Guide On How To Organize A Backyard Wedding Anniversary Party

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A wedding is a very special event for many people. Due to this, many people like having wedding anniversaries in order to remember the big day. While there are many places where you can have the wedding anniversary party, one of the best places to have the party is in your backyard.

Holding the party in your backyard is not only cheap for you, it also provides you with the security that comes with being within your home. If you are wondering how you can have a great backyard wedding anniversary party, here is a guide:

Set up

Just like when organising any other party, you need to plan the party set up. Since you will be having the party in your backyard, you don’t need to have a lot of things. All you need to do is to have enough seats for your guests. If you are having the party during the rainy months of the year you should consider renting a tent from a tent rental company.

If you will renew your vows you should set a special section where you will take your vows. To give a great impression, you should decorate the area with flowers and ornaments.


Food is a very important part of any party; therefore, you should ensure that you prepare the right food. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the food complements the mood of the party. For example, if you are setting an informal party, you should prepare vegetables and barbecue.

If you are organising a formal party, you should hire a professional catering company to prepare the food. Many catering companies offer cutlery rental services where you can rent the cutlery that matches the theme of your party.


You shouldn’t restrict your anniversary party to be an event where guests simply eat and leave—you should make it exciting by including games. One of the best games is testing how the couples know each other. To make the games fun and competitive you should offer presents to the winning couple. For example, you can offer a wine bottle to the winning couple.


These are tips on how to plan a backyard wedding anniversary party. If you will be inviting many guests, it’s wise that you hire the services of party rental company to help you with setting up the venue of the party. The company will also advise you on what you need to do in order to make the anniversary memorable.

Now’s the time to think about party rental items

party rentalsThis is party season- Holiday, Christmas and New Year parties are lined up. And obliviously you will have to host one or more party for your friends.

Small-Quantity Party Rentals

In this party season, you might find the need of big and small things to host a good party. Instead of purchasing party items, you should think about party rentals. The party rental items let you host party, according to your plan and within your budget. There are incredibly amazing party items available for rent that makes a long lasting impression on party guests.

Popular small quantity party rental items

#1: Tables and Chairs: Of course, you do not want your party guest to stand all the time. No matter how many tables and chair you have at your premises, they are neither apt nor sufficient for party guests. In order to full fill the requirement of tables and chairs, you can rent it from a party rental company. You can rent tables and chair in small as well as in big quantity.

#2: Plates and Silverware: Plates and Silverware make a solid impression on party guests. To win your party guests, only tasty food is not sufficient. You will have to serve that tasty food in adorable plates. Paper and plastic plates are so out of trend. Renting plates and silverware is a perfect option.

#3: Glassware: Presence of shining glassware at your party venue is a classic party decoration. Obviously, drinks are going to be a part of your party, so you need glassware to serve the drinks. You can easily rent variety of glasses.

#4: Cutlery: Yes, even designer cutlery is available on rent. You can rent as number of cutlery items you want. Availability of oodles of cutlery items in your party will make your party convenient for your guests.

#5: Linens:  You can provide a festive feel to your party by decorating your tables with Linens. You can rent Linens in a number of colors like white, ivory, beige, camel, khaki and many more.

#6: Decoration items: Parties look incomplete without decoration. With the help of lights, flowers, and other decoration items you can decorate your party venue like a paradise.