5 Tricks To Pull Off A Successful Winter Tent Event

5 Tricks To Pull Off A Successful Winter Tent Event

Outdoor events work best during summer, but even if the weather is growing cooler, you can still organize a tent event and be a success.

Whether you want to hold your wedding or concert throughout the winter, you can do it with a tent, even in the coldest weather. Wondering how you can pull it off while keeping everyone warm and comfy? Here’s how to do it:

Get a tent with sidewalls

When you think of a tent, you probably think of versions with a roof and supporting poles to keep them up, right? These are fine in the summer but not so much in the winter.

That’s why your tent will require sides to keep the heat in. These come in a variety of styles, so you’ll be able to choose one that works for you.

There are tents with windows, for example, that allow you to see outside. If you want to go even further, you can have clear sidewalls. There is none that is right. As long as it protects your guests, go for it. You should visit your local tent rentals and choose the version that best suits your needs.

Invest in good heating.

Even with sidewalls in place, your tent will be cold and uncomfortable. To make it comfier, invest in good heating.

You can select a space heating system designed specifically for the tent venue. Such systems are effective because they help circulate the air inside the tent venue, making it feel warmer.

It also doesn’t hurt going for portable heaters. Portable heaters are simple to use because they are battery-powered or may be hooked into a power source.

If you have a small tent venue, you should go for a portable heater. It is also preferable to use a fan heater if your tent venue only covers a small area.

When using a heater, do not place it in the center of the tent. Place it where it can benefit from it, and make sure you turn it on the heater before your visitors arrive.

The heater you go for depends on the size of the tent you rent and the temperature outside. There is a formula for figuring out how large of a heater you will require.

For example, you need a 61,245 BTU heater to keep a 40′ x 80′ tent at a pleasant 65 degrees when the temperature outside is 20 degrees. Of course, you need a larger heater if you have a large area to heat.

You should note that in certain cases, renting two smaller heaters to keep the entire space warm may be more cost-effective.

The type and size of heater you rent is as important as the tent, so be ultra-cautious when hiring so that you don’t leave your guests freezing or sweating. To stay safe, always consult an expert on the suitable unit to go for.

Connect your tent to a building.

Having your tent event outside is ideal if you are prepared for the worst. If you have a small tent venue, the temperatures may not be as frigid as outside. However, if you have a huge tent venue, you will need a backup plan.

One way to do it is to attach the tent to a nearby structure. Connecting the tent to a structure near a heater can help circulate air within the tent. This will assist you in keeping the tent warm throughout the occasion.

As you can tell, this means that when choosing the event venue, you should choose one with a building nearby.

Be ready for wet weather.

Most commercial tents can withstand wet weather if it occurs. If it’s going to rain during your event, be sure you’re prepared to deal with it. The flooring you choose is really important.

Wooden floors are the best type of flooring. This is because they are created with holes between them, allowing water to flow to the grass below. If you choose carpets or grassy ground, you will have moist flooring or, worse, a mud bath. You don’t want this, do you?

If you want to take things a step further, provide the guests with rain boots to wear on their way to the tent so their feet don’t get wet. This keeps water out of the tent, and of course, you’ll be the most prepared host. You can also provide them with umbrellas when it starts raining.

Be ready for snow.

With winter comes snow, so be prepared for a few inches to fall on your site overnight. If you haven’t set up your tent yet, when the snow falls, make sure you clear the space entirely before setting it up.

If the ground is frozen, you may not be able to stake down your tent as planned. Fortunately, most commercial tents can be weighed down instead of staked.

If there’s a chance the ground will be frozen when you set up your tent, choose a model that includes weights.

You’ll also want to ensure that as little snow as possible enters your tent. You can accomplish this in the same way that you keep the rain out by providing rain boots to your guests or by establishing a connecting corridor.

If you can’t do this, make sure to fully shovel the pathways and keep ice melt available in case somebody slips.

Parting shot

A tent event in the winter is not impossible to organize. You can keep the guests comfortable and toasty if you follow the above tips.

As a rule of thumb, rent a tent with sidewalls, as it will protect your guests from the harsh weather.

The heating system you choose is as good as the tent, so take your time and find one that is the right size. Thankfully, most experienced party tent rentals Rockland will guide you on not only the right tent to go for, but also the ideal size.

When you are planning a tented event during winter, always think about your guests and work on ensuring that they are as comfy as possible.

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