Table Decorating Ideas for Parties

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Decorating table for parties beautifully contributes a lot to the success of any party. For any type of party, table decorations play a significant role in the overall appearance of the environment. Use fun event décor ideas for theme parties to add a great deal of personality to the event. Make sure to focus on the table décor to give the best set-up to your party.

Table Coverings

Fine cloth linen demonstrates a comfortable sense of class and style to cover every table. Linen and décor for weddings add a rich appeal to the event. Table runners can be added across the round tables and colorful or designed covering can be used for theme parties. There are many different types of table coverings available at party rentals with images imprinted and can be used for various purposes. Bright and chic colors may be used to add flair to a casual event and enhance the overall look of the venue in a tremendous way. You can also rent table covers, runners and overlays from party supplies store.

Decorative Centerpieces

The use of different types of decorative pieces and floral arrangements helps to enhance the look of any event. The different items can be used for centerpieces according to the theme rather than just using standard flower centerpieces. Be innovative and choose items according to the theme. Even casual events can be made interesting by using fun bowls of candy or coffee beans. Candles are also a good way to decorate the table and make everything look appealing.

Table Settings

Fine porcelain or China with silverware set on folded cloth napkins adds a polished touch to the entire table decorations. This makes your party more cultured. Parties with a theme have plates and napkins according to the colors and designs used in the table arrangements and coverings. The casual party can be planned with simple coffee mugs and plate settings appropriate for the buffet and bar service. Such parties also use brighter colors for place setting pieces and co-ordinates best with rest of the table décor. Overall, giving final touches helps to seal the decorations and create best table settings to make it really special for everyone.

So, discuss with other production members to gain insight into decoration and production and staging rentals. Event planners always have visual images of what they’re planning to achieve or certain moods aiming to evoke. Make sure to make some efforts and collect some pictures of similar events online and share them with other production members to get a perfect setting as you desire.

How to Set Up Chairs in a Tent for a Wedding

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Tables and chairs are essential in any wedding as they contribute to make the guests feel comfortable during the ceremony. The process of setting up chairs for a wedding seems to be unimportant but overlooking it may cause some problems. So, plan ahead while getting table chair rentals for wedding because you may have limited area with a specific layout to consider.

Instructions for setting the chair

  • Position the chairs to face the front and leave an aisle right down in the middle of each row. This will help to allocate the same number of chairs on either side of the aisle. It would be better to have an aisle about 5 feet wide thus giving adequate space to bridal side people to walk down. Make sure not to allow wide rows as it will trouble the people and they may have to view the ceremony at a bad angle. Rather create more rows reaching farther back.
  • Arrange the chairs within the tent to stay away from inclement weather conditions. Choose party tents accordingly as nobody wants to have cram chairs into a tent. Take an idea as how much space the chair layout will cover before choosing a tent size from tent rentals.
  • Make plenty of space toward the front of the tent for the actual ceremony to take place. Ensue to leave adequate space for bride, groom and entire bridal party to feel comfortable under the tent. To ensure sufficient space, keep the middle chairs in the first row at least 8 to 10 feet away from the staging and dance floor.

Reserve some chairs

  • Some of the front chairs must be reserved for the close family members in all types of wedding tent rentals services. Each chair should be allocated to specific family people so that no extra chairs are available for anyone else. For instance, if the groom’s mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents are to sit in the first row then there should be only four chairs in that row.
  • In case, you are planning a big celebration then second row should be reserved for close extended family members and then the next rows for anyone involved in the ceremony. This will help to avoid scrambling between seats when it comes time for close ones to perform their parts in the ceremony.

Important Aspects of Catering Rentals

party rentalsCaterers provide food for events such as weddings, corporate parties and other small or big functions. But unlike restaurants with luxury to prepare and serve at their own facility, caterers not only prepare food but transport it and present at the venue. This reason requires them to have a bevy of caterer’s equipments with wide range of simple utensils to complex cooking and serving utensils and offer them as caterers equipment rentals. They can serve food to 500 people in a banquet hall or small box lunches to a small business meeting. Most of the caterers are ready to adapt to their clients’ needs in different ways. They adjust for menus and offer equipments for party rentals.

Catering Tools and Equipment

Chafing Dishes
Caterers often prepare food offer utensils to keep food warm with service and chafing dishes rentals. These equipments run either on electricity or canned heat placed underneath the equipment. These dishes are available in round, rectangular and oval shapes.
Serving Trays
Caterers also use serving trays. These trays are available in range of material from plastic, stainless steel to rubber in various sizes. These trays are useful to serve guests all types of food.
Coffee Makers
The professional coffee makers help caterers to make and store dozen cups of coffee. These vending machines are portable enough to move from one place to another.

