Guide to Renting Wedding Chairs

Guide to Renting Wedding Chairs

When considering renting wedding chairs from your local event rentals, you need to consider plenty of factors. Which are these factors? Here they are:

Style of wedding chairs

You should know that wedding chairs come in different styles, and all you need to do is to choose those that will complement your big day.

If having a formal event, go for luxurious and elegant chairs.

If you are confused about the right one, go for the standard Chiavari chairs. These are readily available in most rental stores and come in different styles.

Consider the color of the chairs.

Wedding chairs not only come in various designs but also in various colors, and for your chairs to look the part, they have to match the wedding theme color.

You can choose color options: black, gold, antique gold wash, natural wood, and transparent ghost.

Different themed events look good with different chair colors. For example, limewash Chiavari chairs will look good for modern and contemporary weddings. It’s up to you to choose those that will match your event.

Seat pad color

It’s not only about the color of the wedding chair—but you also need to consider the seat pad color of your chair.

Different companies have different chair pads that have different colors and are made from different materials. For example, some have fabric, while others have leather pads.

Of course, the color you choose will depend on the theme of your event and the season you have the event. For example, if you have your wedding during summer, gold, black, blue, green, grey, green, or burgundy will be a great choice.

If you aren’t sure about the right one to go for, get the input of a professional.

Ease of accessorizing the chair

Most wedding chairs are plain looking, so if you are after an elegant-looking piece, you will have to accessorize it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can accessorize the chair. You can attach flowers, silk, bows, or even sashes to it.

To have an easy time doing it, you want a chair that is easy to accessorize. This means that you should have an easy time attaching the flowers, bows, and other items to the chair you choose.

The nature of your tables

Many people don’t pay much attention to the wedding tables they choose, which is wrong. The type of tables you choose for your event heavily determines the mood of your event, so you must pair the tables with the relevant chairs.

If your tables have a traditional look, your chairs should also have that look. If you aren’t sure about the right chairs to go with, get the input of a professional.

Quality of the chairs

This might sound obvious, but you will be shocked by the number of people that don’t care about the quality of the chairs that they choose for their big day.

To get the most from your chairs, choose high-quality ones that look good and strong enough and will take you through the event without breaking.

If this is the first time you are renting the chairs, remember that you get what you pay for. This means that you automatically get cheap and low-quality chairs when you pay a cheap price.

While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you should pay a premium for the chairs. This calls for you to avoid the high-end stores. While these stores often have good-looking and quality items, these items are usually overpriced, and you don’t want to spend an amount you shouldn’t, do you?

At the same time, you should avoid extremely cheap stores, as you will most likely be paying for extremely cheap and poor-quality chairs.

Buy from a quality store.

To get quality chairs, you need to rent them from quality party chairs rentals Rockland NY. As a rule of thumb, don’t be in a hurry when finding these chairs—always take your time and visit as many rental stores as possible before making the decision.

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