Ways to Have Your Wedding on A Budget

Ways to Have Your Wedding on A Budget

Who said you must spend an arm and leg on your outdoor wedding? Even if you don’t have much money, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. To help you out, here are ways to have a great wedding while on a tight budget:

Set your priorities right.

You easily know where to put your money when your priorities are right. Of course, you should spend your money on the most valuable areas. For example, if you love having excellent meals, you should spend most of your money on food.

Do you love having an excellent venue? You should get the best venue you can afford. You also should get a high-quality tent from reputable tent rentals to complete the look.

As mentioned, when you have your priorities right, you put the money where it’s better utilized, and as a result, you don’t waste it. As you can tell, this means that you save money in the long run.

Find an affordable venue.

Even if you love having an excellent setting, it doesn’t mean that you should spend all of your money there.

Most places have decent but affordable places that you can take advantage of. For example, every city or county has at least one building run by the county.

Usually, it’s an old manor that can be used for events. These places are often forgotten, but they are beautiful, and you can take advantage of them as they come at a small fee. Even others don’t require you to pay anything.

You should find these places and get the relevant authorities to guide you on renting them and making the most of them.

Take measures to save on food.

Food is an important aspect of a wedding, but you should devise measures to reduce the costs.

Buffets are usually the cheapest food service, followed by family style and then plated.

To customize the foods, use a food truck. You could also offer your favorites, like tacos or pizza. It makes the food more personal and sometimes saves money.

When it comes to alcohol, Don’t have an open bar. Instead, minimize the number of drinks to beer, wine, and one or two signature cocktails.

If having an open bar is important to the event’s theme, you can have one, but only during cocktail hour.

If your venue allows it, buying your alcohol in bulk can save you a lot of money.

Cut costs on the wedding dress.

Many women will remember their wedding dresses for years and tend to pay attention to them. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend much money on them.

As much as the wedding dress can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, it doesn’t have to be.

If your dress isn’t the most important thing for the big day, you should buy one that feels cheap. That way, you can use the extra money for something more important. You could even consider renting the dress if you are comfortable. After all, you are only going to wear it once.

Find a venue with a built-in décor

As you are scouting for a venue, look around your site. Is there an arch or other focal point that you could use instead of making a flower arbor?

Or, is there a garden on-site where you can use its natural beauty and frame it with smaller pops of decor here and there?

You also should look at what’s included with the venue to get the most for your money. Having tables and chairs on site will save you a lot of money.

Other things to consider include: Getting a discount on a multi-day rate if you hold your rehearsal dinner there.

Save on flowers

They might seem minor, but flowers can easily take most of your money if you aren’t keen. The situation is worse when you are stuck on premium flowers.

For the best outcome with flowers, flexibility is the best way to cut costs and pull off a cheap wedding.

Instead of being fixed on a particular flower, you should suggest a color and a general style, but let your florist decide what’s in season, which will save money.

Reusing things can also be useful. You can use some of the decorations in the aisles as table decorations at the reception.

When searching for flowers, ask your vendor if they had to buy something special from another wedding they can use on your site.

Cut on the unnecessary.

Even though Pinterest and Instagram might make it seem like welcome bags and wedding presents are necessary, they aren’t. They are just extras.

They aren’t necessary for the wedding day, so you don’t have to do them if you don’t care about them.

To tell whether an accessory is essential, you only need to ask yourself whether it will make your guests more comfortable. If it won’t, you don’t need it.

Cut your wedding list.

As much as you would want to invite all your friends and relatives to your big day, it could be better when you are working on a limited budget.

To save some money, don’t invite all of the people that you know. Instead, invite only those that are important.

If you haven’t spoken to someone for years, there is no reason to invite them to your big day. They might not even remember you, or the invite might not mean much to them.

Invite those that are worth it.

Don’t schedule your wedding on a Saturday.

Most people have their weddings on Saturdays; hence, the venue prices tend to be high at this time. As someone looking to save money, you should avoid having your wedding during this time.

Prices for venues are often lower on Fridays and Sundays and even Monday through Thursday, so if your schedule allows, plan your wedding during this time.

Renting party supplies from various event rentals Rockland is even cheaper at this time, saving you a lot of money.

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