Allocate a budget for catering

It is wise to allocate a budget for catering and plan everything according to it. Catering costs sometimes break the bank in the absence of a good plan. So, ensure to set a realistic budget for your catering needs.

  • Figure out the source of funds to meet the catering budget. Get an accurate and timely estimate of head count. Most of the caterers price their services per person and an accurate estimate helps to know the amount that you should set aside. Find out well in time your need for other party supplies and what needs can be fulfilled by your caterer.
  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions in your contract. Reception venues and wedding caterers sneak in charges for things that can escalate your budget like linen and décor for wedding, cutlery and cleanup.
    Also, decide menu for buffet and bar service and how you would like to serve. A seated dinner costs more than a buffet service and check out the difference per person to make a decision.
  • Always allow room in your budget for alcohol as your guests might end up consuming more than your expectations. Also, inquire for any charges for corkage fee or whether they will provide a licensed bartender or not.

How to Host a Home Wedding Reception

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Celebrating your wedding at home offers an intimate and personal way. However, most of the people hesitate to plan a wedding at home as most homes are not well equipped to host n number of guests or meet all the requirements for a wedding venue. Before finalizing a home wedding reception, make sure to look at the layout of your home and several other aspects and talk to a party rentals company before giving a start to your planning.

Prepare Your Home

A small wedding is most conducive to plan at home as it overcomes the hassle of choosing a venue to fit all your guests. It just requires removing or rearrangement of some furniture from your house to make more space. If you have plan to plan it in backyard then make sure to have a back-up plan to face any type of weather conditions. Atleast once a week before the wedding, hire professionals to remove all the entrails in your home and lawn to make it look best on the grand day.

Party Rentals

Some people opt for home wedding reception as it seems to be budget-friendly. However, this often isn’t the case as you have to plan the arrangements with a party supplies company to rent chairs, tables, tents, glass and stemware, linen and décor for weddings etc.. In some cases, you might also need another source of power when home circuitry can’t handle the power required for all the kitchen catering and lighting arrangements. Staging and dance floor must have its own sound system with adequate lighting if the wedding has to take place outdoors. Look out for the best rental services to meet your maximum requirements.

Finalize caterers and Decorations

A timely meeting with a caterer helps to finalize the buffet and bar service. If your kitchen has adequate space then the staff may be able to prepare food there but if it lacks space then he might need to make arrangements at some other place. While decorating, look out for the existing beautiful elements in your home. It can be a beautiful maple tree in the backyard that offers the best place to hang lanterns. A bay window serves as a perfect backdrop for staging and dance floor.

Research Local Laws and Insurance Policy

Make adequate research to check local laws and need of insurance. A home wedding faces many legal issues and require permits for parking, liquor licenses and noise restrictions. So, research local ordinances to know as how late you can play loud music, whether you need a permit to park multiple cars along your street and can you buy a one-night liquor license. In addition to this, check with your homeowner’s insurance to ascertain as what it covers and buy a supplemental policy to cover other emergencies. Also, verify that the vendors of the party rentals have their own insurance.

How to Set Up a Wedding Reception

party rentalsWeddings aren’t just about getting married and they’re also about showing off your style. Flowers are the easiest and dramatic way to perk up any area. Decorating the often overlooked small stuff-the pathway will transform your venue and make it even more special. The site influences the design decisions. So, take time to plan the setup of your wedding reception. Visit the venue and consider special features to highlight such as pathway, staircase or staging and dance floor. Then, make arrangement for other important elements like chairs and tables, buffet and bar service, place for DJ or band.


During the initial walk in into the venue, keep a note of as what the guests see at the entrance as it’s the first impression they’ll get. Spruce up the entryway by framing it with colorful drapes or lights along the frame. Keep two tables at the entrance mentioning the details about name card and gift tables. Decorate tables with linen and décor for weddings , photographs of the couple and bouquet of flowers.

Buffet and Bar service

Buffet and bar service are integral for any wedding reception. Around 10 to 15 square feet of space per person should be allocated for round tables that can accommodate six to ten guests. This will help to figure out the table a chair rentals for wedding. Set up a bar in one corner and leave enough space to make movement easy for guests. If you have enough space and money for bartenders then add another bar to reduce the waiting time for guests. Serve a buffet to the side of the area, again leaving adequate space for a line. Keep the cake table near the staging and dance floor so that everyone can get a glimpse of it.

Staging and Dance floor

A right sized dance floor and enough space for the band seems to be essential part in all types of reception. Set up dance floor with about 4 to 5 square feet per guest. Plan to keep it at the front of the area in the center of the guest sitting arrangement. This increases the involvement by the guests.


