Outdoor Even: Tips to Give your Guests an Excellent Experience

Outdoor Even: Tips to Give your Guests an Excellent Experience

When organizing an outdoor event, you want to give your guests an excellent experience. To help you out, here are ways to do it:

Hire the right team

Finding merchants for your day will be the same as if you were planning an indoor event. To hire the right service providers, you should take your time. For example, you should research bands or DJs, flower designers, photographers, officiants, food companies, and so on, and ensure that you hire those with prior expertise in outdoor events.

You’ll want to know exactly what each of your merchants will require (Do they need amps? Can they be on a common circuit?) to function properly on your big day.

For a great experience, partner with a reputable event rental company that can provide generator power (if there is no power on the site) and other miscellaneous odds and ends to meet your needs.

The beauty of hiring a rental company is that they make your work easy. A reputable rental company will come in and assess the space and assist with measuring and making recommendations.

Knowing that qualified pros are handling all of these logistics can ease pre-event stress.

To have an even easier time, try and hire most of the supplies from one company. This calls for you to hire a company that provides tents, tables, chairs, lights, bars, generators, and even assistance with any necessary permits.

If you will be working with different companies, you might be wondering where you should start, right? Well, tents and rental furnishings are always in high demand and are the most expensive line item in most budget spreadsheets (after catering), so you should get it squared right away before you move to the other things.

Work with an experienced catering team.

Finding a catering team that is experienced with working outdoors is critical. To ensure you are working with the right team, ask as many questions as possible before hiring.

You should be ready to ask questions like, “How many outdoor events have you done?” “Are you comfortable working in a tent?” “Can you make recommendations for catering rental needs such as kitchen equipment, plate ware, glassware, cutlery, and so on?”

Working with a rental company with a liquor license is a huge advantage, as you won’t have to get one to serve drinks in your venue. 

As you are interviewing a catering rental company, you should also discuss the food you will serve. The best aspect about being outside is that you can be creative with your food options. A great way to go about it is to have a theme for your event.

For example, consider a pig roast for a more tropical-themed party.

Think about decorating the venue.

Every outdoor venue, whether a backyard, a beach, or a floral-filled field, has its inherent beauty and aesthetic, so when you plan your wedding, you’ll be in a unique position to use the natural environment to your decorating advantage. And the décor you choose can help to make your occasion.

You can make your outdoor event as formal or informal as you want. For a more formal setting, go with sail-top tents that will give the event an elegant, whimsical vibe. You can also opt for pole tents with tulle draping on the ceiling.

Install chandeliers or incorporate bespoke bistro lighting. Also, add hardwood flooring to your tent floor, exquisite Chiavari chairs against garden chairs, and quality linens to decorate your tables. You can also use velvet, brocade, satin, or shantung to make the place feel extra formal.

Have a contingency plan.

Weather is often a major issue for those planning outdoor celebrations. If you already have a tent, reserve one with side walls, even if you don’t believe you’ll need them.

Because tents are often in high demand, you’re better off reserving them ahead of time and then canceling them in the days leading up to your event. While you’ll most likely lose your deposit, it’s far preferable than to stress out walking around in haste trying to secure a tent on the week of your big day when the weather forecast projects heavy rain.

The same is true for side walls. They may not be necessary for light rain, but you’ll want your guests to be safe if it’s pouring.

If the weather forecast calls for heavy rains, you should plan for it. If the forecasts are that it will rain, you should talk to your venue management and see if they can allow your tenting company to set up a temporary structure a few days before the wedding. The structure will protect the ground and ensure that the event venue won’t be overly soggy and uncomfortable.

Protect your guests from bugs.

Apart from having your grounds professionally treated three or four days before your wedding, you should place citronella candles around the pathway or near your tent entrance and choose flowers that mosquitoes don’t like.

Lavender, marigolds, and peppermint in your blooms and throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception décor are major secret weapons you can use to your advantage.

Prepare your guests for the outdoor event.

Ideally, you should specify your outside venue in your invitation and/or wedding website. This will enable your guests and family to decide on their wardrobe and what (if any) substitutes, accessories, or extra layers they’ll want to bring, just in case.

If your event is on the grass, you should tell your guests ahead of time to dress accordingly. You don’t want everyone in stilettos sinking into the ground all night, so having heel stoppers on hand for guests who may need them is a nice gesture.

Think about the outdoor bathroom.

You should always consider the bathroom situation when putting together an outdoor event. If the event venue has a good bathroom, but if it doesn’t, you should consider hiring a bathroom company to supply you with portable bathrooms.

Hiring the bathrooms from a separate company will set you back more money, so you will be better off hiring the bathrooms from the same company you rented the other party rentals Rockland.

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