5 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Wedding Party Rentals

Everyone wants to have the best wedding in their life, but did you know you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it? Here are smart ways to save money on your wedding party rentals:

Take time to compare rental companies

Depending on where you live, you will come across a dozen or two wedding rental companies.

Many people that have never organized a wedding before will think that all the companies are the same, so when they need the supplies, they only need to pop into any local company and get what they want.

There is nothing further from the truth than this.

Just as the fingers on your arm are different, so are the rental companies. So to find a company stocking the supplies that are ideal for your party, take your time to visit the different companies in your area. Compare the prices and the products they offer.

Although, everyone would want to walk into a rental store at the last minute and walk out with the intended supplies, it doesn’t work like this. Taking time to visit different stores is, time-consuming but it pays off handsomely in the long run.

When doing research, it’s common to come across a company stocking most of the items you want, but renting some of the items more expensively than others.

What should you do in such a scenario?

The best approach is to explain to the company that you need plenty of rental supplies then go ahead and ask the company for a discount on the contentious products.

Having a few guests? Avoid the package deal

Package deals are great when having a large wedding as you rent all of the items as a package, but when having a small wedding, the deals are a big no. This is because you will be paying for items you won’t be using.

If having a small wedding, leave more money in your pocket by renting the items in the quantities you need.

Stay away from expensive chairs

Although they are appealing and give the wedding an elegant look, wooden wedding chairs are costly. Unless you are having a wedding with an elegant theme, avoid renting wooden chairs. Instead, go for plastic chairs.

If you are heart set on wooden chairs, have a small event then rent the chairs for the guests then go for plastic chairs for the non-guests such as the band.

If having a reception party, don’t rent additional wedding chairs. Ask the guests to carry their chairs. For it to make sense, ensure that you have the reception close to the wedding venue.

You should note that plastic chairs break easily, especially when you have kids at the party, so when renting them, carefully inspect them to ensure they aren’t too weak.

Rent from an insured company. This way, you are sure you won’t be required to replace the seat when it breaks.

Rent the right size of wedding tent

If having an outdoor wedding, you need a wedding tent that often doesn’t come cheap. Many people make the mistake of renting a wedding tent of the wrong size, which results in them spending a lot of money on it.

When you rent a tent that is too small for the event, you are forced to rent many smaller tents which end up being too expensive.

On the other hand, when you rent a tent that is too big for the guests, you end up wasting your money as you rent a tent that is too large than you need.

What should you do?

Take time to research and find out the right tent size for your event. One of the best ways of going about it is by asking the event rental company to help you with a consultant who will provide you with tent guidance.

Reduce damages as much as possible

Most of the rental companies will ask you to repair or replace the items you lose or damage. This can dig a large hole into your pocket, especially when a lot of items are damaged.

To avoid it, take good care of the event party rentals Rockland NY. For example, when using linens, always place something under the candles to prevent them from dripping onto the linen.

Wedding Party Rentals: Awesome Wedding Themes To Choose From

If you are like many couples, you like a themed party. For your guests to remember the event for a long time, you should choose a theme that will wow them. To help you out, here are some of the trending themes that you can go for as given by wedding party rentals:

Woodland theme

Here you need to design your party as if you are having the event on the farm. You need to go with supplies that give your event a farm look. This calls for you to rent farm tables, cross back chairs, wine barrel bar, and any other relevant supplies. When renting the units, ensure that they are of high quality and perfect for the event.

Flower theme

The flower theme has been around for a long time and it isn’t going away anytime soon. You need to work with your wedding planner and come up what a floral design that will wow your guests.

For you to create an attractive look, you should hang the flowers in different areas of the party venue. You can hang them from the garlands, let them flow off the table and onto the floor, or even use them to decorate the food!

Your imagination is your limitation here. If you aren’t sure about the right flowers that you should use, your best bet is to go with those that you love. You also should consider the season that you are having the wedding.

