Event Rentals: Event Lighting Ideas

Every event needs to have a presentation where everyone who’ll be attending to it shall enjoy and appreciate everything that was prepared for that occasion. The event rentals, just like the organizing team are hands-on on everything to make sure that the event will be a success. Every detail counts, and lighting are one of them.  Event lights can make or break any event and if you wanted a memorable party, you have to make sure that your lights are just more than what a spotlight can do. In the first place, why use just a spotlight, right?


 It is a no-brainer that event lights can create the most appealing and majestic effects in any event, especially during an evening occasion. It can easily transform a venue into something more and is a cost effective way to make a stunning impression.

Event planners and organizers understand that event lighting can help in creating a brand, is flexible when it comes to budgeting and is highly open to other marketing opportunities. These amazing glowing contraptions can turn any venue, mood, and tone of an event into the desirable theme of your choice or your clients’ choice. And for that reason there are some lighting effects that are not too expensive, but can certainly bring out the best lighting effects you will need in your event.


  • The Uplighting

The Uplighting style is one of the best technique to bring out a desirable atmosphere in any event. If you don’t use perimeter lighting the venue will look bland – you definitely don’t like that. This kind of lighting is highly considered for basic venues and reception spots like a gallery, empty ballroom, or a conference area. These  venues are just plain and bland to begin with, so in order to give it a different character, you have to add more lighting and décor to build your target ambiance or set up.

  • Events where uplighting is highly suggested:
    • Weddings
    • Cocktail Functions
    • Sporting events
    • Awards nights
    • Gala dinners
    • Charity events/dinners
  • The Gobo

If you are looking for a lighting setup that will bring out the element of your design and event theme, the Gobo’s are your perfect choice. Technology had improved these beams of light attached to a metal stencil to glass gobos which has more colors and detail functions. It can project a wide array of patterns and designs such as company logos, abstract shapes, pictures, and patterns. It is so versatile that it can actually match any kind of event theme.

  • Gobos are great for the following events:
    • Gala dinner wall design.
    • Initials of the groom and bride at a wedding.
    • Product launch or conference for a brand logo.
    • Awards night logos.
  • The DIY Jars

For a simple, affordable, yet a domineering lighting effect that is perfect for a table centerpiece, the DIY jars can fit your preference. You can even use assorted LED lights and keep them protected by using a lid cover, especially if you wanted to use these jars outdoors. Also, they are battery operated so you definitely have to keep them sealed.

  • The LED Chandelier

LED tube light chandeliers will put your event on the map and is going to be “instragrammable”. You can assemble a quirky  effect by combining different colors that can guarantee to set a statement in any event like a gala night. Definitely attractive and eye-catching.

  • The Faux Foliage

Wanted to have a plant or flower wall display effect, but do not have enough budget for it? The faux wall foliage lighting effect is your solution to achieve a unique, artistic, and affordable wall lighting design. Just imagine how majestic it will turn out to be.

  • The Bar Up Lights

Are you up for something new to try in your event? Then highlight the occasion with a bar up lights using signature cocktails, bottles, and drinks that you can find or provide at the venue. Using color changing disco lights, you can easily showcase a different twist in your venue’s bar area or you can even use them as a centerpiece depending on the theme. This idea can definitely set a different event experience for your guests. “All for the gram?” – this one certainly is!


Technically, event lighting is – everything! It’s like the life support of any event, without it the occasion will surely be boring and a big epic fiasco – which no event organizer wanted to happen. That’s one of the primary reasons why you acquire the services of the event party rentals Rockland NY to be able to bring life to your event and make all your plans possible and in place.

Party Supplies: Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Party Lights

party lighs

Lights are important parts of party rentals and they come in different colors that include: white, colored and multi-colored. In addition to lighting up the event, they also set the party mood. If you are planning of installing lights in your event there are many types of lights in the market that you can go for. The most common are:

Spot party lights

They are a great addition if you are throwing an outdoor party at night. The units work by narrowing down the focus of illumination thus you highlight the areas that you want people to concentrate on. These can be food areas, exit ways, entry ways and  pathways. The cool thing is that you can use the lights for decoration purposes and for functional purposes.

Rope lights

You can use rope lights indoors and outdoors. In both areas, the lights are effective in producing a wide range of effects. The units are made up of a series of micro-bulbs that are spaced one inch apart. The bulbs are placed inside a plastic cord that comes in different colors. You should use the lights in accentuating the important features of the wedding reception, corporate events and party.

Globe party lights

While you can use them in different areas, they are heavily used in party tents. They are unique in that instead of the traditional pear shape, they resemble a perfect globe. Also, unlike other lights that require plenty of assembly, these ones don’t need that. The bulbs come already screwed into the light stand thus all you need to do is hang them up.

Twinkle party lights

Twinkle lights add life to the party environment. You can install them in different areas including: Along pathways, benches, fences, gazebos and even decks. While they are great, they can spark disaster if you install them at the wrong place. To avoid making this mistake work with an experienced contractor to guide you on how to properly install them.

Quartz lights

They are versatile and efficient. They are also brighter and hotter than the ordinary light bulbs. The lights are great as you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Since they come in different colors and shapes, they can not only use them to provide you with lighting, you can also use them as decoration materials.


These are some of the lights that you can use in your party. To get high quality lights ensure that you rent from a reputable party supplies company.