Tips on How to Organize a Tent Wedding

Tips on How to Organize a Tent Wedding

Are you looking to have a tented wedding? Besides renting a wedding tent from wedding tent rentals, there are plenty of things you need to put into place to have the wedding of your dreams. These things include:

Find the perfect venue.

One of the most significant advantages of renting a tent for your wedding is that you can host it anywhere.

Whether planning an elegant reception in a large area or an intimate affair for your closest friends and family, a tent will help you achieve your chosen wedding style.

If you’re looking to keep prices down, these are some of the greatest options for your outdoor venue:

Beach: If you live near a body of water, even if it isn’t the ocean, a beach wedding could be the ideal setting for your wedding.

Get close to the beach for the ceremony, then move to a nearby grassy spot for your reception.

The best part is that many beaches are public, so you won’t have to pay exorbitant fees to book your venue this way.

You won’t have to spend much money on decorations because your beach site already has a magnificent backdrop in the water.

Your backyard: If you have the space, outdoor weddings might be the ideal setting for your special day. You’ll be comfortable knowing your venue and, most likely, plenty of additional room in the house for your complete bridal party to prepare.

By including a backyard tent in the wedding, you can ensure that your guests will be protected whether it rains or shines. The tent will also come in handy to maintain an exquisite vibe.

Nearby garden: If you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor setting without breaking the bank, contact any local gardens or museums in the region. Most of these local locations will feature gorgeous, clean outdoor settings that add a wonderful touch to your wedding for a fraction of the cost of a formal wedding venue.

University campus: Many couples meet in college and share beautiful memories. So, why not marry there? Almost every university, large or little, has the space and capacity to stage a wedding, particularly outside.

Take advantage of your college’s distinct architecture and personality and incorporate it into your wedding for an extra-special, emotive setting.

Take time to understand the tenting regulations.

When organizing a wedding reception under a tent, it is critical to select a site that allows for the usage of one. There are several elements to consider while choosing a tent-friendly setting.

Size. Ensure the site has enough space for your wedding tent and the expected number of guests.

Location. The proximity to surrounding structures is important, as is having enough perimeter space for stakes and setting up your tent on a flat surface.

Before erecting a tent, call your local utility number and have the site evaluated to help discover subsurface utilities.

Schedule. Early preparation is essential for your big day. Considering the time required to put up the tent, install wedding tent decorations, and finish any last-minute extras is critical.

Regulations. Find out if the venue has any restrictions on tented weddings, such as noise ordinances, which may limit the volume of music or mandate that music finish at a specific time.

Amenities. Pay attention to the amenities provided by your wedding site. Will the outdoor event site include accessible restrooms or a bridal suite? Find this out.

To have an easy time, work with a full-service wedding planner and tenting professional who will ensure that all of your demands are addressed and that the tent is correctly put up.

Choose the right tent size.

When deciding on the tent size for your wedding, ensure that your guests are comfortable and that your providers and equipment can fit properly within. It is critical to remember that a wedding tent that is too tiny will seem claustrophobic, while a tent that is too huge will appear empty and uninviting. And you don’t want this.

When deciding on the tent size for your wedding, consider the amount of area you will need for:

  • The anticipated number of guests
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Areas for dancing including the stage, DJ booth, and band area.
  • Catering and bar area.
  • Additional distinctive objects you intend to highlight on your big day.
  • You should consult a professional to help you find the ideal tent for your event.

Plan for the rain

Some people believe that rain on a wedding day brings good luck. While this might be the case, a well-thought-out strategy can save the day when rain is predicted. Elements of your rain plan may include:

Sidewalls: When rain begins to pour, sidewalls are an excellent defense mechanism for keeping water and wind out of your tent. Assign a specific person or crew to quickly erect side walls if necessary.

Umbrellas, Tarps, and Towels: To keep your guests dry while strolling outside, provide umbrellas, tarps to cover any exposed items you want to stay dry, and towels to dry damp patches for safety.

Relocation: In the case of a severe storm with heavy winds or lightning, seek safe, indoor shelter immediately.

Come up with a seating chart.

Creating a seating chart for your tent wedding is crucial to the preparation process. It ensures all your guests are comfortable and can engage effectively with close relatives and friends.

It’s critical to evaluate the many seating options available, such as round tables and long banquet tables.

Evaluating the event’s flow and ensuring the seating chart is simple for guests and wedding vendors is also vital.

Parting shot

These are some of the things you should do when you are planning to have a tented wedding. When renting a tent from the event rentals Rockland, ensure that the tent matches the event’s theme. This calls for you to consult experts to guide you in making the right choices.

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