Guide to Having a Great Time With Wedding Tents

Guide to Having a Great Time With Wedding Tents

When you have an outdoor wedding, you should have a wedding tent to protect your guests and keep them comfortable. To get the most from the tent, you have to consider a number of tips. These tips include:

Pay attention to space and tent size.

Renting the right tent from wedding tent rentals isn’t enough. You also need to consider how you set up the tent. Only clear-span tents can be set up safely without a separate area for staking since the stakes go right into the bottom of the legs.

All other tents need a space between 5 and 10 feet around the outside for tie-downs and tent stakes.

You can make the tents fit almost any size, from a small dinner in the backyard to a party for 1,000 people. If you want to have dinner and dance in the tent, you should give each person between 20 and 25 square feet. 

For dinner only (no dancing), everyone will need between 18 and 22 square feet. Dancing with 200 people would need to be 46’ x 125’ (with central poles) or 40’ x 120’ (with frame).

Book at the right time

You might argue that you only need to go to your rental company and place your order, but this isn’t the case. The fact that you need a tent doesn’t mean that it will be available for you. 

Your wedding date will determine whether or not you can get a tent. During the busiest months, you should book your tent as soon as possible since last-minute plans could mean the tent company is out of tents.

As soon as you decide on a wedding date, get a quote and talk about the equipment you’ll need, even if it’s just in case it rains. 

 Remember that you need to pay a deposit to hold the tent. Most tent companies will also need to know if you’ll be using the tent 24 hours before they install it.

Think of other accessories that you need.

Besides the wedding tent, you might need plenty of other accessories for your event to succeed. These accessories include: 

Flooring: Floors have a direct impact on how comfortable your guests feel. Heels in the grass all night is no fun. If it’s going to rain on your wedding day, installing a lovely floor will keep the ground from getting too wet, and your guests will be comfortable. 

When it comes to floor options, there are many to go with. You can use fake grass, hardwood planks, or sisal carpet, all of which look like they belong in a beautiful home. 

The platform flooring can be leveled even if the ground under the tent has big slope changes or dips. Just make sure you have a lot more money in your budget for the work. 

Lighting: whether you are having your event during the day or evening, you need to light up your tent. Many tent companies only carry a small number of fixtures made for their tents, but lighting companies specializing in tents can take it to the next level. 

For the best experience, choose lighting options that accentuate the look of your tent. 

Draping: Draping is a great way to improve the look of your wedding tent, whether it’s just the side poles or the whole ceiling. 

Simple white drapes are the cheapest option, but you can use other neutral fabrics or add a pop of color. 

Many companies may include this option in their full quote or offer it for an extra cost. You should enquire from the rental company you are renting from.

Ensure that your venue allows tents.

As much as you might want a tent in your wedding venue, sometimes the venue doesn’t allow you to install a tent. Other venues also tend to have plenty of regulations. 

Before you head to the event tent rentals Rockland NY, find out if you can install the tent in your desired venue in the first place. 

To avoid confusion, ask about the maximum size of tent you can install, any rules you should follow, such as staking in the ground, and whether you can set up the tent ahead of time.

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