6 Things to Think About When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

6 Things to Think About When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

When planning to have an outdoor wedding, you need to consider plenty of things. These things include:


Finding suppliers for your day will be mostly the same as if you were arranging an indoor wedding. However, it is undoubtedly useful to research flower designers, bands or DJs, photographers, officiants, food companies, and so on who have prior expertise with outdoor events.

You should take your time to interview several vendors. Remember, you want to partner with reputable event rentals that can provide you with all the necessary supplies to meet your needs during your big day.

A reputable rental provider will come in and inspect the space, assist with measurements, and recommend the right supplies you should go for. Some all-inclusive rental firms can provide you with everything from tents, tables, seats, lights, bars, generators, and even assistance with the necessary permits.

Knowing that actual pros are handling these arrangements may take much of the stress off the wedding planning process. You also will enjoy your event more.

Tents and rental furnishings are often in high demand and expensive, so you should get it squared away before proceeding with the other arrangements.

Catering team

No wedding is complete without food. If you won’t be preparing the food, you need to hire a catering team that is experienced with working in outdoor weddings.

When finding the right catering team, you should come prepared with questions. You should know how many outdoor weddings the company has done, whether they have catering equipment, etc.

Remember that aligning with a crew that also holds a liquor license and can handle your alcohol order is a huge advantage and will save you a lot of money and headaches.

Like when hiring vendors, you should interview a couple of catering companies and settle on the best one you feel will be the right fit for your event.


The best aspect about being outside is that you can get creative with your food. Do you want a wood-fired pizza oven? Do it! Think a pig roast would be appropriate for a more tropical-themed soiree? Go for it.

You can serve a variety of exciting food selections for your day. For the best experience, go for passed appetizers for cocktail hour and plated meals for dinner. This way, you will avoid pests buzzing around a buffet or hovering over family-style dishes.

Your budget and event theme will influence the food you settle for. When calculating the food, you need, consider the number of people attending the wedding.

Remember, you are better off overestimating than underestimating. The last thing you want is to have some of your guests missing food.

Decorating your outdoor setting

Every outdoor venue has its natural beauty and style that you can take advantage of. To have an easy time decorating, use the natural environment to your advantage in terms of decoration.

And the décor you choose might influence how formal or informal your event is.

You can make your outdoor wedding formal or informal. It’s all on you to make the decision. For a more formal wedding, go with a tent. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from.

You can go for sail top tents for an elegant, whimsical look, or pole tents with tulle draping on the ceiling.

As you install the tent, don’t forget about the lighting. You can install chandeliers or weave in unique restaurant lighting.

Adding hardwood flooring will also make the space feel more formal, as will exquisite Chiavari chairs rather than garden chairs, and premium linens to dress your tables in velvet, brocade, satin, or shantung.

Of course, your choice of decorations should be informed by your preferred theme. If you are confused about the right decoration route, consider going for natural textures such as wood, linen, and silk, which come together to produce a stunning outdoor appearance.

Weather contingency plan

Weather is unpredictable, and even when the season is perfect, things can quickly turn for the worse.

If you’re already planning on using a tent, reserve one with side walls, even if you don’t believe you’ll need them.

As mentioned, tents are often in high demand, so it is best to reserve them beforehand. This way, you are sure that you won’t be confused when the event date comes.

While you’ll likely take a hit on your pocket early on, you won’t be stressed to find a tent that will be enough for your guests.

If the weather forecast predicts torrential rains, you should prepare proactively.

Find out if the venue you are having the event will allow your tenting company to set up a tent structure a few days before the wedding. Go for a venue that allows this, as you will protect the ground and avoid overly soggy ground.


Since you will be having your event outdoors, there is always the risk of bugs becoming a problem. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider it.

To keep your guests comfortable, you should pay attention to this and think about how you will protect your guests.

One way to go about it is to place citronella candles around the pathway or near the entrance of the tent to deter the bugs.

You also should choose flowers that mosquitoes dislike. Excellent options include lavender and marigolds.

Parting shot

These are some of the things that you should consider when putting together an outdoor wedding.

When working with wedding tent rentals Rockland, work with professionals who have been in the industry for a long time. This way you are sure that they will give you a great experience.

You might be tempted to hire the cheapest suppliers or company. Don’t do this as chances are that they aren’t as experienced and hence will give you a bad experience.

Always go for experienced contractors and materials. They will be a little costly, but they will be worth it.

You also should let your guests know you will have the event outdoors. This way, they will be dressed appropriately for the event. For example, they will come covered in layers so they don’t feel too cold.

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