Buffet And Bar Service: Buffet Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Buffet service is loved by many people as it’s easy and you don’t need to hire many people to execute it. For the buffet meal to be a success you need to avoid these mistakes:

Blocking the guests

The buffet table is set in such a way that the guests line up and choose the foods that they want. When setting the table you should be keen that you don’t block some of the guests from accessing the food.

To be on the safe side you should set the table in such a way that the guests get in on one end and leave from the other end. This way you ensure that no guests leave using the same route that they used in getting onto the table.

Not having enough plates

If you regularly attend events you must have come across a party where you had to wait for guests to eat and then wash the plates for others. This not only gives the event a bad look, it also wastes a lot of time.

When organising your event you should ensure that there are enough plates on the table. If you don’t have enough in your home you should rent from a party rental company. For ideal results you should ensure that the plates fit the theme of the event.

Using the same food table for beverages

It’s a big blunder to use the same buffet table for food and drinks. Doing so not only creates chaos, it also wastes a lot of time. To get rid of the trouble you should position the drinks table far away from the foods table.

Again if you don’t have enough tables you should visit a table rental company and rent enough tables.

Putting plates at the end of the line

While it might seem absurd, it’s very common. Doing this is synonymous to putting the cart before the horse. To avoid chaos you should place the plates at the start of the line. To protect the plates from tipping over you should avoid placing them too high.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid when offering the buffet service. To have an easy time you should hire an event contractor to help you in organising the event and supplying you with the party items that you might need.


Buffet And Bar Service: Why You Should Choose Buffet Catering Service


Are you planning a big event? When it comes to food serving you should go with the buffet catering service. The service comes with a number of benefits.

Benefits of buffet catering service

More options: unlike the plated catering where the guests can only choose one main dish, with the buffet serving the guest have more options to go with. For example, guests can choose three or more main dishes of the foods they like. This results to less food consumption and less wastage as no guest is stuck with food they don’t enjoy.

More interaction: with the plated food service the guests sit on the table and wait to be served. On the other hand with the buffet service the guests move around looking for their favorite foods. When moving they speak with each other and socialize. This creates a warm social vibe that makes the event more fun.

Easy to plan: you have to hire buffet catering equipment from a rental company. These companies come with a team of well trained professionals who can help you in planning the event. The professionals will help you will cooking, choosing the right location and even decorating the event.

Guide on how to make the buffet service

For the event to be a success you need to do a number of things:

Hire enough items: to ensure that you serve all the guests at the right time you should have enough plates, buffet tables and everything else. You can get all this from a party rental company at a low price. As rule of thumb you should rent enough items.

Serve for 20 people: to avoid long lines on the party table, you should design the table in such a way that it holds food for only 20 people. For ideal results you should ensure that people move in both directions.

Avoid confusion: studies have shown that a lot of time is lost looking for silverware and napkins. To avoid this confusion you should put everything on the same table.


It’s not only cheaper to set a buffet table, you are also able serve the guests within a short time. To make the work easier you should hire a party organizer to help you with the planning. You should also hire a reputable party rental company that will supply you with high quality party items.

Guide On How To Set A Buffet Table

set buffet table

Food is an important part of any party. You can serve the food in two ways: sit-down dinner where you have everyone sitting down at a table to enjoy a meal or a buffet service where every guest serves his/her food. Buffet service is great when you don’t have a large table for the guests to sit on. The service is also ideal if you want a less expensive food option.

Guide on how to set the buffet table

You should set the table at the center of the party space where the guests will be able to easily walk through from all sides. As rule of thumb you should never set the table against a wall as this will force the guests to use one side of the table which will most likely cause the line to back up.

When it comes to plates, you should place them together with napkins at the left end of the table. To keep steady traffic you should have the guests form a line from the left to the right when they are adding food to their plates. If you don’t have enough plates, you should rent them from a party rental company.

To avoid chaos when the guests are serving food, you should put food in a logical order. This means that you should put entrees at the beginning, then side dishes, vegetables and salads at the end. You should also ensure that you have small plates next to each dish for the utensils to rest on.

To give a great impression you should decorate the buffet table. There are many buffet table decorations that you can use. Great decorations include: scented candles and flowers. As rule of thumb you should place the decorations at strategic places where they don’t inconvenience the guests when they are serving food.

It’s good to set different smaller tables to hold the drinks and deserts. This is to prevent the guests from being held up by people trying to get drinks and dessert.


A well set buffet table will leave a lasting image in the eyes of your guests; therefore, you should work at giving your all. For a successful party you should work closely with a party rental company that will not only provide you with the rental tables, chairs, plates and other items, it will also help you with the planning of the party.