Important Aspects of Catering Rentals

party rentalsCaterers provide food for events such as weddings, corporate parties and other small or big functions. But unlike restaurants with luxury to prepare and serve at their own facility, caterers not only prepare food but transport it and present at the venue. This reason requires them to have a bevy of caterer’s equipments with wide range of simple utensils to complex cooking and serving utensils and offer them as caterers equipment rentals. They can serve food to 500 people in a banquet hall or small box lunches to a small business meeting. Most of the caterers are ready to adapt to their clients’ needs in different ways. They adjust for menus and offer equipments for party rentals.

Catering Tools and Equipment

Chafing Dishes
Caterers often prepare food offer utensils to keep food warm with service and chafing dishes rentals. These equipments run either on electricity or canned heat placed underneath the equipment. These dishes are available in round, rectangular and oval shapes.
Serving Trays
Caterers also use serving trays. These trays are available in range of material from plastic, stainless steel to rubber in various sizes. These trays are useful to serve guests all types of food.
Coffee Makers
The professional coffee makers help caterers to make and store dozen cups of coffee. These vending machines are portable enough to move from one place to another.

Allocate a budget for catering

It is wise to allocate a budget for catering and plan everything according to it. Catering costs sometimes break the bank in the absence of a good plan. So, ensure to set a realistic budget for your catering needs.

  • Figure out the source of funds to meet the catering budget. Get an accurate and timely estimate of head count. Most of the caterers price their services per person and an accurate estimate helps to know the amount that you should set aside. Find out well in time your need for other party supplies and what needs can be fulfilled by your caterer.
  • Make sure to read all the terms and conditions in your contract. Reception venues and wedding caterers sneak in charges for things that can escalate your budget like linen and décor for wedding, cutlery and cleanup.
    Also, decide menu for buffet and bar service and how you would like to serve. A seated dinner costs more than a buffet service and check out the difference per person to make a decision.
  • Always allow room in your budget for alcohol as your guests might end up consuming more than your expectations. Also, inquire for any charges for corkage fee or whether they will provide a licensed bartender or not.

Corporate Themed Party Ideas

corporate tentsA corporate party must be planned in such a way to make it memorable for everyone. There are various types of themes ranging from a cowboy party, ladies tournaments, beer festival etc.. Theme parties offer a chance to get creative in every aspect and give a festive ambience to the venue with party tent rentals.

Invitation Cards

While designing invitation cards, always keep in mind the theme of the party and decide the dress codes, if any. The card can be a cutout of a palm tree to represent the theme “sun and sand” and you can go in this way for many more themes. The card must be able to create excitement among the guests for the event.

Food and Drink

The huge availability of finger foods helps people to move freely. Plan for a bar only if you are permitted to do so. In some cases, theme plays an important role to decide the menu , buffet and bar service. In outdoor parties, it is always better to have a barbeque. In beer festivals, don’t forget to serve the best variety of meats and cheeses that go with Oktoberfest. Opt for service and chafing dishes rentals to offer the food and drinks.


The activities and entertainment options are essential and give a finishing touch to host a spectacular party for any corporate event. The different possibilities include gaming, contests and entertainers. All the guests always remember a corporate party with lots of entertainment options. Playing different types of games and arrangement of staging and dance floor also promotes team building. Even without planning any competitive events, some of the simple games oriented towards theme can be played to give the entire guest a good and memorable time in the party. Always choose from theme that brings an element of fun and leads to better communication among peer groups after the party as well. Make best arrangements for the games and quizzes within your budget depending upon the theme. Corporate people always enjoy music and dance and make sure to allocate a special area for the dance. Give all your staff members a cool party experience by choosing a location that create a vibe for the party that suit the theme. The choice of location helps to decide the music,decorations and other party supplies that all helps to contribute to the ambience. You can use corporate tents to make all types of arrangements in any location.