In addition to all the above given necessities, right lighting add spectacular ambiance to your wedding reception. Make outdoor pathways with twinkle lights or luminaria. The dance floor should have a bit dimmer light than the rest of the area. Placing a few moving colorful lights toward the floor and using production and staging rentals creates a perfect and enjoyable atmosphere.

Promotional Activity Ideas

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Promotional ideas involve audience members and help to increase the effectiveness of the event. Partnering with several businesses with adequate resources proves useful and transforms the event as the main attraction in specific locations. Promotional activities are a great way to attract more customers to business. Such events help to make networking stronger with prospective customers and make them involved. These events can be simple like an informational session or can be made interesting with a carnival for the families. Read on to know more about some interesting promotional activity ideas and that are easy to manage and get event decor rentals to plan the best events.

Campus Contests

Invite fraternities from local colleges to compete for a position. Offer prizes like free souvenirs, passes to other similar kind of events etc.. You can also invite students from different colleges to compete in a contest that demonstrates who can get the maximum number of seats in the event. Allocate different colors to different teams or reserve special seating area for easy identification. Always host the contest in a carnival-type environment so that contestants enjoy playing. Such type of campus contests are promotional ideas and help to encourage audience participation. The opportunities are endless and a properly planned and well promoted event always proves to be a big success

Pre and Post Game Activities

Host pre and post game to increase the number of people in the event. Pre-game activities can be live performances, staging and dance floor , tailgate parties etc.. A pep rally featuring cheerleaders and team introductions can also be planned. Post game activities include award ceremonies to honor the best players, buffet and bar service, press conference etc.. Post game activities also help to choose the team for incentives offer them exclusive access to athletes.

Table Tents

Use table tents and put banners that promote your event and display them at local restaurants, coffee shops and college cafeteria. Corporate tents can also be used for sporting events as it provides direct access to the target customers.

Fashion Show

It’s not necessary to be a fashion company to plan a fashion show. Fashion shows are a great activity and can be planned with lots of creativity. Use production and staging rentals and put on a fashion show filled with fashion students from the top colleges to create the fashions and use it as a contest for them. It will be an exciting activity that benefits everyone involves.

Tent Alternatives

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While planning any outdoor wedding, there are several things that play an important role starting from the weather conditions to the decor. Party tents are the most preferred choice of protection during any event. No matter whatever you choose, it is best to have a sheltered location especially if it seems that weather would be unfavorable to make the event successful. There are several methods to use for the decoration of the tents. You can sew or buy a fabric tent liner to create a decorative piece of shell inside the tent. Fabric can be cut into panels and spaced evenly across the tent as decoration.


A canopy provides an option to make the venue more open in outdoor arrangements. The availability of different size of canopies can be arranged. The canopies are available in light fabric such as tulle or organza. Try to choose between the wedding colors or white. This feature allows to choose between a rectangular shape or circular sitting arrangement under round tables. The use of canopy also provides of decoration to the venue.


Pergolas are basically wooden structures made to protect an outdoor area. Such structures allow to hang lights and decorations. You can create your own pergola or choose a location on rent. In some circumstances, there are several choices to cover the structure from unfavorable weather conditions. This facility also provides a backup when things are not as planned. Use beautiful linen and décor for weddings to give an attractive look.

Gazebos or Covering Vines

Some of the wedding venues have built gazebos so that guests can plan an outdoor event without any worries related to environmental conditions. This gives the event managers complete peace of mind. Some of the wineries have built gazebos from growing vines up. This can be decorated with the help of colorful balloons and different types of lights, production and staging rentals.


The use of umbrellas seems to be the best choice for sunny wedding venues. The parasols help to offer shade and protection to your guests. During the event, divide the tables and cover with parasols for decoration and protection from weather conditions. In such type of wedding arrangements, staging and dance floor is usually in the open and you can use a canopy over the floor to add flair to it.

Make your party more sophisticated with attractive party supplies

party suppliesTransforming your imagination into reality can be possible with party rentals. Rental services facilitate occasional or short-term possession of certain things at a lower price. The various types of party supplies help to adorn the theme of any party. It rules out the need to buy expensive stuff which is required for minimum use. The different supplies includes round tables to curtains, pillows to chairs and linen. Make sure to explore the event décor ideas to find out the best and most useful supplies for your celebration.

The rental services allow organizing lavish events at much lower price and offering maximum fun to every guest. All you need to ensure is to plan your party theme and list out the essentials required in your party. Some of the companies offer easy delivery service of every product to any location. The responsibility of the customer is only to get the required permission and make arrangements for adequate space for all the ordered items. Most of the rental companies do not offer refunds on any equipment shipped out for any location. Party rentals are available for:

Birthday Party:

You can make a birthday party more memorable day with the help of renting cartoon and superhero stuff. Such type of vanity arrangement makes your child become the superhero. The host must also choose a location to set up a inflatable equipment for kids parties and take benefit from installation services by the service provider.’

