4 Ways to Decorate Your Party Chairs

4 Ways to Decorate Your Party Chairs

While party chairs from party chair rentals bring substantial comfort to your party, the downside is that they tend to look too simple. They don’t give your event an elegant look that you might be after. The cool thing is that you can improve their look in many ways.

To help you out, here are ways to go about it:

Tie a ribbon to the chair

Ribbons come in different colors and designs, and when properly used, they can be an excellent way to dress up your chair. Begin by determining how much ribbon you’ll need to cover the chair’s backrest from top to bottom. Leave enough excess ribbon to tie or secure the ribbons.

Cut the ribbons into equal lengths using the scissors and your measurements. If you want a cascade appearance, alter the lengths, or keep them all the same length for a uniform design.

There are several methods for attaching the ribbons to the chair. One possibility is to use double-sided tape. Apply small amounts of tape to the rear of each ribbon towards the top and firmly press onto the chair’s backrest.

Another possibility is to use safety pins. Simply fasten each ribbon to the chair, concealing the pins under the ribbon.

You can make bows out of excess ribbons if you want to add a decorative aspect. Cross two long lengths of ribbon at the center to form an “X” shape. Then, fold one end of the ribbon over the other, thread it through the loop, and tightly draw to make a bow. Attach the bow to the top of the chair using tape or a safety pin.

Attach ribbons to each chair until you’ve gotten the desired effect. You can alternate colors, make patterns, or mix and match ribbons to complement your party theme.

Once all ribbons are in place, step back and evaluate the overall appearance. To produce a larger impression, adjust any uneven ribbons or add extra ribbons as needed.

Add a banner or sign to the chair.

Besides a banner decorating the party chair, it’s also an excellent way to personalize it.

Begin with deciding on the type of banner you wish to utilize. It can be a pre-made banner with a message or design or something you make yourself out of cardstock, cloth, or paper.

Measure the chair’s backrest to decide the proper size for your banner. Consider the breadth and height that will be comfortable and apparent while the chair is used.

If you’re designing your banner, cut out a rectangle or any form that fits your design from your selected material. If you want a printed banner, use a computer design application to create a bespoke design with the wording, colors, and images you choose. After that, print it on cardstock or high-quality paper.

There are several methods for attaching the sign to the chair. Here are several popular approaches:

Ribbon ties: Cut two long pieces of ribbon, fold each piece in half, and use adhesive or staples to attach the folded ends to the upper corners of the banner. Then, fasten the ribbons’ loose ends with knots around the upper edges of the chair’s backrest.

Attach small adhesive Velcro strips to the back of the banner and comparable strips to the chair’s backrest. Ensure the Velcro strips are properly aligned so the banner is centered and straight when fastened.

Add Garlands

Garlands can be fashioned from various materials, including paper, cloth, flowers, and artificial materials. You can also purchase ready-made garlands or make your own.

If you use a pre-made garland, you might not need to cut it. If you’re crafting your garland, cut it into equal lengths using the measurements from the previous step. You can change the lengths to create a cascade effect or keep them all the same for a more uniform design.

You can add the garland to the chair in a variety of ways. Some of the ways to do it include:

Cut pieces of ribbon or string long enough to wrap around the chair’s backrest and tie in a bow. Attach one ribbon end to the garland and secure the other around the chair’s backrest. Repeat for the remaining sections of the garland.

Twist ties: If your garland contains wire or flexible stems, fasten it to the chair with twist ties. Twist the knots around the garland and the chair’s backrest to ensure they are tight and secure.

Adhesive hooks: Attach adhesive hooks evenly spaced to the top of the chair’s backrest. Hang the garland from the hooks and let it fall down the back of the chair.

Safety pins: If your garland is lightweight, you can connect it to the chair with safety pins. Pin the garland to the backrest at various spots, covering the pins under the greenery or adornment.


Decorating party chairs with pillowcases is a fun and easy way to bring color and flare to your event.

Choose pillowcases that complement your party theme or color palette. You can use simple pillowcases or ones with appropriate patterns, prints, or motifs.

To establish the correct size for your pillowcase, measure the dimensions of the chair’s backrest. You’ll want to ensure the pillowcase fits snugly and covers the backrest thoroughly.

Iron the pillowcases if necessary to remove wrinkles and creases and make them look tidy and attractive.

You should then slide the pillowcase over the chair’s backrest. Align the pillowcase so that it equally covers and fits the backrest.

To improve the overall design, you can add decorative components to the pillowcase, such as ribbons, bows, or embellishments.

Parting shot

These are some of the ways to decorate your party chairs. To get the most from the chairs, rent them from reputable event rentals Rockland. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the chairs are high quality and, if possible, rent those that match your party theme.

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