How to set up a Bar for a Party?

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Whether you are throwing a grand Christmas party or a small dinner for family and friends, having a fully equipped bar to make the delightful cocktail is the ideal way to start an evening.

The Bar Necessities

The party guests often stand and mingle over drinks. In case, you don’t have the necessary cocktail equipment, you can easily rent cocktail glasses, bar set, blender, bar stool, bar counter etc. And make your cocktail party lavishing and memorable. These items will not only highlight the presence of bar at your party venue, but also impress your party guests.

Cocktail party guide

You are organizing a cocktail party or including a bar in your party, you should serve a variety of drinks like wine, vodka, champagne, brandy and beer to your guests. Different people have different tastes and with the availability of variety of drinks you can win hearts of your party guests. Also, include some non-alcoholic drinks in your bar and let non-alcoholic guests take pleasure from the bar.

A party bar should also have a collection of tasteful glassware. Your bar will look incredibly attractive with all sorts of glasses like short rocks glasses, tall glasses, wine glasses, brandy snifter glasses, champagne flutes, water goblet, double rock glasses, martini glasses, margarita glass, cocktail glasses etc. These glasses will adorn your bar counter. As you are serving a variety of boozes, you should have glassware which complements the drinks.

The bar supplies like champagne bucket and ice bucket have their importance at the bar. You should make these stuffs available at the bar.  And, of course, do not forget to put the bar equipment like shaker, jigger, muddler, extra-long bar spoon and a strainer at the bar counter.

Finally, adorn your bar perfectly with the bar stools. The party guests usually enjoy drinking on a stool. Not much, but you should at least have 8 to 10 bar stools at your cocktail party venue. Well, after reading all these bar necessities, if you are worried about your party budget, then do not waste your precious time in thinking. Just opt for bar supplies rental. You can get each and every bar equipment on rent.

Now’s the time to think about party rental items

party rentalsThis is party season- Holiday, Christmas and New Year parties are lined up. And obliviously you will have to host one or more party for your friends.

Small-Quantity Party Rentals

In this party season, you might find the need of big and small things to host a good party. Instead of purchasing party items, you should think about party rentals. The party rental items let you host party, according to your plan and within your budget. There are incredibly amazing party items available for rent that makes a long lasting impression on party guests.

Popular small quantity party rental items

#1: Tables and Chairs: Of course, you do not want your party guest to stand all the time. No matter how many tables and chair you have at your premises, they are neither apt nor sufficient for party guests. In order to full fill the requirement of tables and chairs, you can rent it from a party rental company. You can rent tables and chair in small as well as in big quantity.

#2: Plates and Silverware: Plates and Silverware make a solid impression on party guests. To win your party guests, only tasty food is not sufficient. You will have to serve that tasty food in adorable plates. Paper and plastic plates are so out of trend. Renting plates and silverware is a perfect option.

#3: Glassware: Presence of shining glassware at your party venue is a classic party decoration. Obviously, drinks are going to be a part of your party, so you need glassware to serve the drinks. You can easily rent variety of glasses.

#4: Cutlery: Yes, even designer cutlery is available on rent. You can rent as number of cutlery items you want. Availability of oodles of cutlery items in your party will make your party convenient for your guests.

#5: Linens:  You can provide a festive feel to your party by decorating your tables with Linens. You can rent Linens in a number of colors like white, ivory, beige, camel, khaki and many more.

#6: Decoration items: Parties look incomplete without decoration. With the help of lights, flowers, and other decoration items you can decorate your party venue like a paradise.

Are you well equipped for your Christmas party?

party rentalsWith the arrival of winter, the most awaited festival of every time-Christmas is also coming near. And if you are planning to have a big Christmas party this year, then you should start finding a good party rental service provider as soon as you can.

The party rental services

Obviously it is not possible to host a great party with just a bunch of drinks and a pack of potato chips. To make your party really an enjoyable event for your family and friends, you should consider seeking help from a party rental service provider. The rental service can make your party more organized and can utilize your party space in a better way than you.

Add more color to your Christmas party with party rentals!!

Creating significant memories does not always require draining your energy as well as your wallet. With proper planning and right execution, it is always possible to host an entertaining and memorable Christmas party.

