Table arrangements for serving a buffet

buffet tableA buffet table describes a piece of furniture used to serve food to the guests so that they can choose food and beverages freely. Buffet and bar service are perfect for all types of parties and business gatherings. There are huge variety of designs and styles of buffet table. Such a table is greatly functional and gives freedom to serve your food in a spectacular way. They are the most convenient way to feed larger gatherings when you haven’t got a palace-sized dining table. Make sure to get all serving pieces rentals and place them properly to give easy access to guests and they feel comfortable.


Before figuring out as what utensils need to be set out, decide the menu. A taco buffet needs serving pieces for condiments as well ingredients while other range of food items need spoons, forks and knives. It’s better to make a list of every item you need to serve and decide the requirement for caterers equipment rentals.


To set a perfect table, make sure to set the service and chafing dishes at the end of the buffet at a distance from the plates so that guests can take them easily. Get cutlery rentals and keep like items together like all forks together, spoons with spoons and knives with knives. However, ensure to show your artfulness and deliberation rather then just making a pile randomly.

Serving Pieces

Getting serving pieces rentals is not just enough and all the utensils should be placed near to the appropriate dish so that diners do not use their own utensils. Ladles are best to serve soups, gravies and stews. Put out slotted spoons for sauce-heavy dishes and ensure that your guests are trying all sauces. Tongs work best to serve long pasta.

Table Linens

Choose colors that complement the décor of the venue. Use colorful centerpieces and linen and décor for weddings. Try to add shades of pink, red or forest green in addition to black and white to make a perfect fit in any party theme. Dress each table with table skirts to hide the legs of the table. The most recommended fabric choices constitute linen and cotton but lighter polyester blends also works best.

Napkin Rolls

Follow your favorite restaurant technique by and lay napkin on a clean and flat surface and fold it in quarter to form a square and keep all the serving and china rentals diagonally across the folded napkin in the same way with their top edges just at the top point of the square.

Wedding reception set-up ideas

There are many stages to plan a successful party.Always use your creativity while brainstorming wedding reception set-up ideas as it reflects the taste of the couples. The couple remains as the center during the reception and they should have easy access to and from the guests as well as the staging and dance floor and the cake table.There are plenty of ways to plan a memorable reception without sacrificing style and making guests enjoy the reception.

Buffet and Bar service

The buffet and bar service with different types of food stations is the hottest trend in catering. Everyone will like the elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner with amazing variety of food served with China rentals.If you are keeping your guest list small, then everyone can move through the buffet line quickly and can avoid the extra aggravation. Buffets provide an opportunity to enjoy variety of foods and enable the guests to take as little or as much as they prefer. You can always decide whether to use an outside caterer or to cater the meal yourself to save money.Feast your eyes with the newest trend in parties with buffet and bar service. You’ll never think of the word “buffet” in the same way.

Specialty Tables

The head table should be situated so that all guests can view it. Consider placing empty vases on the table to put their boutiques in during the reception. It makes excellent centerpiece and keep the flowers fresh. Also, consider using catering equipment rentals to allow easy access to the guests to use them.

Guest Tables

The round tables for guests should be placed throughout the venue giving guests adequate area to walk and mingle. Various types of centerpieces can be used like large pillar candles, flower vases, glass bowls and other decorative items can be used to create a perfect decor. An interesting idea could be to naming the tables. It leads to proper organization of the entire event.

DJ and Dance Floor

Make sure to allocate 10 square feet of dance space to each and every couple. Staging and dance floor should accommodate at least 40 percent of the guests. It would be better to place DJ staging area near to the dance floor for better communication with head table. Think of using production and staging rentals to create a perfect area. In case of outdoor reception, then think of party tents to cover the dance area.