12 Ways to Entertain Your Guests in An Event

12 Ways to Entertain Your Guests in An Event

Whether you’re hosting a house party or a more elaborate event outside of the home, you need to do more than just pick the right venue, rent supplies from event rentals, and serve delicious food if you want your guests to remember your event.

How do you achieve that? One of the best ways is to incorporate entertainment aspects that will captivate and engage your guests. To help you out, here are several ways to entertain your guests in an event.

Have your guests introduce themselves.

Most event hosts will overlook the necessity of having an introduction session. Nevertheless, this is an essential aspect of any event that often turns out to be entertaining.

When people introduce themselves, they break the ice and create a friendly atmosphere that welcomes different entertainment activities.

Have interactive games and activities

You may not know half the people present whenever you attend an event. As such, it can be hard to break the ice and start conversations. This is where interactive activities and games come in handy.

You can put up a photo booth complete with goofy props. Think funny-shaped hats, feather boas, and oversized sunglasses, among others. This will compel the people present to engage, and within no time, they will be striking poses, making memories that will be cherished forever.

Let the guests compete.

Who wouldn’t love a trivia showdown? By throwing in a bit of competition, you can be sure your event will come alive with playful rivalry and friendly banter.

Remember that such a competition should not be about who is the smartest but about bonding over shared guesses and learning a thing or two.

Have live entertainment

You can hardly go wrong with live entertainment. Think magicians, comedians, or even a music band. Such performances create an exciting atmosphere that most guests will love. 

Have a themed decor and dress code. 

A suitable dress code sets the foundation of a live event. As such, you may want to pick a theme and incorporate it into your event dress or décor code. This way, your guests will quickly start conversations and get creative.

Offer culinary experiences

Food is a universal language, so why not turn it into an experience? You may consider having a chef on site for bite tasting and even live cooking demonstrations.

Engage in presentations or workshops.

Even if your event is for educational purposes, you still want to ensure it is entertaining. In that regard, you should have exciting presentations that will water down the seriousness of your event and encourage your guests to be more laid back.

Allow customized music playlists.

Music seamlessly sets the tone at any event. Imagine walking into an event and realizing that the music playing felt created just for you. That’s what a customized music playlist can do.

However, you should research your guests to find which music suits them. For example, think of old-school hits if you are hosting an older crowd. Conversely, you could have the latest pop hits playing if your event primarily comprises the younger generation.

Provide surprise performances

You could include a surprise performance or several if you want to be extra. Picture your guests enjoying being in the moment; suddenly, a guest artist emerges from nowhere. It won’t be just about the performance but also an unexpected joy that turns a good event into an epic one.

This and a dance performance will be all your guests need to lift their spirits. Therefore, whether you create a killer playlist or get a local celebrity for a surprise performance, remember that it is not just about the show or the music.

Instead, it is about curating an experience your guests will resonate with. Ultimately, the surprises and right tunes make the perfect recipe for making your event stand out.

Provide engaging photo opportunities.

Snapshots are a great way to capture moments at your event. This is why you need to consider having engaging photo opportunities at your event.

Imagine your guests stepping into a space filled with carefully curated backdrops, playful props, and captivating scenery that perfectly aligns with the theme of your event.

It will not just be about taking snapshots but capturing frozen moments in time that will indicate a good time long after your event’s completion.

Imagine the bouts of laughter ensuing as your guests strike poses in front of a fanciful backdrop or the joy of capturing a heartfelt moment against a scenic setting.

Such designated photo spots act as memory-making zones, ensuring that every camera click is a piece of the celebration your guests can carry.

Organise themed contests and prizes

You should also consider introducing a healthy amount of competition into your event. Themed contests and prizes can help you do that seamlessly.

Think of a costume contest where you do not limit your guests’ creativity. You could also opt for a truth-or-dare session or a dance-off to get people moving.

Such contests are less about winning and more about the thrill of participating in something exciting. The anticipation of getting prizes also adds to the allure of the competition, making your event one that will live to be remembered.

Make it possible for virtual engagement for remote guests

Since the world is now digital, you don’t have to leave out guests who could not be physically present. With virtual engagement for remote guests, you could set up live streams to bring them to your event’s heart. That way, they can participate in interactive polls, answer trivia questions, and more.

Ultimately, it will not be about attending but being actively involved in the event regardless of distance.


Hosting an entertaining event that will be unforgettable takes a bit of creativity, research, and planning. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to make it possible. You can include a mix of interaction, live entertainment, and surprises.

Consider incorporating the abovementioned activities and wait for people to crown you as the year’s event host. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, get the input of experts working in the party rentals Rockland

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