5 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Wedding Party Rentals

Everyone wants to have the best wedding in their life, but did you know you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it? Here are smart ways to save money on your wedding party rentals:

Take time to compare rental companies

Depending on where you live, you will come across a dozen or two wedding rental companies.

Many people that have never organized a wedding before will think that all the companies are the same, so when they need the supplies, they only need to pop into any local company and get what they want.

There is nothing further from the truth than this.

Just as the fingers on your arm are different, so are the rental companies. So to find a company stocking the supplies that are ideal for your party, take your time to visit the different companies in your area. Compare the prices and the products they offer.

Although, everyone would want to walk into a rental store at the last minute and walk out with the intended supplies, it doesn’t work like this. Taking time to visit different stores is, time-consuming but it pays off handsomely in the long run.

When doing research, it’s common to come across a company stocking most of the items you want, but renting some of the items more expensively than others.

What should you do in such a scenario?

The best approach is to explain to the company that you need plenty of rental supplies then go ahead and ask the company for a discount on the contentious products.

Having a few guests? Avoid the package deal

Package deals are great when having a large wedding as you rent all of the items as a package, but when having a small wedding, the deals are a big no. This is because you will be paying for items you won’t be using.

If having a small wedding, leave more money in your pocket by renting the items in the quantities you need.

Stay away from expensive chairs

Although they are appealing and give the wedding an elegant look, wooden wedding chairs are costly. Unless you are having a wedding with an elegant theme, avoid renting wooden chairs. Instead, go for plastic chairs.

If you are heart set on wooden chairs, have a small event then rent the chairs for the guests then go for plastic chairs for the non-guests such as the band.

If having a reception party, don’t rent additional wedding chairs. Ask the guests to carry their chairs. For it to make sense, ensure that you have the reception close to the wedding venue.

You should note that plastic chairs break easily, especially when you have kids at the party, so when renting them, carefully inspect them to ensure they aren’t too weak.

Rent from an insured company. This way, you are sure you won’t be required to replace the seat when it breaks.

Rent the right size of wedding tent

If having an outdoor wedding, you need a wedding tent that often doesn’t come cheap. Many people make the mistake of renting a wedding tent of the wrong size, which results in them spending a lot of money on it.

When you rent a tent that is too small for the event, you are forced to rent many smaller tents which end up being too expensive.

On the other hand, when you rent a tent that is too big for the guests, you end up wasting your money as you rent a tent that is too large than you need.

What should you do?

Take time to research and find out the right tent size for your event. One of the best ways of going about it is by asking the event rental company to help you with a consultant who will provide you with tent guidance.

Reduce damages as much as possible

Most of the rental companies will ask you to repair or replace the items you lose or damage. This can dig a large hole into your pocket, especially when a lot of items are damaged.

To avoid it, take good care of the event party rentals Rockland NY. For example, when using linens, always place something under the candles to prevent them from dripping onto the linen.

Staging And Dance Floor Rentals: 6 Things To Think About Before Renting Dance Floors

After having a party or wedding, dancing is a great way to cap the event. Many party venues have indoor and sometimes outdoor dance floors. If your venue doesn’t have one, think about renting one from staging and dance floor rentals. When renting the unit you need to think about a number of things:

Where will the dance floor go?

Will you place the dance floor in the reception area? Will you place it on sand or grass? You need to think about this as where you are planning to place it affects the right unit you should go for.

To get the most from the dance floor, place it on a flat surface. If planning of placing it on grass or sand, there shouldn’t be any bumps or hills.

If the surface is rough, you may have to place a subfloor first. To be safe and ensure you are renting the right unit, consult a rental company.

How many guests will be attending?

The number of guests attending the event determines the size of the dance floor to get. In most cases, 1/3 of the guests get on the dance floor at any given time. Rent a dance floor that will perfectly fit these people.

Avoid going for a dance floor that is too large as it will look empty and uninviting. You also should avoid one that is too small as it will make the guests uncomfortable making them to opt sitting or to stand by the bar.

If this is the first time you are renting the unit, ask a professional to help you in choosing the right size for your event.

What style of a dance floor is ideal for the event?

There are many types of dance floors that come in different styles and materials. When choosing the right material, think about the features of the party. Is the theme traditional, timeless, or romantic? If this is the case, go for plant dance floors as they will make an elegant statement.

To draw attention to the middle of the room, go for a white dance floor. The white unit also creates a perfect backdrop for the image you want to project on the floor. When looking to make the dance floor stand out, choose from the many varieties that give your dance floor a unique, inviting look.

Do you want the dance floor to stand out or blend in?

Dance floors are designed to stand out or blend in. For you to be content with your choice, think about the role of the dance floor before you go to the stores to rent it. If you want to create an energetic place where people will dance nonstop, focus on making the dance floor a destination.

One of the tricks you can use is to lay the dance floor over a pool. You need special flooring to ensure the safety of the guests. When you pull it off successfully, the effect of “dancing on the water” will keep the guests talking for a long time.

Another trick you can use to liven up the dancing area is adding colored lights. You can also project a logo onto the floor. This gives your event a club-like feel that will keep the guests dancing for a long time.

Do you want a standard dance floor or something unique?

There are dance floors of all types, designs, and materials. There are squares made from wood, plank, or even parquet. There are white, black, and checkerboard tiles.

From the wide variety of dance floors in the market, you can create anything with them. You can have a vinyl, marble, flower, and stained glass dancing floor. You can even go further and personalize the dance floor with your names and party date.

