Party Rentals: Guide On How To Put Together An End of The Year Work Party

As we are nearing the end of the year, there will be plenty of office parties. If you are the one given the responsibility to organize your work party you need to do a number of things to ensure that the party is a success. Some of the things that you need to do include:

Work with a party rental

Party rentals are your best friends when it comes to party planning. It’s from the rental companies that you can find the party chairs, tables, and other units that will make the party a success. Since no two companies are the same you should take your time to research and only work with the most reputable. When hiring a rental company, go with a company that will provide you with additional services. The company shouldn’t simply rent you the supplies—it also should help you with the arrangement of the supplies and give you suggestions on how the guests should sit.

Ensure the venue is okay

Plenty of work parties have been postponed due to inadequate preparation of the party venue at the right time. Since you are used to spending most of your time indoors, you should organize an outdoor party to give the employees a change. You should visit your local parks or golf resorts that are known to rent their spaces. Most of the venues come with a tent where you have the party but if there isn’t a tent already in place, you should erect one. The tent ensures that the guests are comfortable and protected from the wind, rain, and cold. Party tents come in different designs and sizes. You only need to choose the right one for your venue.

Have a party theme

To make the party memorable it’s wise that you have a party theme. The cool thing is that there are plenty of themes that you can go with. Since you will be looking to give the other employees a great time, choose a theme that will be fun and memorable. For example, you can have a cowboy theme

Provide a bar service

You should provide a bar service to make the party fun. If you are operating on a large budget you should provide a wide range of alcohol selections but if you are strapped for cash you should provide a signature drink.

Provide enough food

Food is always an important part of any party. To have an easy time you should hire a catering company to help you with the cooking and serving of the food. Most of the companies come with their own cutlery but if the company doesn’t provide them, you can always rent from serving pieces rentals.

Party Rentals: Tips To Consider When Planning An Event

Party rentals

We all love parties. In addition to eating our favorite foods, parties also allow us to interact with interesting people. It’s fun attending a party but there is no fun when you are the one putting it together. Whether it’s a wedding party or any other event you need to consider a number of tips for you to have an easy time planning it. Here are some of the tips:

Tips to consider when planning a party

Have a party budget: A budget guides you on the type of party supplies that you get for your party. The budget also helps you to stay within your means. When you make the decision to throw the party you should sit down and come up with a budget of the amount of money that you are willing to spend. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have a budget that will strain your finances.

Work with professionals: You need professionals in different stages of the party planning process. You need a professional when renting from rentals companies, when decorating and even when serving food to the guests. To increase the chances of your party being a success you should work with experts in the different areas. When you are renting, ensure that you rent from experts that will guide you on the right units to go for. The experts should also help you with the setup of the rented units. You should also involve the experts when preparing the meals. Since the professionals love what they do, they will give their all thus make your event a big success.

Have a backup plan: Many things can go wrong during an event. Things are more likely to go wrong when you are having an outdoor event where it can start raining or become too windy. To avoid these inconveniences you should have a backup plan. You can have a party tent or another party venue in place. The backup plan ensures that the party continues as planned despite the occurrence of an unprecedented event.

Start early: Experts recommend that you start the party planning at least 3 months before the party day. This way you have ample time to research the best party rental company to rent your units from, the best party venue, and many other things.


These are the tips to consider when you are planning an event. When working with party rentals, ensure that you work with reputable ones that will not only rent you high-quality units but also provide you with party planning advice.

3 Tips To Consider When Renting From Chairs rentals

Chairs rentals

When you are planning a party one of the questions to ask yourself is whether the venue you have chosen provides chairs. If the venue doesn’t provide the units, you have no other way out other than to rent them from your local chairs rentals. For you to have a great time renting you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Go for chair rentals offering the best deals

This is the very first step you should take when searching for a company to rent from. You should ask the company for the quotes, the number of chairs they are going to provide, their sizes, shape, and colors. In addition to going with a company renting high-quality chairs at low cost, the company should also offer additional services. For example, the rental company should provide free transport services.

Consider the theme of the event

Currently, almost every party has a theme. When renting the party chairs you should ensure that you rent those that compliment the event theme. If having a formal theme, you should go with comfortable high-quality chairs. On the other hand, if having a beach theme, you should go with simple, wooden chairs. Most of the rental companies stock chairs of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Some of the ones that you can choose from include: Chiavari, wood, folding and banquet chairs. You should go with those that compliment your party theme.