Wedding parties:

Wedding ceremonies require plenty of decorations and wedding party supplies. The availability and choice of modern party rentals gives a warm and welcoming feeling to your guests and add spark to your wedding.

Family get-togethers:

The different types of occasions like anniversary, retirement etc. are no longer considered as mediocre. People want to enjoy the family time in the best way with cool stuff. In case, celebration involves lots of children then try to win the heart of kids with chocolate bars, chocolate fountains, frozen popcorn makers, cotton candy, inflatables etc..Most of these stuffs are available as party supplies with reputed rental companies.

Promotional or corporate events:

Promotional events are meant to promote certain type of products or services. In this competitive world, it’s not so easy to get the attention of the people and make sure to opt for the best tent rentals , grillers, coolers etc. to make your event attractive to every guest. Most of the party supplies are available on rent to make parties interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

Planning for retirement party

tent rentalsA party favor is a kind of appreciation shared with guests in honor for the participation and attendance. Earlier, favors were presented at grand occasions like weddings and birthdays, but now times have changed and favors encompass several occasions from casual get-together to formal awards dinner. While planning a retirement party, make sure to get party rentals in the budget and offer favors.


Planning a party can be stressful and always determine as how many party supplies you need according to the number of guests. A little calculation helps to narrow down as what you’re going to serve for food. Always be ready to meet any unexpected guests.
Calculate the number of unexpected guests after you get an idea of confirmed guests. Consider the guests significant others and children. Get 10 to 15 extra of every supplies to meet the requirement of unexpected guests. For example, if you are planning to buy a pack of 30 paper plates then play safe and buy 50 packs.


Try to incorporate party tents into the decorations. You can also use small plants or fresh flowers for decoration. If time allows, create a number of personalized picture frames featuring the guest of honor with guests in candid shots. At the time of departure, invite everyone to collect their frame as a token of remembrance. It can be anything like inexpensive souvenirs or goodie bags. Make sure that they represent the spirit of celebration.


Most of us make best arrangements for buffet and bar service but forget about the requirement that might arise in the morning if party last all night. So, make morning snack bags well in advance. Get paper bags and fill each one with a jumbo muffin, a bottle of cappuccino, a fruit slice and a towel. For parties that are expected to end in the evening, consider handing each guest a box of chocolates or a small bag of gourmet coffee, tea bags, cocoa mix and a spoon at the time of departure.


It becomes easy to incorporate any game plan in case of a themed retirement party. Production and staging rentals plays an important role in retirement celebrations. Other options can be casino night or beach bash momentos. Casino nights could include decks of playing cards, dice, poker chips or lucky charms. Beach bash momentos consists of any number like sun block miniature tubes, pina colado drink mix, insulated drink holders etc.. Retirement parties with no defined theme can also make use of medical store products like denture cream, essential vitamins for elders and hair regrowth medicines.
So, what are you waiting for? Explore the ideas and plan a wonderful retirement bash.

Essential ingredients to bring event themes to life

event decor ideasEvent planners are aware of all the best color palette and subtle design elements that can be incorporated as event décor ideas. But sometimes, event planners have to design the events in a short notice. Although, lead times are longer, it is always helpful to make a final check and ensure not to miss any element or a key ingredient that will give an event theme a life. Here is a checklist with some of the essential ingredients to design an event in a perfect way:

Theme names:

The right name always communicates a theme and makes the guests ready for the event. Use some ideas and brainstorming to find out theme name. Theme names can be inspired from storybooks, TV, sports, games or even from movies. Ensure to verify and check the copyright holder for any names not available for use publicly.


Color ideas can be obtained from nature or other related things like flags or foreign event themes, athletic team colors for sports event and kids favorite colors for birthday parties. Most of the event planners use their own color palette to design the event.

Floral arrangement:

A good floral and plant arrangement always reflect the theme. Try to incorporate theme colors in your flower selection as well. Table a chair rentals for wedding and make a beautiful flower arrangement on the head table or stage to set a perfect theme.


The right venue plays an important role to convey the theme and reduce the decoration and other related costs. The experienced event planners are aware of the best locations to plan theme events and guide to make event a success.


Menu selections acts as a powerful vehicle to reflect the chosen theme. Make a suitable buffet and bar service according to the theme and focus on the menu and how it is served to create a perfect match with the theme.

Chair covers:

Linen and décor for weddings plays an important role and chair covers are often used in weddings and other formal events but they also work well for other types of events with a special theme.

Music and Entertainment:

Music seems to be a perfect to create the right ambience for the event. Ensure to get license for public performance. Make special arrangement for staging and dance floor to make everyone involve and enjoy the event. A higher budget gives an option for live performances as well.