3 Party Rentals Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of


Party rental companies have been with us for a long time, but have ever thought what’s the advantage of hiring them? Here are a few advantages:

Make outdoor events possible

Studies have shown that many people prefer having outdoor events, but this is not usually possible due to lack of resources. For you to throw a successful outdoor event you need to put a number of factors into place. For example, you need to hire a venue, party tents, chairs, tables, glassware, cutlery and many others.

When you hire a party rental company you will make your dream of having an outdoor event come true. The party company will supply you with all the things you need to make the event possible.

Make the event memorable

An event is made memorable by the existence of things that aren’t common in other parties. For example, if you are having a children’s party you can have bouncing castles. This will make the party memorable as very few people manage to have bouncing castles in their parties.

If you are having a wedding party you can have a real dance floor. Again this will make the party memorable as very few wedding parties have real dance floors.

A party rental will supply you with all the items you need to make the party memorable for only a small fee.

In addition to providing you with all the items you need, the party supply companies will also help you in decorating the event to make it memorable. For example, they will help you in arranging the chairs, tables and installing the party linens.

Save money

Party rental companies not only supply you with the party items, they also help you with organizing the party. Since they have organized many parties before, they will advise you on the things you need and the ones that you don’t. This helps you to get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Since you will be renting the party supplies and the party organizer from the same rental company, you will attract a discount which will see you saving a lot of money. Renting the rental items is much cheaper than buying thus you will save even more money.


It’s no doubt that party rentals come in handy when it comes to events. Whether you are throwing a private party or you are a large company having a large party for your employees the party rental companies come with many benefits that you should take advantage of.

Party Rentals: Adult Birthday Party Ideas


Who said birthday parties are only ideal for children and teenagers? If you an older adult there is no reason you can’t celebrate your big day. To help you out here are adult birthday party ideas to go with:

Girl’s night out

If you are a lady and ready to enjoy your birthday you should call your lady friends and have a girl’s night out. You should call your friends and visit your local pub. You can also invite your friends to come to your place. If you don’t have a lot of money you shouldn’t pressure yourself—you should create just a simple party.

The beatles

If you grew up in the 60s you understand how big the beatles was. You can have a beatles-themed birthday party where you have beatle inspired foods and beverages. Some of the foods that you should have include: submarine sandwiches, and strawberry fields cocktails.

To create the beatle ambiance you should install items from the decade. For example, you can install lave lamps. When it comes to plates, cups and utensils you can rent them from a reputable party rental company. For ideal results you should ensure that the utensils you hire are in good condition.

Day trip

Here you need to invite your close friends for a day trip. You should visit one of your favorite places. For example, you can visit zoos, farms, theaters, amusement parks, or museums. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on taking your friends on a long trip, you should look for exciting venues in your local areas. For example, you can visit your local mall.

Adult birthday party activities

There are many activities that you can engage in during the big day. In addition to visiting your favorite places there are other things that you can do. Some of the best include:

Wine tasting: do you adore wine? You should invite your friends to your place and prepare a few wine samples. If you have the means you should hire a wine expert to host the event; however, if you don’t have money to hire the expert you should host the event on your own. For the event to be fun you should ensure that the guests you invite love wine.

Games: there are many games offered by party rentals. As adults you should go with classic games such as charades, two truths and Pictionary.

Fun Carts and Machines Rentals: Guide On How To Rent Fun Carts

fun carts

The aim of throwing a party is to bring people together and at the same time have fun. One of the unique ways of having fun is renting fun carts for the guests to ride.

Fun carts

There are many brands and sizes of these carts that you can rent. There are carts that are designed for fun and others for racing. Fun carts are usually slow and come in great designs. Racing fun carts on the other hand are aimed at competitions. They are ideal if you are throwing a corporate party where you want the employees to compete against each other.

When renting the carts you should consider a number of factors:

Space: fun carts are like small cars thus require space to drive on. You need to have enough space for your guests to ride the carts.

Safety: do you want the guests to compete against each other? You should pay close attention to the safety of the guests. When renting the high speed carts you should ensure that they have safety features. For example, the carts should have roll bars that rise above the driver’s head. The roll bar will protect the driver in the event the cart flips over.

Medical attention: in addition to going for carts with safety features, you should also consider having medical personnel at the party. The professionals will provide the guests with medical attention in the event of injury.

Who to ride: chances are that every party guest will want to ride the fun cart, but you shouldn’t allow everyone to ride it. Remember that the carts are expensive thus you should take good care of them to avoid paying hefty repair fees. The best way of going about it is asking a representative of the party rental company to help you in filtering the person who should ride the cart. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the people riding the carts are experienced enough.


Fun machines will definitely keep your guests engaged and have a great time. Few party rental companies stock the fun carts; therefore, you should expect to rent the carts at a high price. Just like when renting anything else, you should ensure that the carts you rent are in perfect working condition. You should also ensure that you rent them from a reputable store.