Types of Party Chairs You Can Rent for Your Event

Types of Party Chairs You Can Rent for Your Event

Choosing the proper table style for an outdoor event is critical for establishing a comfortable and functional environment for your guests. With so many available options, deciding which table type best suits your event can be difficult.

This post will look at the five most frequent styles of outdoor event tables: rectangle, square, garden, bistro, and round. We will also help you with the critical considerations you should make to assist you in choosing the correct table.

Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are the most common type of outdoor tables you can find in event rentals. They are adaptable and adaptive, making optimal use of space. Rectangular tables range from 4 to 8 feet long and can seat two to 10 guests, depending on the table length.

They are great for outdoor events with seated dinners because they provide enough space for attendees to enjoy their meals comfortably. You can also arrange rectangular tables in long rows to create a banquet-style setting or in smaller clusters to create a more intimate environment.

You should always plan the table layout based on the occasion’s needs. Choose between long rows and a combination of rows and columns. Ensure there is enough room between tables for guests to roam and wait for staff to maneuver.

Most of the tables you rent won’t be appealing, and in some cases, they won’t look the part. To improve the look of the tables, consider adding table runners, centerpieces, or other decorative accents.

Choose accents that complement the theme or color palette of the event. Ensure the accents, such as tablecloths, are large enough to cover the entire table and have enough overhang to give a stunning effect. 

To create a welcoming atmosphere:

  1. Make sure the tables are well-lit.
  2. Check that the illumination does not interfere with the ability of guests to see each other or their food.
  3. Use balanced natural and artificial lighting sources.

Square tables

Square tables, particularly those with a more modern or contemporary design, are another popular alternative for outdoor parties. They are usually smaller than rectangular tables and can accommodate up to four people. 

Square tables are perfect for outdoor events where you are encouraging people to mix and walk around, such as farmer’s markets or pop-up fairs. 

They can also be grouped in a wider grid to form a community-style seating arrangement ideal for casual gatherings.

Square tables allow you more table configuration options. You can arrange the tables in various ways, including a continuous row of square tables, a square-shaped grouping, or a combination of square and rectangular tables. 

Select a configuration appropriate for your event’s purpose and promotes a sense of community and engagement.

When arranging the tables, do so in such a way that guests, particularly those with mobility issues, can easily access them. To improve traffic flow and convenience, consider the positioning of entrance and exit points, buffet or serving areas, restrooms, and other vital facilities.

You should regularly check the tables throughout the event to ensure they are clean and presentable. Remove empty plates, used goods, or spills as soon as possible to preserve a clean and attractive environment.

Round tables

Round tables are popular for outdoor events such as weddings, banquets, and other formal gatherings. They range in size from 4 to 6 feet in a circle and may seat eight to twelve people. 

Round tables, with soft ivory cloth flowing beautifully down the edge, are great for outdoor events requiring a more formal or conventional setting, such as weddings or corporate galas. 

They also stimulate conversation and engagement among guests because everyone at the table faces each other.

Bistro tables

Bistro tables are small, round tables commonly used at cocktail parties, outside cafes, or informal gatherings. They are typically 70cm tall and 2 ft wide, with seating for two to three people. 

Bistro tables are perfect for creating a more intimate atmosphere because visitors are seated closer together. 

You can combine them with other table shapes, such as rectangular or garden tables, to give guests various seating alternatives.

Bistro tables frequently have a variety of tabletop materials, such as wood, metal, or glass. 

Select a material that matches your venue or event’s overall design and concept. Consider aspects like longevity, ease of maintenance, and weather resistance if you intend to use them outside.

Bistro tables are usually accompanied by matching chairs or stools. Choose seating that is both comfortable and appropriate for the tables. For a comfortable dining experience, ensure that the seating height complements the table height.

You can use tablecloths or table coverings for your bistro tables, depending on the style and atmosphere you wish to create. 

Take into account the general style and theme of your venue. A tablecloth can offer elegance and class, yet a plain tablecloth can provide a more relaxed or modern aesthetic.

Garden tables

Garden tables are popular for outdoor gatherings held in a garden or natural setting. They usually have a wooden top with a rustic or natural finish. 

Garden tables are usually rectangular and may comfortably seat up to eight people. They are great for casual and natural outdoor events like garden parties, weddings, or picnics.

Parting shot

These are some of the tables that you can rent from event party rentals. There are several crucial things to bear in mind while selecting the proper sort of table for your outdoor event:

The nature of the occasion: A formal event needs different table styles than a casual picnic or BBQ.

The number of guests you will accommodate – larger gatherings will require more tables and seating alternatives.

The available space: Because outdoor events may have limited space, the sort of table you can utilize may be limited.

The event’s overall look – the table type should suit your overall design and theme.

When hiring, hire from a reputable company with many tables to choose from. The event party rentals Rockland company should also be ready to advise you on the tables you should choose based on the look you are after. 

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