Things to Consider When Having an Outdoor Wedding

Things to Consider When Having an Outdoor Wedding

Many people having an outdoor wedding only think about the venue and renting the wedding supplies from the wedding party supplies. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. For your event to succeed, you must consider many other factors. These factors include:

Think about logistics

Couples frequently overlook the fact that facilities like restrooms aren’t always provided at outdoor wedding venues. If you’re having the party in your backyard or looking for more hygienic facilities for your group, you’ll need to rent restroom trailers and hire bathroom attendants.

Some outdoor venues, like neighborhood parks or beaches, may have public restrooms nearby. To enhance the experience, add flowers and candles to the properties and stock them with toiletry hampers.

Parking is another practical issue that people sometimes overlook. Some of your loved ones might wish to bring their car if your ceremony and reception are close enough for local guests to drive there or if these locations are in a remote area where public transport isn’t available.

When hiring a venue, make sure you enquire about the availability of space, the possibility of on-site parking, and whether or not your visitors will be charged a price from your location.

Remember that parking on the street for an at-home wedding could annoy your neighbors and cause traffic. 

Think about the weather.

It may be tempting for couples getting married in temperate seasons or locales to overlook the potential for weather disruptions.

Even if you feel confident about the current weather, Mother Nature can have different plans for your special day.

No matter where or when you’re married, having a backup plan in case of bad weather—such as rain, snow, or sleet—is essential. This is because the weather is beyond your control.

Together with your planner, devise a backup plan in case something goes wrong. This can be similar to renting a tent or relocating the event inside the restaurant at your venue.

You should go through every aspect with your vendor team as soon as your plan is finalized. In this manner, you can decide on the event day, and your vendors can adjust in accordance with the plan instead of rushing to make hasty changes. 

Factor in the wind

The wind is an additional factor to be aware of, which most people overlook. Changes in position may be necessary due to extreme weather, but even a moderate breeze can cause interference.

Strong winds could lead to an uncontrollable veil, glasses, and flowers being knocked down on the tables, candles that can never be lit or stay lit, or linens flying overhead. You wouldn’t want this to happen in your event, would you?

Windy or breezy weather might detract from the overall style and feel of your event, but more significantly, it can put your visitors’ safety in danger.

You should use your planner to create an action plan after learning about the typical weather patterns in the area to be ready for these circumstances.

If there is a lot of wind, avoid hanging large overhead installations or showcasing breakable objects like open flames.

Ensure there are enough drinks.

Another thoughtful and important thing people forget to do is provide water to their guests. For any wedding, providing enough water to guests is crucial. It’s even more crucial if having the event in hot, humid regions or high-altitude locations.

Provide single-serve cups of fresh produce-infused water or set up a station with giant water dispensers to relieve the thirst of your friends and family.

Ensure that these refreshing beverages are conveniently located at the start of your ceremony aisle or at the entrance to your reception space.

Provide enough lighting

One of the main attractions of an outdoor wedding is soft, warm lighting, but as the sun sets, you’ll have to rely on artificial lighting.

Weddings benefit greatly from the romantic atmosphere of string lights and candles, but you should also consider providing enough lighting for safety and visibility.

You should light up frequently used areas, such as the bathroom or transfer area routes.

Avoid having visitors stumbling around in the dark using their phones as light sources. As you choose the lights, think about the power supply for the catering equipment, sound systems, and lights.

Pay attention to the noise ordinances.

You must be aware of noise restrictions if your outdoor wedding occurs in a residential location, such as a city or suburban neighborhood.

Sometimes, you might have to move the reception inside to maintain a lively atmosphere if the surrounding area imposes a noise restriction.

To avoid being on the wrong side and having even the police called on you, find out from the venue coordinator when the celebration must end. Generally, it’s often midnight or 11 p.m., but the exact time varies depending on where you are.

Consult your wedding coordinator or any nearby vendors about the ordinances for private homes so that you can appropriately abide by them.

Provide the guests with essential supplies.

If the weather for your wedding is gorgeous, couples frequently overlook the fact that the sun might still cause problems.

To protect your guests, make sure you have sunscreen on hand. This ensures that nobody has to depart with a nasty burn.

You also need to be ready for the irritation of insects, such as mosquitoes. To ensure that your guests are comfortable, provide bottles of bug spray in addition to SPF to help ward off bothersome insects.

It’s simple to get absorbed in the event details that you 


You must remember to communicate with the guests and suppliers.

For your event to be a success, you must include your guests. Remember that the guests haven’t been part of the entire planning process and must learn every event detail. To avoid surprises, notify them about your expectations.

Extreme weather can occur at your outdoor event. To ensure it progresses as usual, communicate your weather contingency plan and set expectations so guests can prepare appropriately.

You also should give your loved one directions to the event site so they can prepare appropriate footwear. That way, women will choose block heels over stilettos, for example, if your wedding is in the middle of a field.

You also need to communicate with your party rentals Rockland and ensure they supply you with the necessary supplies at the right time.

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