Have someone take responsibility for the party chairs

When you are organizing a party it’s common to be carried away and forget everything about the party chairs. You should ask your friend or event planner to take responsibility for the chairs. The person should ensure that the chairs delivered are the ones that you had agreed on.  Once the party is over, the person that you appoint should count the chairs and ensure that they are all there. He/she should also inspect the quality of the chairs. Most party rental companies require that you replace any chair that gets damaged or lost in your party; therefore, it’s good to protect yourself by having some time to take care of them.


You need to consider a number of factors for you to rent the right party chairs. To have an easy time you should work with a reputable party supplies company that not only rents you the chairs but also guides you on how to decorate them.

Guide To Renting Party Tents

When having an outdoor event, outdoor gazebos are your best friend. The tents protect your guest from the harsh weather elements thus ensuring that they are comfortable.

Factors to consider when renting party tents

For you to rent the right tents you need to consider a number of factors that include:

The weather condition: The first thing you have to consider is the weather condition in your area. If having your event during the rainy days you should ask the rental company to install gutters within the tents to drain the water. When having the event during the windy days, you should get sidewalls for the tents that will ensure that the guests are as comfortable as possible.

The number of guests attending the event: One of the questions that a tent rental expert will ask you is the number of guests that you expect in the event. Tents come in different sizes and it’s up to you to choose the right ones for your party. The most common tent is the 20 X 20 tent. It can hold up to 67 people standing, 45 seated people, and roughly 35 people when using banquet tables. To avoid wastage of space and money you should avoid renting a tent that is too big for your event.

The type of tent that you need: Just as there are many sizes of tents, there are equally many types of tents that you can go for. The most common are:

Frame Tents: Frame tents are the most popular types of tents and they are preferred by many people as they are versatile. You can use them on concrete, grass, and sand.

Pole Tents: Pole tents get their name from the tall poles positioned in the center of the tent. The positioning of the poles creates distinct high peaks that give the tents an elegant look. When installing the tents ensure that you install them on firm ground.

Clearspan Tents: These are one of the largest tents that you will come across in your local tent rentals. Since they are large they are ideal for large events such as large weddings. They are made from lightweight aluminum which makes them durable.  Due to their size, they are complex to install thus you should hire a professional to help you out.


You need a tent when having any outdoor event. To have a great experience, ensure that you rent high-quality tents from reputable party rentals.

Chairs Rentals: Guide To Renting Party Chairs

Chairs rentals

Party chairs not only provide a sitting space. They also come in handy in determining the look of the party. Due to this, you should provide chairs that are not only comfortable to sit on but also beautiful to look at.  If you don’t have enough chairs you simply need to visit your nearest party rentals and rent your favorite seats.

Factors that determine your party chairs choice

Your choice for party chairs is determined by a number of factors. One of the factors is your budget. Comfortable, high-end chairs go at a higher price compared to simple, wooden informal chairs. This means that you need have to have a larger budget when you are planning on having formal chairs. Different rental companies rent their chairs at different prices. You should visit your local companies and see what they have to offer.

The other factor that you need to consider is the party venue. If having your party on the beach, it would be absurd to rent cushioned chairs. In such a scenario you should go for wooden or plastic chairs. On the other hand, if you are having a formal wedding, you would look out of place renting simple plastic chairs. If you are having a formal event you should rent formal chairs. The same thing applies when you are having an informal event.

Types of party chairs

Party rental companies stock different types of party chairs that you can go for. The most common are:

Plastic chairs: Plastic chairs are perfect if you are planning a big party on a tight budget. The chairs are also lightweight, comfortable and come in different colors and designs.

Chiavari chairs: These are the quintessential upscale event chairs. The cool thing about them is that you can accessorize them in a number of ways including adding cushions that complement your party theme color. The chairs also come in different colors thus you have wide choices.

Garden chairs: Garden chairs have a classic silhouette and you can line them up in rows for outdoor events or even around tables that have matching center pieces. The chairs feature a crisp and clean look that adds to the elegance of your outdoor event regardless of whether it’s big or small.
Barstools: Barstools have a unique rustic but elegant look. These are good for high top tables or bistro and play a vital role in helping people to interact. These chairs are a great pick for backyard or rustic barnyard wedding receptions.


