Different Ways Of Setting A Party Table


To create a great impression you need to set your party table the right way. Here are some of the ways in which you can set the table:


This is when you have a corporate event. You should position the plate at the center of the table setting and then place the butter plate on the left, above the forks. You should lay the dinner fork on the left of the plate and place other forks on the left of the dinner fork.

When organizing your cutlery, you should organize in the way in which it will be used. This is in order to work from the outside in.


Buffet setting isn’t stringent. You should place the stack of plates and then the side dishes, salad, main dishes, condiments and bread. You should place the utensils at the end of the table, wrap a fork, knife, spoon in a napkin and secure them with a napkin ring. You should set glasses, dessert items, cups on another table in order to avoid congestion.


You should position two forks, a dinner fork and smaller salad on the left of the plate. You should then fold napkins and place them beneath the forks.

Important tips

While it’s good to have table clothes, many guests spend of the time worrying about soiling the party linens. You should avoid the stress by avoiding the standard tables. If you are having a casual event, you should cover the tabletops with newspapers.

There are many party accessories that you can use to add color to the table setting; however, experts recommend that you shouldn’t rely solely on the accessories. In addition to the accessories, you should also use party plates, cups and flatware. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the items have a bright hue.

Floral accents are great to have. The unfortunate thing is that large displays tend to be very expensive. If you want to create cheaper accents you should consider creating tiny bouquets and placing them at each setting.


This is what you need to know about party table setting. To have an easy time, you should hire a professional party rental company to help you with work. The rental company will also provide you with the rental items that you need to make your party a success.

Things you must know for table and chair rental

While planning a wedding or an event you can easily get bogged down taking care of all the major details to make your event successful and forget to check on minor yet important details like the table and chair rental. Renting tables and chair sounds easy process but actually, if proper attention is not given while hiring a rental service provider, it can spoil your event easily.

What a good table and chair rental can do?

Different types of parties require different types of rental items. You cannot keep a chair meant for a wedding reception into a corporate party or birthday party. It will look out of place and spoil the decoration of whole event. What you should do in such situation? Where to find a table and chair rental according to the occasion and theme of the event? Well, the answer of the both questions is so easy! You can find all the rental items required for your event from a party rental service provider. The party rental service provider can help you to select the best items for your event. However, it is important that you keep a few things in mind while selecting the table and chair rental for your event.

Tips for renting table and chair!

#1: The size of gathering: It is important to determine the tentative number of guest attending your event, to get proper seating arrangement done.

#2: The theme: Theme of the party is another aspect that you should take care while renting tables and chairs. Make sure that you set a theme prior placing order for any rental item. As hiring a rental service after deciding the party theme will bring all the rental items in sync with your party theme.

#3: Party occasion: To get appropriate table and chair rental for your party, it is important that you disclose the purpose of your celebration to the rental service provider. The party rental professionals can help you better in selecting appropriate tables and chairs. You need to be careful while choosing these rental items for your event, as the task of selecting table and chair rental may sound easy but it is not that simple.