Promotional Activity Ideas

Promotional Activity Ideas

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Promotional ideas involve audience members and help to increase the effectiveness of the event. Partnering with several businesses with adequate resources proves useful and transforms the event as the main attraction in specific locations. Promotional activities are a great way to attract more customers to business. Such events help to make networking stronger with prospective customers and make them involved. These events can be simple like an informational session or can be made interesting with a carnival for the families. Read on to know more about some interesting promotional activity ideas and that are easy to manage and get event decor rentals to plan the best events.

Campus Contests

Invite fraternities from local colleges to compete for a position. Offer prizes like free souvenirs, passes to other similar kind of events etc.. You can also invite students from different colleges to compete in a contest that demonstrates who can get the maximum number of seats in the event. Allocate different colors to different teams or reserve special seating area for easy identification. Always host the contest in a carnival-type environment so that contestants enjoy playing. Such type of campus contests are promotional ideas and help to encourage audience participation. The opportunities are endless and a properly planned and well promoted event always proves to be a big success

Pre and Post Game Activities

Host pre and post game to increase the number of people in the event. Pre-game activities can be live performances, staging and dance floor , tailgate parties etc.. A pep rally featuring cheerleaders and team introductions can also be planned. Post game activities include award ceremonies to honor the best players, buffet and bar service, press conference etc.. Post game activities also help to choose the team for incentives offer them exclusive access to athletes.

Table Tents

Use table tents and put banners that promote your event and display them at local restaurants, coffee shops and college cafeteria. Corporate tents can also be used for sporting events as it provides direct access to the target customers.

Fashion Show

It’s not necessary to be a fashion company to plan a fashion show. Fashion shows are a great activity and can be planned with lots of creativity. Use production and staging rentals and put on a fashion show filled with fashion students from the top colleges to create the fashions and use it as a contest for them. It will be an exciting activity that benefits everyone involves.

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