Guide To Renting Dance Floors From Staging And Dance Floor Rentals

Guide To Renting Dance Floors From Staging And Dance Floor Rentals

Staging and dance floor rentals

To ensure that your guests have as much fun as possible, you should rent a tent from the local staging and dance floor rentals. To rent the right tent you need to consider a number of factors such as:

The type of event that you are planning to use the dance floor

Different parties require different types of dance floors. If having an informal event such as birthday party, you should go for a club type dance floor. If having a formal event such as a wedding or corporate party, go for a dance floor with a laid back look. For example, you can go for a wood or black-and-white dance floor. If you are strained for cash, go for a well-designed plastic dance floor.

Location of the party

Where you will have the party greatly determines the type of dance floor that you should rent. Since dance floors are made from different materials, they are ideal for different locations. There are those that are designed for indoor and others for outdoor use. If having your event outdoors, you should go for a waterproof dance floor. One of the best to go for is the polypropylene dance floor that has been shown to resist water better than the wooden versions.

If having your party indoors, you don’t have to worry about the water resistance feature. You can go ahead and rent a wooden dance floor. Before you head to the party rental store, you should analyze the area that you want to install the unit. If the area is uneven, you should rent a subfloor together with the dance floor but if the area is even, you shouldn’t bother with the subfloor.

The number of people that will attend the party

Dance floors come in different sizes and strengths. When you rent a tent that is too small or too weak for your guests you will give your party a bad look. If you have never organized a party before you should research through your friends and family about the right size of party dance floor that you should get. It’s also wise that you get the input of the party rental company.


A dance floor is necessary for a party to be complete. During the party, you should regularly check the dance floor and confirm that the panels are in good condition. If you notice any problem, let the party supplies company know about it. Installation and removal of the dance floor require specialized skills; therefore, you should leave the work to a professional.

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