5 Catering Tips For Your Next Event

5 Catering Tips For Your Next Event

We all know that no event is complete without food, and to have better control of what goes into your food and keep the food fresh, you should hire a caterer’s equipment rentals. This way, you can easily prepare and serve food at your event.

Is this the first time you are catering for your event? Here are valuable tips that will help you take your event to the next level:

Have a service style

How will you be serving the meals? You can go with a tray pass, buffet, or plated. The one you choose depends on the nature of your event.

If you are looking to save money and have an easy time serving the meals, go for the buffet but if you want to include more food options, go for the tray pass option.

Are you having a formal sit-down event? Go for plated catering that is beautiful to look at and brings your guests together.

Prepare more food

When you are having an invite-only event, it’s easy to approximate that only the invited guests will attend. While this happens in some events, it often doesn’t. In most cases, the invited come with their plus ones.

As you can tell, it would be awkward having some of the guests missing food, so always prepare more food than the invited guests.

There are no set overestimations you can make, but it’s wise to work with experienced caterers that will help you.

To avoid preparing more food than you need, prepare your meals as the event draws nearer. At this time, you will have confirmed the number of people that will be attending. After confirming the headcount, slightly overestimate it to ensure you have more food.

Remember, it’s always good to have more food than less.

Comply with the venue rules

If you have a large event, you will be renting the party venue. Like any other thing, every venue has its rules, and for you to avoid getting on the wrong side, play by the rules.

To avoid surprises, ask the venue representatives about the rules, such as preparing meals, kitchen access, and other details. Of course, you should only rent a venue with rules that you are flexible with.

After confirming the rules and signed the rental agreement, ensure that you play by them to avoid being penalized or sent away. If you aren’t supposed to dirty the place, have garbage bags or bins around the venue where your guests can throw the trash.

If the venue has a set time when you can get in and leave, ensure that you come and go within the specified time.

Be cautious about the menu you choose

You should be cautious about the menu you choose for your guests as it can make your life easy or give you an extremely challenging time.

You can decide on the menu in two ways. The first one is choosing the food items that you feel will suit all of your guests. To select this, you will need to know every guest’s food restrictions and allergies. To accommodate everyone, ask for this information when you are sending invites.

The other way to come up with the menus is to provide your guests with food choices and then narrow them down to a few options. As you send the invites, indicate the food items you will be offering in the event and ask the guests to tick yes or no.

After getting the responses, sit with your caterer and plan how you will prepare the meals.

As you plan the meals, think about the drinks as you don’t want your guests to go thirsty, do you?

Depending on the nature of your event, you should decide on whether you will offer alcohol or not. If you offer soft drinks, decide the ones you will offer and their numbers.

Work with an experienced professional

Hiring the best equipment from the party rentals Rockland NY isn’t enough—you need to work with an experienced professional who will professionally prepare the meals and advise you on the right foods to prepare, the ideal drinks to choose from, and so on.

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