Start your party planning with a delicious menu. Save time by finalizing the guest list and validate grocery requirements upfront. Prepare a checklist and plan out your deadline so there remains no last minute surprises for you! Try to save your sanity by opting for party dishes which can be prepared in advance. Now, check out the wine glasses, cutlery, crockery etc. In case, your existing crockery and cutlery is not sufficient for party guests, then opt for crockery and cutlery rental.

After menu, think about party decoration. Decoration is the soul of Christmas party, so decorate your party venue with colorful props, flowers and lights. If you do not have party decoration items, then instead of purchasing these expensive stuffs, choose party rental items.

Check out the seating arrangement. You need to make sure that you have sufficient chair or furniture to get your party guests seated adequately. The table and chair rental is a handy option for you. Also, if you are willing to host a luxury Christmas party, you can go with lounge furniture rental. The luxury furniture can transform any random party venue into a high-class party paradise.

Make your wedding party fun with Staging and dance floor

stage rentalWhether it is a normal get together, commercial event, birthday celebration, graduation party or a wedding reception, staging and dance floor rental is something that can make your come party alive. A party will be so boring without the booming DJ music and people tapping their feet like crazy on the dance floor. As a party organizer you better know the tactics to make your guests happy and satisfied.

Stage and dance floor

To prevent your party from turning into a lame event, you should give a corner to the stage and dance floor where your party guest can try their little dance move and set themselves in a party mood. Here are mentioned a few advantages of stage and dance floor that will surely make you realize that why these items are important in order to host an enjoyable event.

#1: The Stage and Dance floor act as a fun element and energizes the aura of the party when accompanied with beaming lighting and music.

#2: The Dance floor encourages your party guest to get up from their chair and celebrate freely.

#3:  A lifted platform like the stage let the host get proper attention from the party guests and make announcements. The stage provides a perfect finish to the functions like wedding receptions and commercial events.

#4: Portable stage and dance floor are safe and hygienic alternative to dancing on asphalts, tar or grass. They can be set up at any party location. It is very easy to setup and take down the portable stage and dance floor.

Staging and dance floor rentals!

By now if you are thinking of including staging and dance floor in your party, but you don’t know from where to get these items? Then put this worry aside. As there are a number of party rental service providers who are ready to provide you with staging and dance floor rentals for your party. Hire an experience party rental service for your party, as these services offer a number of deals on the rented items and are also ready to customize the rental items, like the table, chair, staging and the dance floor according to the party theme.

Benefits of hiring party rentals

party rentalsOrganizing a party is not an easy task as it obligates you to make a list of things you need to carry out a fun event. The party decorations can be easily arranged, but sorting out the other party equipments can turn out to be a time consuming chore. There are a number of professional party rental service providers, to help you to make your event memorable.

Make your event more interesting with party rentals

Leave behind the traditional decoration and bring in the modern decoration items in your party. Give your guests something to talk about. There is no doubt that every party is unique but there are some items that every event needs in order to become a big memorable celebration. Follow the below mentioned list of rentals items to make sure that your party has every important item.

Party rental items Checklist

Tent: Hosting an outdoor event? To ensure that your party guests stay protected from the bad weather condition. Consider renting a tent for your event. A tent will not only protect your party from bad weather condition but it will also make your party more impressive, unique and memorable.

Chair: While selecting chair for an event, people do not realize how much of importance chairs have in party arrangement. Placing high-quality, beautiful chairs throughout the venue will give your party a more inviting and high-end look.

China: Disregard the inept paper plates and give your party menu a better presentation with high quality china. Rent dinner plates in a style and color that goes with your party theme.

Tables: Your guest and you will need a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your food during the party. Rent tables for your event keeping the number of people you want to be seated on one table.

Linens: Apart from the chair and china dish. Linen is another rental item that can decorate your party space. With the table linen you can add a classic look or a fun pop to your event. With the presence of number of options to choose from, it is really easy to make your party look fabulous with table linens, napkins and table cloths.


