How to Decorate a Party Tent

How to Decorate a Party Tent

A party tent can be useful for organizing any type of event. A party tent allows your guests to interact and enjoy outdoor activities while remaining comfortable under a sturdy canopy.

Party tent sizes range between 10′ x 10′ to 40′ x 80′. A 10′ × 10′ tent should be plenty for a dozen visitors. With several dozen visitors, you may require a 15′ x 30′ tent.

A 20′ by 40′ tent is ideal if your guest list is close to 100. Going up to 30′ x 45′ is good if you have more than 150 guests. When you reach 200 or more people, it’s time to set up a 40′ × 40′ tent. Thankfully, many party tent rentals stock all sizes of tents, and it’s up to you to rent the right one for your event.

While the party rentals stock the tents, the major downside is that they rent these tents while they are bare bones. When you are having a colorful event such as a wedding, these tents might not look the part, and you might want to decorate them.

The cool thing is that you can decorate them in plenty of ways. These ways include:

How to decorate the ceiling

The ceiling is vital to consider when decorating a party tent. This is because most people will be drawn to it. Thankfully, there are many ways you can decorate it. Use the following decor choices to highlight your tent’s high peaks.

String lights. Since your event is taking place outside, there will most likely be plenty of natural light throughout the day. As night sets, hang string lights across the top of the event tent to create a romantic atmosphere.

Hanging flowers or vines. You place these around the tent sidewalls and peaks. You should choose artificial vines for a classic look, or colorful blooms to bring nature to your event.

Lantern lights. Hanging lanterns from the ceiling can help create a rustic, romantic feel. You should swoop the lights at various lengths to completely convert your space into a magical night.

Fabric draping. Draping lightweight silk from the ceiling is an excellent technique to cover your tent poles while also creating stunning party décor. This easy trick can make your home feel more welcome while also providing a unique touch.

Customized or colored lighting. Instead of using the same white bulbs for every holiday and occasion, create a statement at your party with colored lighting. You can draw people in with a deep, enticing red or switch between any color in the rainbow.

When choosing the lighting color, ensure that it complements the theme of the event, and creates enough lighting for your guests.

Draping: You can significantly improve a tent’s look by how you set it up. A tent with more ripples, folds, and swags appears more opulent, and the additional fabric adds texture and beauty to the tent’s structure. You should use diverse hues to provide flair and a unique look.

Go bold with balloons: Balloons are a quick and enjoyable way to adorn your party tent. You can easily float helium balloons to the top of a tent to conceal structural beams and add colorful flair, loop them around pillars, connected to corners, or curve them into arches to bring color.

Rent multicolored tents

Choosing a tent with multiple colors automatically adds a decorative element to your party scene. A great way to go about it is to accessorize a white or neutral tent with a bright pop of colorful swags or buntings or go for a tent with complementary or contrasting colors for a creative look.

You can also try a tent with different textures. Instead of building a tent out of a single material, use a variety of fabrics, including sheer or transparent alternatives, to create a more fascinating structure.

Different textures can also provide a luxurious sense, help manage light, and even allow winds into the tent space.

You can also consider using a partial tent for your party setup, with sections open to the outside to include natural vistas in your setting.

This is great for a garden or other beautiful environment, and the panels may be tied back or dropped as needed in case of bad weather.

Don’t forget the floor.

If you don’t plan a floor for your tent, you’re passing up an excellent decorating opportunity. Outdoor carpets and portable dance floors are popular choices, but you can also use simple floor decorations, potted plants, or other accessories to demarcate aisles and other locations.

If you are confused about what you should choose, here is a guide:

Wood. Wood flooring is an excellent choice if you’re ready to show off your greatest dance steps during your party. The solid, hard surface makes it easy to sway to the music, jump around to the beat, and get into party mode.

Tile. Tiling is a sure way to make your floor stand out. To create the ideal party atmosphere, choose from a variety of exciting designs and strong textures.

Carpet. If you’re hosting a wedding reception, place some carpet below the tent to serve as an entryway for the wedded couple and their wedding party. Choose a dramatic red carpet to give the wedding the celebrity status it deserves.

Artificial grass. You should decorate your floor with artificial grass for a bohemian or tropical-themed celebration. This thick flooring, string lights, and decor will transport your guests to an island paradise.

Parting shot

These are some of the ways you can decorate your event tents. As you do the decorations, you should note that the quality of the tent has a big impact on the overall outcome, so you should be ultra-cautious when renting the tent.

For the best outcome, take your time when you are in the party and tent rentals Rockland. You should carefully go through the tents and ensure that you rent a high-quality one that will not only provide you with the shelter you are looking for but also complement your decorations.

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