How to Sit Your Guests at Your Wedding Party

How to Sit Your Guests at Your Wedding Party

Once you have the final list of the guests attending your wedding event, you should go to the table and chair rentals and place your order.

You should also devise a plan of how the guests will sit and enjoy the event to the maximum. This calls for you to be strategic in how you organize your guests. To help you out, here are tips you should follow:


It’s common for couples to attend weddings and if there will be some coming to yours, you should have them sitting opposite each other, instead of next.

The purpose is to allow the couples to see and talk to each other without making other people at the table feel excluded.

Positioning the couples this way is more critical if they don’t know anyone at the table and will only be talking to each other.

Important guests

The idea of essential guests in weddings is nowadays more common, and if you have an important guest at your party, you should have a special seat for them, preferably in a central position that gives them access to more people and the ability to interact with as many guests as possible.

Host and hostess

You should have a rectangular table for the host and hostess and sit on either end. You should have the person in charge of cooking sitting nearest the kitchen.

This is to give them control over almost half the table, which is handy in ensuring that they have everything running smoothly.

Sitting in this position also keeps the other guests as far away from you as possible, eliminating the chances of the guests trying to get your attention and distracting you.

Know it alls

We all have these friends, and if you have a couple of them attending your big day, you should have them sitting so that they don’t monopolize the conversation and bore the pants off everyone else.

The best place to position these is next to the host or hostess, who will keep them in check and let them know when they are getting out of control.

The shy ones

In the same way, we have friends that are big heads and know it all the same way, we have some that are shy and often feel overwhelmed when they are around too many new people.

To prevent them from being too bored, have them sit next to just a few talkative people who will continue the conversation.

Remember that introverted people don’t like being in big groups, so ensure that the table where they sit isn’t too crowded.


For the party to be lively, it’s wise that you have friends sitting next to each other as they will have things to talk about, but if this is impossible, there is no harm in having strangers next to each other.

When positioning them, ensure they don’t have the same personality type. For example, if they are too talkative, don’t have them sitting together as they might try to compete with each other, which can’t be suitable for the party.

The best way to go about it is to have a talkative and less talkative person sitting together. As a rule of thumb, don’t put a shy person between talkative ones, as this will trigger the shy people to hibernate into their shells.

Those that don’t get along

Don’t you have mutual friends that don’t get along? We all have, and you must invite them to your big day, right?

When planning their sitting position, have them sit as far from each other as possible and next to people they like.

This way, you create an environment that everyone will enjoy, and everyone will be praising how good your event was.

Parting shot

These are some tricks you can use to organize the guests in your wedding and have them sitting in strategic areas.

When renting party chairs and tables, ensure that you get them from reputable event rentals Rockland NY, stocking high-quality, comfortable, and good-looking units.

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