Wedding Tent Rentals: Fine Details To Look Out For When Renting Wedding Tents

When people are renting gazebos, they usually look at the size and condition of the tent. Many ignore the minor details that greatly impact their ultimate experience. When renting a wedding tent here are the minor features that you should look out for:


This is the fabric that you see when you are inside the tent. You may need the liner if you are renting a canopy, but if you are renting a pole tent, you don’t need the liner.

Liners are expensive not only to buy, but also to rent. In some cases it might cost you up to 3 times the cost of wedding tent.

If you are planning a high end wedding it’s good to have the liner to complete the look. Due to the high cost of the fabric, few wedding tent rentals stock them. To save money, rent from a company stocking both the tent and liner.


Many people rarely consider the floor of their tents. You may not find the importance of the floor if doing your wedding during summer, but if you are doing the wedding during winter you need to have the floor for your guests to be comfortable.

You also need to install a floor if doing the wedding on a sloped area. To find the right floor you need to visit staging and dance floor rentals in your area and see what they have. As rule of thumb go with a floor that matches the theme of your wedding.

Heating and cooling

Although, you are doing the wedding outdoors, it doesn’t mean that your guests should be uncomfortable. One of ways of ensuring that they are comfortable is conditioning the air inside the tent.

Since the tents are neither insulated nor sealed, it can be expensive to maintain an air conditioner. The cheaper alternatives are fans. When renting the wedding tent, ask the rental company to supply you with fans. Most companies will provide you the fans at a small additional fee.

If doing your wedding during winter, ask the wedding party supplies company to also rent you a furnace.


Your need for tent walls depends on the weather. If getting married during summer, you don’t need tent walls, but if you are getting married during winter, you should go for the walls. There are three alternatives that you can go with: solid, cathedral and clear.

For a great experience rent the tent walls from a reputable party rental company.

Best Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

Looking for wedding tent ideas? Wedding tents provide best outdoor alternative and transform any celebration into a once in a lifetime event. Tents offer shelter for outdoor events from extreme weather conditions. A little creativity and a broad vision can make your tent wedding pleasing and memorable for everyone. So, when it comes to decorating a wedding tent, there are a few special considerations.

Lighting Your Tent

Lighting plays an important role in tent reception. Talk to your tent rentals company about types of lighting options they can provide. The use of pole lights, accent spots, colored or patterned gels or even a disco-ball gives your guests an enjoying light effect. Another interesting idea could be to use small lights along the ceiling circumference to outline the tent’s dimension.Or, hang paper lanterns lit with electric bulbs at the peaks to give an elegant look to your venue.
You can also set small tea lights as the centerpieces. Make sure that the lighting reflects your personality and overall theme or style

Decorate the Tent Poles

Wedding tent rentals come in all sizes and styles. Most of the tent rentals have a number of interior support poles with a large center pole. Dress up these poles by wrapping them in bunched sheets or add ribbons. The use of strings of small white lights work best when tucked into the fabric and gives added benefit of lighting up the poles to create a beautiful look.

Decorative Elements

Flowers and greenery gives a natural touch to the outdoor mood of a tent reception.Work out with your florist to design centerpieces to complement the entire look of the tent. The use of high quality fabrics or sheer cloth can be used to add color or texture to wedding tent rentals. Consider covering strands of lights with tulle or cascaded of draped cloth. Linen rentals give the perfect ambiance to the wedding party.


When it comes to decoration of staging and dance floor then set the tables and chairs in a pattern to bring guest’s attention on focal points in the tent. Decorate the paths at the venue with designer runners. Use a decorative carpet on the stage where the bride and groom will stand. Follow the latest trend with Led and Lounge furniture.
Wedding receptions are often the most intimate and exciting part and wedding tent ideas make the reception even more memorable. Though, receptions can be held indoor as well but a tent reception allows the guests to experience the feel of an outdoor wedding. wedding tent rentals make the venue eye-catching and make it look more elegant.

Wedding wonders- wedding tent ideas!

party rentalThere’s something about the wedding tents that just yell out “sophistication”, don’t you agree? There is nothing as cool as a wedding reception held under a tent. If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, than the first thing you are required to do is- select a tent type for your big day.

Wedding reception tents rentals:

The tents are much more than being coverage. Selecting a wedding tent is obviously not an easy task as there are a number of options available to decide from. To assist you to solve your dilemma, here are a few most popular types of wedding tents that you can rent for your wedding reception.

Beautiful Wedding Reception Tents ideas

Below mentioned are a few beautiful wedding tent ideas that will bring’ wow factor’ to your wedding decoration:

Tents with the sides open: The tents with open sides are the most preferred wedding tents. These tents provide excellent shade during the daytime and use the natural light to beautify your big day. To rent these sides open tents for your wedding you can contact a party and tent rental company and get the tent installed at your wedding venue without any fuzz.

The open sky tents: The clear tents are gaining popularity day by day, especially for the venues having scenic beauty. You can rent these tents for your wedding if you are planning your wedding at a place having natural scenery. To add a royal touch to your wedding you can also go for the silver serving rental along with the open sky tent.

The full coverage tents: These tents are best if you are having a colorful wedding theme. The full coverage tents will protect your wedding venue from the sun and other climatic conditions and will help you to have a wonderful wedding. You can decorate this tent with the help of twinkling lights, lamps and sophisticated table and linen rentals.

The pole tents: These are the most simple and easy to install tents. If you are planning a simple wedding, then the pole tents are the best option you can go for.