Tips On How To Save Money On Party Rental

Tips On How To Save Money On Party Rental

Although, renting party items saves you a lot of money as you don’t have to buy your own items, you can still save more money if you put these tips into consideration:

Pick the items

Instead of waiting for the party rental supplier to deliver the rental items for you, you should consider picking them on your own. This is to avoid the extra fees charged by many suppliers when they deliver the items to you. Some of the items that you should consider picking on your own are: cups, chairs, tables and lines. When it comes to party tents, you should allow the party supplier to deliver and install them professionally.

Rent from the same supplier

When you rent all of the party items that you need from the same supplier you attract a large discount. There are some suppliers that will offer to deliver the items to you at no extra cost if you place a large order. You should do your research and find the supplier with all the items that you are interested in.

Avoid making package rental deals

Many party tent suppliers have packages where they supply a given number of items depending on the package that you choose. This is usually tricky as you might rent more or less items than you need. To be on the safe side you should avoid the package deals and rent the quantities that you need.

Order the right tent size

It’s very important that you consider the size of tent that you are ordering. If you order a large tent you will end up paying a lot of unnecessary amounts of money. On the other hand if you order a small tent you risk irritating your guests thus provoking them to leave early due to noise and overcrowdedness.
To be on the safe side you should consult a party rental company and the representatives will advise you on the best size to go for. A good rental company will help you in arranging the tables and chairs in order to leave enough room for serving, dancing and other activities.

Take good care of the items

You need to take good care of the rental items in order to avoid being charged replacement costs. This calls for you to ensure that no one damages the rental chairs or tables. You should also cover the linens to ensure that they aren’t damaged.

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