Guide to Having an Outdoor Event in Bad Weather

Guide to Having an Outdoor Event in Bad Weather

A tented party makes sense when you have it during summer when the weather is perfect, and there are fewer chances of things going wrong. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. For example, you might have an event, such as a graduation, but you don’t have an indoor venue to hold the event. In such a case, you must have an outdoor party even if the weather isn’t right.

When having a tented event during winter and other unideal seasons, you must be cautious about how you go about it.

Besides renting a top-quality tent from tent rentals that can withstand the bad weather, you should do plenty of other things to ensure the event is a success. These things include:

Properly set up the tent

You can rent the best tent for the weather, but there is no way you will have a successful event if you don’t correctly set up the tent. As a rule of thumb, properly set up the tent.

You can set up the tent by yourself but for the best outcome, let the work be done by a professional.

As you are setting up the tent, use the poles provided by the rental company. If the poles have to be installed in a specific way, always follow it. You also should use all the pegs and peg points on the tent.

For the best outcome, ensure that you place the pegs firmly on the ground at a 45-degree angle, away from the tent, with the head of the pegs hitting the ground.

Most of the tents will come with guy ropes. You should use these ropes and peg them firmly to the ground.

Install the tent in a sheltered area

When the weather isn’t right, the biggest enemy is the wind. To protect your tent from extreme wind, install the tent behind trees, buildings, walls, or other items.

As much as you want to protect your tent, don’t install it under the trees, especially large gum trees. This is because the tree branches can easily come down on the tent, damaging the tent and injuring or even killing the guests.

Cases have even been reported where an entire tree fell on people. You don’t want this to happen at your event, do you?

Before you bring the tent to the site, carefully scout the venue and find the perfect area where the tent is protected from strong winds and falling objects.

Again, it’s always wise to involve the technicians from the rental company as they are experienced and have most likely handled similar situations before.

Dig a trench to protect guests from rainwater

Are you having your event during the rainy season? If your venue is flat and there is nowhere the water can drain, consider digging a trench around the tent to prevent the runoff water from getting into the tents and making your guests uncomfortable.

Different venues have different regulations, so before you do the digging, always ask management whether you should go ahead. Some will allow it as long as you cover the trench later, while others won’t.

Invest in heaters

When the weather is terrible, even if you have installed sidewalls, chances are high that your guests will be cold. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

To keep your guests comfy and ensure that they enjoy the event, invest in heating systems that will keep them warm.

Thankfully, you don’t need to find a new company to supply you with the heaters, as most event tent rentals Rockland NY, stock the systems. You only need to let them know the number of guests you expect, and they will supply you with the relevant units.

Of course, you should get properly maintained systems that won’t go out in the middle of the event. You should strategically place them in the tent, so they don’t cause a fire. You want to enjoy the event, not start putting out a tent fire, right?

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