Guide to Renting Party Chairs and Tables for Your Next Event

Guide to Renting Party Chairs and Tables for Your Next Event

If this is your first time renting table and chair rentals, you must have realized that there are plenty of options you can choose from. And this being your first time, you must be confused about the right ones to go with, right?

If you are in this predicament, here is a guide to help you make the right choice depending on the nature of your event:

Table and chair options for a sit-down event

If you are having your guest sitting and dining like in a wedding, two excellent tables are round and long tables. A round table gives your event a classic look that is beautiful to look at. For the best look, go for a table that is at least 60”, as it will comfortably seat 8 – 10 guests.

Remember that most tables are made from a plywood top that can be unappealing when left exposed, so besides renting the tables, also factor in the cost of renting the covers as you will need them to give your tables an appealing look.

The other options are long tables with a rustic or family-style feel. These tables are usually 6 feet long; just like their round table counterparts, they have plywood tops and metal legs.

Most of these long tables will accommodate 6 – 8 people, but if you want to have more people, you can go for a farm table that is a bit longer.

Cocktail party

Are you having a simple cocktail event? You will need a cocktail table. This small profile table is ideal for events where you socialize with cocktails and light appetizers.

You can go at it two ways—you can have the people sit or have them move around. If you want your guests to mingle with each other, don’t rent chairs; instead, go for large tables or simple tall bar-style tables where the people put their drinks.

When it comes to the chairs, there are plenty of cocktail table chairs you can go for. An ideal cocktail is a bar stool but if you want the guests to move around, you can go ahead and throw a party without a chair.

Attention drawing setting

Would you want to draw the guest’s eyes towards a certain feature in your event? Be strategic about how you go about it. As a rule of thumb, ensure that your guests face the same direction.

When renting the tables, go with conference tables. These are low-profile tables that have the guests facing in the same direction and at the same time provide them with a place to place their items and materials.

They can accommodate up to 8 people, but in some cases, they accommodate more.

When it comes to chairs, classic folding chairs are perfect, especially when you aren’t having an ultra-long event.

Throwing a party involving children

If you have children in your event, you need to be strategic in how you go about it, as they can sometimes leave your head spinning.

You should get smaller tables for the kids, and the theme should match the party theme.

When it comes to the chairs, high chairs and booster seats are often enough as they give you peace of mind that the kids are safe and can be seen from a distance.

Don’t rent just any table or chair.

As much as you want your guests to be comfortable, don’t rent just any table or chair—you should be cautious and not only ensure that it matches the theme of your event but also is high quality so that you have peace of mind that it can’t come apart as the party progresses.

Rarely will you find a high-quality table or chair in cheap party rentals Rockland NY so you should be ready to part with a substantial amount to find the supplies of your desires.

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