Wedding marquee types

Wedding marquee typesYour wedding day needs to be perfect in every possible manner. If your heart desires to get married at an outdoor location, like the garden of your house, a beach, a farm field or the terrain of a historic building, you will probably think about the wedding marquee rental. There are a number of wedding tents or marquee available on rent which can full fill all needs and requirements of your wedding day.

Information about wedding tents

The wedding marquees create an ultimate wedding aura at any random location. They separate normal space from wedding space, embodying the specialness of the event. Additionally, wedding tents provide the full fledge flexibility. In a tent, any decoration is possible. You can create your own dream world inside a tent. This will give you a great chance to organize your dream wedding at dreamy location.

Types of wedding tents

You can opt for wedding tents as per your wedding theme and wedding venue. You can further customize the wedding marquee according to size, shape, color, design and budget. Have a quick glance over the number of options available for tent rental:

Framed marquee

The framed marquee is among the luxury wedding tents. Although framed tents are quite expensive, but they also have the power to turn any ground into a palace. These kind of marquees are made of metal frame and come with hard floor and structured with walls and also have windows. It is absolutely possible to install air conditioners, lights and heating equipment inside framed tents.

Frame Tents with Liner

The tent liners will give a finishing touch of elegance and sophistication. The liners are used as a modish approach of hiding the unattractive framework of tents or just to mitigate the aura with soft fabric.

Century Tents

The century tents are among most rented wedding tents. These tents are easy to install and easy to decorate. It is possible to create a royal ambience with the help of century tents.

Top Clear tents

These tents beautifully connect your wedding venue with nature. In the top clear tents the top portion of tents is transparent from which sky is clearly visible.

Simply elegant wedding table decorations!

wedding decorationsThe dining arrangement should be the first thing to begin when you are planning your wedding decorations, as tables and chairs are the stuff that come into direct notice of your wedding guests. By paying special attention over wedding table decorations, you can leave good impression on your guests.

Wedding table decorations

Wedding tables and chair decoration contribute a lot in overall wedding venue decorations. You can get decoration done without spending splurge on them. There are many elements which, when combined create a beautiful wedding table decoration.

Wedding table decoration inspirations

First of all, you are required to heed over selection tables and chairs. There are party rental companies which offer a wide range of wedding table and chairs on rent. You can get many choices in colors, designs, sizes and shapes. The best combination will be the white chair and round shaped white tables. Round tables look good and their decoration is easy.

Now, for decoration start with centerpiece. Use similar centerpieces for all the tables; centerpiece will be the focal point of your table decoration. Metal centerpieces look elegant and are in latest wedding decoration trend. You can easily get similar centerpieces on rent.

After selecting centerpieces, go for table linen selection. Table linens will beautifully cover entire wedding tables and provide a beautiful look to any ordinary table. The party rental companies offer lots of linens on rent. If you have many tables and same linens are not available on rent, you can try for different shades for every table to give a warmer effect in decoration.

Using confetti to complete your table decorations provides a magical touch. You can make use of conventional paper confetti, but they may get disorganized if liquids spit on them. You can try for metallic confetti to make your tables look glittery.

The final touch to table decoration will be provided by glasses, crockery and spoons arranged on them. For this purpose you can take advantage of glasses, serving pieces and cutlery rental. Ask your party decorator to arrange crockery and food in the beautiful manner. Such table decorations will aggrandize the bliss and taste of food.


Clever Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

wedding rental

The wedding is usually a once in a lifetime event, which can turn out to be an expensive affair for the couple. It is possible to create a memorable wedding function without the huge price tag. Yes, it is absolutely possible to host a fairytale wedding reception within a constrained budget. You are just required to pay attention before blindly spending money over wedding dress, wedding jewelry, wedding decorations and other wedding stuffs.

Cut Hidden Wedding Costs

The costs of a wedding will be higher if you schedule your wedding on traditional wedding months. During these months, the wedding venues are expensive, price of wedding dresses are at the zenith and wedding professionals like makeup artists, hairdressers and decorators charge higher. On the other hand, if you opt for off season wedding, all these things will be available to you at much lesser price.

Also, if you are willing to get married during traditional wedding months, you will have to get ready for advance wedding preparation i.e. advance booking, advance shopping etc. so that you can save some amount of money.