When you are looking for chairs or any other party supplies you should start the process early enough. You should visit different chairs rentals and compare their prices and products that they have. As rule of thumb, you should rent from a company renting high-quality units at the least cost.

Everything You Need To Know About Service And Chafing Dishes

Service and Chafing Dishes

Service and chafing dishes also known as chafers are units that hold the buffet food keeping it at the right serving temperature. They are made up of a food pan, water basin, and heat source. The heat source creates steam that keeps the food warm. When having a party, you don’t have to buy the chafers as you can easily rent them from your local party rentals.

Factors to consider when renting chafing dishes

When renting the units you need to consider these factors:

The size of the unit: Chafers come in different sizes and it’s up to you to choose the right size for your needs. Your choices include: full size, round, and a half-size chafing dish.

The source of energy: As mentioned, you need an energy source for you to keep the food warm. You can use fuel or electricity. Your choice should be informed by the type of energy that you have access to. If you are having an outdoor event in an area that is away from the electricity line, you should go for a fuel chafer but if you are having your party indoors or in an outdoor area where you have access to electricity you should go for an electric chafer.

Type of chafer: There are many types of chafers that you can go for. There are round, oval, rectangular, drop in, square and even soup chafers. You should choose a unit that complements the theme of your party.

Cover type: While often ignored, the type of cover on the chafer is a great factor to consider when renting from party supply companies. The units come with many cover types such as lift-off, retractable, hinged, and glass top. When choosing the covers consider how you are going to serve the food. If you want the guests to serve themselves, you should go for units with roll top covers. If there will be servers to serve your guests, go for chafers with lift off covers.

Guide on using chafing dishes

For the units to give you a great service you should use them properly. One of the things that you should do is ensure that the water remains in the pan throughout the time that you are using the dish. You should also occasionally stir the food to prevent it from burning. To have a great experience ensure that the chafer that you rent from the serving pieces rentals is of high quality.

3 Wedding Party Supplies That You Need For A Comfortable Outdoor Wedding

Wedding party supplies

An outdoor wedding is attractive to many people as it provides a comfortable outdoor space for the guests. You also don’t need to install a lot of decorations as there are already plenty of natural decorations that you can use to your advantage. For you to have a successful outdoor wedding you need to rent a number of supplies from your local party rentals. The supplies that you need include:

Party tent heaters

Most people do their weddings during summer but this doesn’t mean that you have to move with the crowd. Doing your wedding during winter comes with a number of advantages. You can rent party tents and other wedding supplies at low prices. You also have access to your dream wedding venue as there are few people interested in it at this time. For your guests to be comfortable, you should provide them with warmth. The best way of going about it is installing tent heaters at different areas of the tent. For ideal results, ensure that the tent is completely closed to prevent heat loss. You should keep on adjusting the temperature to prevent the tent getting too hot thus making the guests uncomfortable.

Rental flooring material

Since you are having an outdoor event, chances are that the lawn is the floor. This type of floor is perfect if you are having an informal party but if the event is formal, you should rent a formal floor. Party rental companies stock different types of floors ranging from plastic to hardwood floors. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. When making the selection, consider the size of your party tent. Also, consider the condition of the party location. As rule of thumb ensure that floor that you rent complements the wedding theme.

Party wash stations

Wash stations are often overlooked by many people but they are always necessary. To keep your guests clean and comfortable you should have these facilities in your wedding venue. You can get them from your local rental companies or from companies that specialize in hygiene products. They come in different sizes and designs. For an interesting look, you should rent wash stations that complement the wedding theme and at the same time are of the right size for your guests.


For your outdoor wedding to be a success you need plenty of wedding party supplies. When renting the supplies, always rent from a company renting high-quality units at least cost.

Guide To Renting From Party Rentals

Party rentals

Party rentals not only provide you with rental items, they also help you with the planning of the event. To help you out, here are tips on how to have an easy time when working with a rental company.

Pick party rentals supplying high-quality items

To create a great impression, you should never compromise on the quality. You should search for rental companies offering high quality and beautiful party supplies. Whether you are looking for party chairs, tables, tents or any other supplies, ensure that they are of high quality.

Rent unique party supplies

When anyone is throwing a party, he/she wants to create a unique experience. As you know, you can’t create a unique experience using regular supplies. You should rent supplies that you don’t see in other parties. Some of the things that you can go for are:  popcorn machines, cotton sweet machine, dance floors, silverware, china rentals and any other units that you deem necessary for your party. While it’s recommended that you rent unique products, you should take caution that you don’t rent unnecessary things.

