Types of Party Chairs

Types of Party Chairs

If you are having a party, whether a wedding, graduation, corporate, or any other kind of party, you need party chairs. The cool thing is there are plenty of chairs you can rent from your local party chairs rentals. Which are these chairs? Here they are:

Folding chairs

While you can use folding chairs in formal events, they are best suited for informal parties such as beach parties. The beauty of folding chairs is that they are highly versatile and can be made from wood or metal.

If your event will go on for a long time, you should go for a padded chair as it’s cozy to sit on for long periods. Of course, you need to avoid this chair if having a beach event, as it can easily get wet, and you don’t want this, do you?

Plastic chairs

Are you having a simple event where the image isn’t of much importance, and you want to save as much money as possible? You should go for a plastic chair. The beauty of plastic chairs is they are lightweight, and if you have chosen the right one, they can be comfortable.

Just because you are having a simple event doesn’t mean you should ignore style—your event should still be stylish. For a great look, go for chairs with modern styles and colors.

Chiavari chairs

They are one of the most popular chairs in the market, and you can use them for a wide range of events and occasions. The beauty of the chairs is they are not only high-profile entertainment chairs but also ideal for different occasions.

Of course, there are many types of Chiavari chairs in the market, so it’s up to you to choose the ones that meet your ideals and match the theme of your event.

Aluminum chairs

If you have been attending open-air concerts and other outdoor events, you must have realized that they heavily use aluminum chairs. The beauty of them is they are tough, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. They are also lightweight and easy to transport, so you don’t incur huge transportation costs.

What should you consider when renting party chairs from chair rental companies?

Just because you want party chairs doesn’t mean you should rent them from the first store you find—you need to take your time and rent them from the right store.

Rental store

You need to visit as many stores as possible and compare the prices.

While at it, pay attention to the quality of the chairs. To have peace of mind that the chairs won’t break while in your procession, ensure that the company you rent from only stocks high-quality pieces that will last for a long time.

Besides party chairs, you need other party supplies such as party tables and tents. Rent most of the supplies from the same rental company to attract higher discounts and even be provided with free transport.


When you rent the chairs is of grave importance. If you are like other people, you are going to have your event during the weekend. At this time, the competition is great, and chances are high that you won’t get the chairs you want if you are a last-minute person.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, start your search early enough. It’s always wise to start finding the chairs at least a month before the party date. And don’t just identify the company you will rent from—pay a deposit and have a written agreement on when you will use the chairs.

Transport costs

Who will be responsible for delivering and collecting the chairs? You should consider this as the costs tend to add to the costs of renting the chairs significantly. Most table and chair rentals Rockland NY will deliver and pick the chairs for you if you rent a significant number of them, and these are the companies you should go for.

While you are in the rental stores, enquire about the transport costs. As mentioned above, to increase the chances of getting a good deal, including free transportation, get most of your supplies from the same company.

You also should enquire about insurance. Ideally, you want to work with an insured company. This way, you have peace of mind that in the event a chair breaks, it won’t be your responsibility.

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