum of two hours.

Contest party

Here you need to engage the employees into a contest. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the contest isn’t related with what your business does. For example, if you are a cooking business, you shouldn’t have a recipe contest. This is to ensure that the party is fun.

One of the best contests that you can have is ugliest outfit contest. You should ask the employees to come with their ugliest outfits. As rule of thumb you should award the winner. You should also give a small consolation prize to the other participants.

Stealing Christmas

Here you should ask the employees to come with wrapped gifts. If the company can afford it, you should buy a few gifts. You should write numbers on a paper and the employee who gets the first number opens the first gift. The second employee can choose to open a new gift or take the one that the first employee has already opened. The third employee should take his/her turn. You should go on like this until all the employees have gifts.

During the party, you should serve tea, coffee and food. If you have a large number of employees to serve, you should ask a party rental company to help you with the meals and drinks.


These are company Christmas party ideas. If you have never thrown a party for your employees you are doing them a disservice. If you don’t have a large place to hold the party, you should hire a party tent and you will have a great time.

Ideas On How To Serve Food To Guests At A Party

catering equipment

Are you having a party and wondering how to serve food? Here are ideas on how to serve the food:

Plated Meal

This is the most traditional and formal way to serve meals. When you choose to go with this option you need to serve your guests three courses: appetizer, entrée and dessert. To make the guests feel at home and have options, you should give them choices of two or three entrees.

The cool thing with this option is that every guest gets his/her food at the same time. As the party organizer, you know the right amount of food to buy and the catering equipment that you need as everything is pre-selected. This saves you a lot of money as you don’t waste food.

The main flaw with this method of serving is that you need more servers as you need to plate food in the kitchen and at the same time serve the meals to the guests.


Here you need to set your kitchen items in such a way that you have food stations on long tables where the guests can walk along and serve themselves. Another option is to have the servers behind the buffet tables to serve the guests.

This method is great as you need just a few servers thus you save money on your catering-staff charges. You also get to provide a variety of food options in a cost effective way.

While this method is great, it tends to take a lot of time as the guests have to wait for their turn to head to the buffet table. Another flaw is that buffets require a lot of food which can be expensive on your side.

Food Stations

Here you spread food in different “stations” throughout the reception space. One of the main advantages of this method is that you get to serve your guests with a variety of foods thus pleasing them a lot.

While the serving method is great, you need to have a large serving area that will accommodate the extra food stations. You also need to have extra chefs if you are planning of having interactive stations.

Important Tips

You don’t have to worry of where to get the kitchen cutlery as there are many cutlery rental companies that rent the kitchen items at a low price. There are also some companies that provide you with food servers and chefs. All you need to do is to do your research and you’ll find the best rental company to work with.