Staging And Dance Floor Rentals: Guide On How To Have A Great Time On The Dance Floor

staging and dance floor

Dancing caps a wedding party. If you are having the party at a venue where there isn’t an already constructed dance floor, you should construct one or rent it from staging and dance floor rentals in your area. For you and your guests to have a great time you should do a number of things on the dance floor:

Ensure that the dance floor has good lighting

The way that the dance floor is lit greatly affects the mood. Remember that even if you have all of your close friends with you, most of them won’t feel comfortable dancing when they are being seen. To encourage people to dance you should use dim lights. For ideal results use lights of different colors and shapes.

Play danceable music

Just like lights, the music that you play determines how people respond. Since you want people to dance, you should ask the DJ to play danceable music. When making the music selection, consider the ages of the people that you have invited to the party. Chances are that most of the people attending the event are within your age bracket. If you grew up in the 80s you should choose music that was popular during that time.

Have a small dance floor

While everyone should be comfortable and have enough dancing space, you shouldn’t go for a large dance floor. Remember that people are there to have fun and socialize. To promote this you should get them as close together as possible by having a small dance floor. For you to come up with the right size of unit to go for you put into consideration the number and body size of the people that you have invited to the party.

Place the party bar close to the dance floor

One of the things that kills the party mood is people taking long hours away from the dance floor. Studies show that most people don’t return to the dance floor once they leave. To avoid this, you should have the party bar in the same room as the dance floor. You should also ensure that other party supplies such as photobooth are located in the same room as the dance floor.


These are tips to ensure that you have a great time on the dance floor. When renting the unit ensure that you rent it from party rentals stocking high quality units. Also ensure that the rental companies offer installation fees. This is to get rid of the stress that comes with installing the unit.