Round Tables Rentals: Guide To Renting Party Tables

round party tables

Party tables are important items in any party. In addition to providing the guests with a place to place their food during the party, they also function as important decoration items. Unlike before when there were no party rentals and you had to buy or borrow all the equipment you needed for the party including party tables, now you can easily rent all the items from the rental stores. For you to rent the right tables you need to consider a number of factors

Guide to renting party tables

Theme of the party: There are many party themes that you can go with. You can go with beach, formal, floral or any other theme that you like. For the table to be part of the event you need to ensure that it complements the look of the event. If you are having a beach theme, go with simple wooden tables. If having a formal event, go with round, elegant tables.

Size of the party venue: How large or small the party venue greatly determines the type of party tables that you should hire. If having a small party in a small area, go with small plastic or wooden tables. If you having your party in a large hall, go with large rectangular or circular tables. Even if you have a large venue, ensure that the tables aren’t too large thus overwhelming the venue.

Type of table decorations: there are many ways of decorating party tables. You can use flowers or table clothes. If using flowers to decorate the tables it means that the table will be visible thus you have to rent elegant tables that will give a great impression. If on the other hand, you are decorating the tables using table covers, you don’t have to spend plenty of money on the tables as they will be covered thus the party guests won’t see them.

Party Chairs: You can’t mention party tables without mentioning party chairs. The type of chairs that you use greatly determines the type of tables that you should go for. As rule of thumb, ensure that the height of the tables matches that of the chairs.


These are the factors to consider when renting party tables. To save money and time, rent all of you party items including tables, chairs and party tents from the same company. When choosing the rental company to hire from, ensure that it’s reputable.

Understanding Party Rental Tents

Since parties vary in size, you need different sizes of party tents. Here are the different sizes of party tents that you can go with:

  • 16 X 16: can hold 24-32 people
  • 20 X 20: holds 20-50 people
  • 20 X 30: holds about 64 people
  • 30 X 30: holds a maximum of 90 people
  • 30 X 60: up to 180 people can sit in it

Types of party tents

There are many types of party tents that you can go with. Some of the most common ones are:

Canopy: they are light and used in covering prize areas, guests and food stations. Since they are light, they aren’t ideal for long term installation. You should also avoid installing them in high winds and heavy rain situations. They are usually secured by rope.

Pole tents: they are supported by a number of perimeter and centre poles. They come in different sizes and colours and are ideal when you install them on flat grass or gravel.

Frame tents: they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. They are made of a thick vinyl stretched over an aluminium frame in order to create a tenting arrangement that doesn’t obstruct the middle poles for support. Depending on the situation, they are either staked or weighted down. Many people prefer stacking them as they look great when staked.

Tent rental tips

Before you contact a tent rental company you should do your research and ensure that the company is reputable. You should also know the style of seating, activities that will take place during the party and the size of the party area. You also need to know the grade or slope of installation. The cool thing is that many reputable companies will visit the site and inspect it.

Many people tend to make mistakes when renting party tents and you shouldn’t be one of the people. You shouldn’t make assumptions on the size of party tent that you need. As rule of thumb you should consult a party tent professional who will advise you on the right size to go with.

Proper installation of party tents takes time; therefore, you should always contact the tent company a few days before the party in order to leave enough time for proper installation.


This is what you need to know about party tents. For ideal results always work with a reputable party rental company.

Are you well equipped for your Christmas party?

party rentalsWith the arrival of winter, the most awaited festival of every time-Christmas is also coming near. And if you are planning to have a big Christmas party this year, then you should start finding a good party rental service provider as soon as you can.

The party rental services

Obviously it is not possible to host a great party with just a bunch of drinks and a pack of potato chips. To make your party really an enjoyable event for your family and friends, you should consider seeking help from a party rental service provider. The rental service can make your party more organized and can utilize your party space in a better way than you.

Add more color to your Christmas party with party rentals!!

Creating significant memories does not always require draining your energy as well as your wallet. With proper planning and right execution, it is always possible to host an entertaining and memorable Christmas party.

Start your party planning with a delicious menu. Save time by finalizing the guest list and validate grocery requirements upfront. Prepare a checklist and plan out your deadline so there remains no last minute surprises for you! Try to save your sanity by opting for party dishes which can be prepared in advance. Now, check out the wine glasses, cutlery, crockery etc. In case, your existing crockery and cutlery is not sufficient for party guests, then opt for crockery and cutlery rental.

After menu, think about party decoration. Decoration is the soul of Christmas party, so decorate your party venue with colorful props, flowers and lights. If you do not have party decoration items, then instead of purchasing these expensive stuffs, choose party rental items.

Check out the seating arrangement. You need to make sure that you have sufficient chair or furniture to get your party guests seated adequately. The table and chair rental is a handy option for you. Also, if you are willing to host a luxury Christmas party, you can go with lounge furniture rental. The luxury furniture can transform any random party venue into a high-class party paradise.