Things You should Rent for Your Wedding

Things You should Rent for Your Wedding

While you should buy certain items such as ceremony rugs and decorative trees as they make more sense, other supplies are better rented. Of course, these are units that you only use once.

What items are best rented than bought? They are many, and they include:

Table linens, runners, and napkins

Are you ready to set the prettiest table? You should rent most of the linens you want to use. Most event rentals that rent out tablecloths, table runners, cloth napkins, and more offer a wide range of colors and styles for you to choose from.

Of course, you should choose those that match the event theme.

Candle holders and vases

Small touches can change the look of your reception tables, bar, or other places. One way to improve the face is to place candles and flowers on them.

A florist is the best place to get small things like votives and vases. As you buy the flowers, ask them if they can rent you a few vases you can return after the event.

You could also buy these things for a smaller wedding, but you should think about what you will do with them after the wedding.


Are you crazy about the way colored glasses look? Or do you prefer classic crystal? Glassware can say something about you.

Find out from the venue what might be included. If not, you can rent these things to add color and interest to your event.


You can use what’s already at your venue or upgrade the dishes for a more exciting tablescape. It would be best to rent these things, so you don’t end up with many plates you don’t need.

Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are usually included in the price of a venue, but not always. The chairs are often exempted, especially if you choose a platform farther away from the main road.

In such a situation, you may need to bring all the furniture yourself.

The nature of the event you are putting together might also make you rent the tables and chairs. For example, if you are putting together a formal event, you might consider renting the units, even if your venue has simple tables.

You should rent more interesting units to make your event look more appealing.


Regardless of how appealing they look, there’s no need to buy complicated lights to use in the future.

High-end lights are often expensive, and spending an arm and leg on units you will use for only a day doesn’t make sense.

You should get lights that improve the look of your venue. To have an easy time, work with a rental company that knows your platform well to set up everything just right.

Lounge furniture

Adding a lounge to a reception area can be such a great idea. You will make the site more interesting, and your guests will appreciate being able to put their feet up.

You should work with a rental company and find a unique couch and set of chairs to complete the look.

Dance floor

No wedding is complete without a dance, so you should get a dance floor where your guests will dance.

Most dance floors are plain to look at, and if you want a more exciting look, consider renting or buying accessories, like a custom vinyl cover, to make it look nicer.


Receptions are always better when they have beautiful bars that make a statement. Work with a rental company to find something unique that fits the style of your wedding.

Tips to consider when renting wedding supplies

The company you rent your supplies from can make or break your event so be ultra cautious.

When looking for party rentals in Rockland NY, look at examples of their past work. If they’ve worked at your venue and know how it works, that’s a plus.

And if you don’t find what you want in their look, make sure to ask. They might still be able to bring it in to make your big day even better.

Of course, don’t work with rental companies that don’t know what they are doing.

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