For you to successfully pull off the unique design, work with a reputable company that will guide you on how to go about it.

What is your budget?

Dance floors in the various party rentals Rockland NY carry different price tags. Take time to visit the various stores and find out the ones stocking the pieces that are within your budget. When renting, take care that you don’t compromise too much of the quality due to price.

All About Dance Floors

party dance floor

In addition to saying your vows during your wedding, another important part of the wedding is dancing. A wedding is a fun-filled event; therefore, you should have as much fun as possible.

Dance floors

For you to have a great dance you should have a great dance floor. If you are having the wedding party indoors you most likely have space that you can use as a dance floor; however, if you are having the party outdoors, it’s wise that you set up a dance floor. The wedding dance floor can be on a raised platform, with steps leading up to it, or you can construct it below the ground level, with steps leading down.

There are two main types of wedding dance floors that you can go for:

Acrylic: acrylic is a plastic material that is loved by many people as it’s weather resistant. The cool thing with an acrylic dance floor is that its bouncy thus provides you and your guests with a bouncy feeling.

Wooden: wood is easy to transport; therefore, you can easily move it from one place to another. It’s also firm thus your guests will have a great wedding dance without worrying of the dance floor crushing. To ensure that the wooden dance floor retains its look for a long time, you should avoid pouring liquids on it.

Wedding dances

There are a number of wedding dances that you should have. These include:

First dance: this is the first dance of the evening. As rule of thumb it should be between you and your partner. The song you dance to can be a ballad or upbeat. Regardless of the song you choose, it should have special meaning to the both of you.

Family dances: once you have opened the dance floor, you can now invite other family members on the dance floor. To keep it organized, you should ask your wedding DJ to help you in inviting people on the dance floor.

Fun dances: as mentioned, a wedding is a fun event; therefore, you should have as much fun as possible. Some of the fun dances that you should have are: dollar dances (where people pay to dance with the bride or groom) and anniversary dance (where couples who have been married for a given period of time are allowed to dance).


This is what you need to know about wedding dance floors. For ideal results, you should get the dance floor from a reputable dance floor rental company.

Cold Buffet Ideas For Wedding

Wedding Party Rentals NY

Are you planning a wedding and you don’t want to go through the trouble of keeping the food hot during the reception, you should go for a cold buffet. If you are wondering which are the best foods to serve, here are cold buffet ideas:


There are many types of meats that you should go with. The best ones are: turkey, pork slices, honey ham and chicken. If you want something extra for your guests, you should add mesquite, barbecue, and teriyaki sauces. To create a fancy look you should roll up the meat slices.

Bread and crackers

The good thing with bread and crackers is that you can easily serve them. To serve them you only need to arrange the crackers and bread on a fancy tray and place them on a table. To make the crackers tastier you should provide a variety of dips and spreads such as cheese dips, hummus, and vegetable dips.

To create variety you should serve different types of breads such as nut, fruit and toasted breads. It’s also wise to include biscuits.

You should also include a variety of spreads such as serve tuna, soft butter, and chicken spreads.

You should note that the style of arranging the crackers and bread is of great importance; therefore, you should professionally arrange them. If you don’t know how to arrange them, you should hire kitchen rentals to help you with the work.


The cool thing with sandwiches is that you don’t need to prepare them—you simply need to order them from your favorite sandwich chain. The sandwiches come in a variety of meats; therefore, your guests have a wide variety to choose from.

They also come in plastic trays; therefore, you don’t need to rent cutlery for the guests to eat on.

Fruits and vegetables

In addition to being healthy, they are also easy to serve. If you are operating on a tight budget, you should buy vegetable trays from your local store. If you don’t have a lot of money you should rent the party trays from a party supply company. The trays come with dips for the vegetables and fruits thus you don’t have to worry of the fruits falling to the ground.


These are cold buffet ideas for wedding. As you have seen you don’t have to keep the food hot for your guests to enjoy the reception. To make the party a success, it’s wise that you work with a professional party rental company.

Make your wedding party fun with Staging and dance floor

stage rentalWhether it is a normal get together, commercial event, birthday celebration, graduation party or a wedding reception, staging and dance floor rental is something that can make your come party alive. A party will be so boring without the booming DJ music and people tapping their feet like crazy on the dance floor. As a party organizer you better know the tactics to make your guests happy and satisfied.

Stage and dance floor

To prevent your party from turning into a lame event, you should give a corner to the stage and dance floor where your party guest can try their little dance move and set themselves in a party mood. Here are mentioned a few advantages of stage and dance floor that will surely make you realize that why these items are important in order to host an enjoyable event.

#1: The Stage and Dance floor act as a fun element and energizes the aura of the party when accompanied with beaming lighting and music.

#2: The Dance floor encourages your party guest to get up from their chair and celebrate freely.

#3:  A lifted platform like the stage let the host get proper attention from the party guests and make announcements. The stage provides a perfect finish to the functions like wedding receptions and commercial events.

#4: Portable stage and dance floor are safe and hygienic alternative to dancing on asphalts, tar or grass. They can be set up at any party location. It is very easy to setup and take down the portable stage and dance floor.

Staging and dance floor rentals!

By now if you are thinking of including staging and dance floor in your party, but you don’t know from where to get these items? Then put this worry aside. As there are a number of party rental service providers who are ready to provide you with staging and dance floor rentals for your party. Hire an experience party rental service for your party, as these services offer a number of deals on the rented items and are also ready to customize the rental items, like the table, chair, staging and the dance floor according to the party theme.