Look for best deals with party rentals

If you are putting together a large party you need a lot of money. To cut on your spending hunt down for good deals. You should go for rental companies offering rebates on mass products. You should consider renting all of your party items from the same company. When you do it you attract large discounts thus you save a lot of money.

Start the rental process early enough

It’s rare that you will decide to plan a party in a few days. For example, when planning a wedding you know months or a year before that you will have a party. To rent the right wedding party supplies and also get a chance of seeing the different supplies, you should start the process early enough. Experts recommend that you start the process at least three months before the wedding day.


Rental companies are integral in making your party a success. If you have never planned a party before, you should work closely with the company representatives who will recommend the best party tents, chairs and other units that you should go for. When working with companies, explain to them the number of people that you are expecting in the party, the look that you want to create, and any other details that will help the rental company provide you with the best service.

Guide To Renting Dance Floors From Staging And Dance Floor Rentals

Staging and dance floor rentals

To ensure that your guests have as much fun as possible, you should rent a tent from the local staging and dance floor rentals. To rent the right tent you need to consider a number of factors such as:

The type of event that you are planning to use the dance floor

Different parties require different types of dance floors. If having an informal event such as birthday party, you should go for a club type dance floor. If having a formal event such as a wedding or corporate party, go for a dance floor with a laid back look. For example, you can go for a wood or black-and-white dance floor. If you are strained for cash, go for a well-designed plastic dance floor.

Location of the party

Where you will have the party greatly determines the type of dance floor that you should rent. Since dance floors are made from different materials, they are ideal for different locations. There are those that are designed for indoor and others for outdoor use. If having your event outdoors, you should go for a waterproof dance floor. One of the best to go for is the polypropylene dance floor that has been shown to resist water better than the wooden versions.

If having your party indoors, you don’t have to worry about the water resistance feature. You can go ahead and rent a wooden dance floor. Before you head to the party rental store, you should analyze the area that you want to install the unit. If the area is uneven, you should rent a subfloor together with the dance floor but if the area is even, you shouldn’t bother with the subfloor.

The number of people that will attend the party

Dance floors come in different sizes and strengths. When you rent a tent that is too small or too weak for your guests you will give your party a bad look. If you have never organized a party before you should research through your friends and family about the right size of party dance floor that you should get. It’s also wise that you get the input of the party rental company.


A dance floor is necessary for a party to be complete. During the party, you should regularly check the dance floor and confirm that the panels are in good condition. If you notice any problem, let the party supplies company know about it. Installation and removal of the dance floor require specialized skills; therefore, you should leave the work to a professional.

Buffet And Bar Service: Tips To Consider When Having Bar Service At Your Party


A party is a fun event and one of the ways of having a great time is having a bar service in your party. When having a bar in your party here are tips that you should consider:

Comply with the local liquor laws to protect your party

There is nothing as bad as being asked to stop a party earlier than planned. To ensure that your party goes as long as you want you should comply with the liquor laws in your area. Before you rent the glass and stemware first go to the local government offices and get a permit that allows you to serve alcohol. Another way of going about it is hiring a state-licensed bartender. The licensed servers usually have a permit from the state’s liquor control board; therefore, you don’t have to get another.

Serve beer in your party—not keg

There has been a notion that keg is much cheaper than beer but this isn’t always the case. According to experts, you will save a few dollars (about $30-$40) but you have to take a number of trips to the beer store in order to get the keg. Your guests will also have to do a lot of pumping in order to get the alcohol. When some keg is leftover, you have to pour it down the drain as you can’t store it. To avoid the hustle that comes with a keg, you should go for the beers. While beer will be a little bit expensive, you will save your guests a lot of pumping. Beers are also decent to drink. When there are leftovers, you can store them in the fridge for later.

Have enough ice for the party guests

As long as you are having a bar service you need to have ice for the guests. It’s recommended that you have 3 pounds of ice for every guest. While the amount might seem too much, remember that you need make cocktails, martinis, and shaking up shots. You can get the ice from your fridge but if you are expecting too many guests you should rent an ice maker from party rentals in your area. To make it easy for the guests to access the ice it’s always wise that you also rent coolers from the party rental companies.


A bar service makes a party more fun but you need to be in control of it. As rule of thumb, you should never serve beer to an underage.