How Can You Cut Your Wedding Costs

#1: Instead of purchasing a designer wedding dress, you should choose for wedding dress which looks good on you. Yeah….. Designer wedding costumes look good, but you are going to wear your wedding dress just once, so instead of splurging money over wedding dress, you can utilize that money in better ways.

#2: If you have a fascination for outdoor wedding, then you can probably reduce your wedding cost by finding a right wedding rental company. Wedding Rental Company provides you a wide range of party supplies at affordable rates. You can rent wedding tents, decoration items, lights, tables, chairs, catering stuff, serving dishes, plates, linens etc.

#3: Food is the heart and soul of the wedding reception. Thus, instead of ordering food from 5 star hotels, you can hire a professional caterer. Catering services will cost you much lesser than 5 star hotel food, and your guests will enjoy the food.

#4: Music is important for wedding fun, but you should not instantly spend money on buying a huge music instruments. Just hire a wedding DJ and opt for musical instrument rental.

What a Catering Rental Can Do for You?

party suppliesFor special functions, like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events and promotional parties hiring a caterer is an important part of party planning. Preparing a catering supplies checklist can be helpful as well while working with your caterer. When you hire a caterer team, you should ensure that they have all kinds of catering supplies and serving dishes.

The Best Catering Rental

A smart party planner maintains a systematic list of all catering equipment to make a party free from any kind of fuzz. Although these items are not visible to guests, they are required for making and serving food in an appropriate manner.

Many times it happens that catering company have its own catering equipment with them and they use their own equipment for preparing the party food. But sometimes it also happens that a catering company does not have catering equipment as per your menu of your party! In such situation, you can utilize catering equipment rental provided by the party rental companies.

The party rental companies have all kinds of latest catering equipment in their stock. With the help of these catering equipments, you can serve lip-smacking food at any party venue. Yes, rental companies can supply the rental items at your party venue and you need not have to worry about the transportation and loading.

Catering rental Checklist

The catering checklist is required so that you cannot miss any essential catering item. While making arrangements for your event, you and your caterer should mutually prepare a list of catering equipment needed for preparing and serving party food.

Finding catering supplies rental for your event is significant, as these supplies have direct impact over your party food. There are certain catering equipment like imperial burner, deep fryor, electric convection oven, barbeque propane, refrigerator, proofing cabinet and jack stack which are easily available on rent. You can rent these items to serve desired food at your party.

Hiring caterer and renting catering equipment will be cheaper and more flexible than booking party food from a five star hotel. You can also rent supplies like serving dishes, Cake Server, spoons, Pie Server, and glassware.


Wedding wonders- wedding tent ideas!

party rentalThere’s something about the wedding tents that just yell out “sophistication”, don’t you agree? There is nothing as cool as a wedding reception held under a tent. If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, than the first thing you are required to do is- select a tent type for your big day.

Wedding reception tents rentals:

The tents are much more than being coverage. Selecting a wedding tent is obviously not an easy task as there are a number of options available to decide from. To assist you to solve your dilemma, here are a few most popular types of wedding tents that you can rent for your wedding reception.

Beautiful Wedding Reception Tents ideas

Below mentioned are a few beautiful wedding tent ideas that will bring’ wow factor’ to your wedding decoration:

Tents with the sides open: The tents with open sides are the most preferred wedding tents. These tents provide excellent shade during the daytime and use the natural light to beautify your big day. To rent these sides open tents for your wedding you can contact a party and tent rental company and get the tent installed at your wedding venue without any fuzz.

The open sky tents: The clear tents are gaining popularity day by day, especially for the venues having scenic beauty. You can rent these tents for your wedding if you are planning your wedding at a place having natural scenery. To add a royal touch to your wedding you can also go for the silver serving rental along with the open sky tent.

The full coverage tents: These tents are best if you are having a colorful wedding theme. The full coverage tents will protect your wedding venue from the sun and other climatic conditions and will help you to have a wonderful wedding. You can decorate this tent with the help of twinkling lights, lamps and sophisticated table and linen rentals.

The pole tents: These are the most simple and easy to install tents. If you are planning a simple wedding, then the pole tents are the best option you can go for.