Renting Tables and Chairs For the First Time: Things You Should Do

Renting Tables and Chairs For the First Time: Things You Should Do

Are you having a party and hiring tables and chairs from table and chair rentals for the first time? There are plenty of perks that come with it. Besides saving you money as you don’t have to buy many chairs for your guests, renting also allows you to set the mood for the event easily.

If you want to quickly and simply create a united, gorgeous setting for your guests, select tables, chairs, and linens in matching or complementary colors. Doing this will produce a striking look that you won’t have to bother about decorations as much.

Perhaps your location already has chairs, but you want a more polished look for your corporate event or awards ceremony.

Perhaps you have a certain idea for your wedding ceremony, but your venue lacks the appropriate tables and chairs. The rental chairs and tables will help with fixing that. You only need to rent the units that will improve the look of the event.

If you already have tables and chairs in your venue, get new units that complement those already in place.

For you to have a great time renting the tables and chairs, there are plenty of things you should do. These things include:

Understand the delivery and pick-up restrictions

Some venues are excellent and have plenty of storage space, allowing you to drop off tables and chairs the day before your event and take them up the day after (or the Monday after if it is on a Saturday).

Other places with severe guidelines and no storage space may charge you extra money. For example, if you need to have all your rental items out of the facility by midnight, you will incur additional overtime pick-up charges.

As you can tell, this will significantly contribute to the cost of the event. To be on the safe side, you should get a venue that isn’t too restrictive on the pickup and delivery regulations.

If you love a venue but it has strict guidelines, you should try to save money. One excellent way you can go about it is to rent a truck and have some of your helpers put the stuff into it, then return it yourself the next day.

A one-night truck rental will cost less than a late-night pick-up price. It may be more of a hassle, so you must decide which is more important: a large hassle with huge savings or a minimal hassle with little savings. It’s up to you.

Know the people you will be working with and the costs of hiring them

Will the staff at your venue set up and take down the tables and chairs for you? Most places provide this service (which is fantastic), but some do not.

Make sure you ask your venue if this is included. If it is not included, there will be an extra charge for setup and take-down.

To save some money, enlist the assistance of a few volunteers to help you set up and take down the tables and chairs.

You can also ask your caterer or event planner if they will include build-up and take-down in their package. Alternatively, you can pay to have the tables put up and arrange the chairs yourself.

Know your drop-off location.

Does the rental company you are renting from transport to a loading dock or back door, and then facilities people take over? Or does the rental firm need to transport the stuff up six flights of stairs, 50 feet, around a corner, and so on?

It is critical for the rental company to know where the drop-off location is because it takes significantly more time and labor to transport the things 100 feet than it does to unload 5 feet from the truck. This information may affect your cost as well.

To save money, you should try as much as possible to ensure that the rental company can drive to the inside of the venue and drop off or pick up the rental chairs and tables.

Have someone responsible for the rentals

It is critical that you have someone on-site in control of the rentals, whether it is the venue’s coordinator or someone you select (your event planner, caterer, friend, coworker, etc.), to ensure that all things are counted when they arrive and when they are collected up.

It is extremely uncommon to lose a table or chair, but occasionally, a few chairs are left behind since they were placed in a different location for the event. When something like this happens, you may be accountable for paying the replacement costs for such things.

Having someone responsible for this adds another layer that ensures that everything is in place and nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Pick up the rental supplies by yourself.

If you know exactly what you want, you may easily place an order over the phone or online. However, if you’re having trouble picking, the best thing to do is visit a showroom and see for yourself.

Many people like going into the showrooms and designing their tables. When you visit the showrooms, you can ask the rental supplies company representatives to mock up a table using your preferred tables, linens, and chairs.

As you can tell, this gives you an idea of how your venue will look, which comes in handy to help you choose the right units to go with.

When you visit the rental companies, it doesn’t hurt to bring your own favors and centerpieces to experience the whole effect.

Before you place an order, sit in the chairs and observe how comfy they are. You also should see the variety of tables in various sizes, including round, rectangular, and square, so you can get a sense of what sort of table will work best for your event.

If you are confused about the right unit to go with, get the input of technicians working in event rentals Rockland as they will help you choose the right units that will not only make your event look great, but also fit your budget and preferences.

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