Brightly colored theme

Are you an outgoing person? Then this is your wedding theme. You need to choose bright colors and use them in all areas of your party. You can use them in food, linens, flowers, accents and even invitations. The cool thing is that there are many types bright colors that you can choose from. You can choose from yellow, blue or any other of your favorite colors.

For you to design your event around a specific color, you need to ask your party supplies company the colors that they have in store. The colors can be similar to the ones that you want to use or they can complement making them much brighter.


These are some of the themes that you can go with for your big day. For you to have an easy time putting together the event and settling on the right theme, you should work with an expert from your local event rentals NY.

Event Décor Ideas: Wedding Decoration Tips

Event décor ideas

For your wedding to be beautiful you need to decorate it. Here are wedding decoration tips that you should consider:

Have a plan for the wedding venue

There is nothing that gives your wedding a bad image than a disorganized wedding venue. You should have a clear plan of where to place the reception area, DJ’s booth, kitchen area, cake table, dance floor, cocktail table, and any other wedding party supplies that you might be having. If you can’t come up with your own plan ask a professional to help you out.

Follow candle rules in your party decorations

Candles are great party decoration items. In addition to giving an intimate glow, they are also cheap thus ideal if you are operating on a tight budget. While the units are great they pose a fire hazard especially if there are plenty of papers on the wedding venue. To be on the safe side use battery-operated or LED candles. As rule of thumb use colors that complement the wedding theme.

Watch how you use flowers in party decorations

Flowers are the most common units used as party decorations. While they are beautiful, they can get expensive especially if you are decorating a large area. Instead of spending plenty of money on flowers, consider including some branches or greenery and you will save plenty of money. For a dramatic look, set the centerpieces on a pedestal or platform.

Intelligently use lighting to decorate the wedding venue

Lights are easy to use and instantly change the look of your wedding venue. For a great look, you shouldn’t use them anyhow—you should be intelligent in using them. For ideal results use automated controlled stage lighting where you use different shapes, movements, and colors to create different moods in the wedding venue. The cool thing is that you don’t have to buy the lights as there are plenty of party rentals where you can rent them from. To make the venue more interesting use other decoration items such as plants in addition to the lights.

Take advantage of party decoration fabrics

Just like candles, fabrics are cheap and easily available from linen and décor weddings rentals. They come in different sizes thus you have different ways in which you can use them. You can place the fabrics on the ceiling, party chairs, tables, and on the walls. When using them ensure that you use those that complement the wedding theme. They also should be of high quality to avoid giving your wedding a cheap look.

Tips On How To Save Money On Party Rental

Although, renting party items saves you a lot of money as you don’t have to buy your own items, you can still save more money if you put these tips into consideration:

Pick the items

Instead of waiting for the party rental supplier to deliver the rental items for you, you should consider picking them on your own. This is to avoid the extra fees charged by many suppliers when they deliver the items to you. Some of the items that you should consider picking on your own are: cups, chairs, tables and lines. When it comes to party tents, you should allow the party supplier to deliver and install them professionally.

Rent from the same supplier

When you rent all of the party items that you need from the same supplier you attract a large discount. There are some suppliers that will offer to deliver the items to you at no extra cost if you place a large order. You should do your research and find the supplier with all the items that you are interested in.

Avoid making package rental deals

Many party tent suppliers have packages where they supply a given number of items depending on the package that you choose. This is usually tricky as you might rent more or less items than you need. To be on the safe side you should avoid the package deals and rent the quantities that you need.

Order the right tent size

It’s very important that you consider the size of tent that you are ordering. If you order a large tent you will end up paying a lot of unnecessary amounts of money. On the other hand if you order a small tent you risk irritating your guests thus provoking them to leave early due to noise and overcrowdedness.
To be on the safe side you should consult a party rental company and the representatives will advise you on the best size to go for. A good rental company will help you in arranging the tables and chairs in order to leave enough room for serving, dancing and other activities.

Take good care of the items

You need to take good care of the rental items in order to avoid being charged replacement costs. This calls for you to ensure that no one damages the rental chairs or tables. You should also cover the linens to ensure that they aren’t damaged.