What Caterers Equipment Rentals Can You Rent?

What Caterers Equipment Rentals Can You Rent?

It’s often said that no event is complete without food, which is true. If you are offering food at your event, you should highly consider renting catering equipment from caterers equipment rentals.

Are you wondering which equipment you should get? Well, there are many, with the common ones being:


When renting glassware, you should pay attention to your needs and the drinks you will be serving. Some of the glasses you will need include:

Wine glasses: You can rent several wine glasses depending on the type of wine you will be serving. If you are serving red wine, you need glasses with a large bowl and a narrow opening meant to capture the aroma of the wine and concentrate it on the nose.

Will you be serving white wine instead? You need a glass with a smaller bowl but a wider opening that aids in preserving the wine’s cool temperature and make it easy for the wine to release its delicate aroma.

You can also rent champagne glasses that feature a tall, narrow bowl and flared rim that aids in retaining the bubbles in the wine and, at the same time, enhance its aroma.

Dessert glasses are also available. These glasses feature a small bowl and a narrow opening that concentrates the rich, sweet flavors of the wine.

The last thing you should do is rent the wrong glass for the type of wine you will be offering. For example, you shouldn’t rent white wine glasses when offering red wine. If you aren’t sure about the right glasses to go for, get the input of a professional.

Beer glasses: Similar to wine glasses, you can rent several beer glasses depending on the type of beer you will be serving. For example, if you serve lagers, ales, and other general beers, you should get pint glasses.

You will need pilsner glasses if you serve light and effervescent beers such as pilsner.

Will you be serving beer with complex flavors and aromas, such as Belgium beer? You should get stemmed glasses that aid in retaining the beer’s head and enhance its aroma.

You can also rent wheat beer glasses that are best suited for serving sweat beers known to be light and refreshing.

Unlike wine glasses, you can easily get away with renting the wrong beer glasses, as most people often aren’t keen on them. If you are having a more formal event, ensure that you get the right beer glasses for the kind of beer you are offering.

Other glassware you can rent from your rental company includes a cocktail and non-alcoholic glasses.

As mentioned, if you aren’t sure about the proper glassware to rent, get the input of a professional.


You need dishes where you will serve your guests. There are no right or wrong dishes, depending on several factors.

One of the factors is the nature of the event you will be having. If you are having a formal event, go for china dishes. If you are having a casual event, go for plastic or disposable dishes.

The other thing to consider is the nature of your menu. If you are serving soup, you should also get soup bowls, flatware, and dinner plates.

When it comes to the number of dishes you should rent, it all depends on the number of guests that will be attending the event. Remember, renting a few extra dishes is always better than having inadequate pieces.

As you are coming up with a budget for the dishes, don’t just factor in the rental cost—also consider the delivery and set-up fees. The cool thing is some rental companies will deliver and set up the dishes for free when you rent many pieces from them.


You will need to keep the food hot for the guests to enjoy it, and to do this, you need an oven. Obviously, you need to rent an oven the right size for the food you want to keep warm.

For a great experience, rent your oven from reputable event rentals Rockland NY, with a proven record of stocking high-quality units that won’t go out on you in the middle of the event.

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