What Should I Consider In A Dance Floor?

What Should I Consider In A Dance Floor?

Are you having an event, and you would want your guests to have the time of their life? You should highly consider getting them a dance floor—if your venue doesn’t have one.

Should you hire just any dance floor, you come across? Well, no—you should consider plenty of factors to rent a suitable unit. These factors include:

Size of the dance floor

The last thing you want is people overcrowding the dance floor. It’s even worse when the dance floor is too big that it appears empty even with everyone dancing.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, rent a dance floor from event rentals that are the right size for your event.

The critical thing to consider is the number of people attending the event. You need to ensure that your dance floor accommodates the people in the event. Of course, not everyone will dance. A good rule of thumb is to assume that at least 10% of the people in the event will get on the dance floor.

For everyone to have enough dancing space, ensure that the dance floor allows 9 square feet per person for a small dance floor and about 7 square feet per person for a larger dance floor.

The other factor to consider when coming up with the ideal dance floor size is the event venue size. You should rent a dance floor that fits the venue.

The type of event

You can rent dance floors for all manner of events. You can rent them for weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties, etc.

As much as all dance floors might appear the same, they aren’t, and using the wrong dance floor might give your event a wrong look.

To stay on the safe side, pay attention to the nature of the event when renting the dance floor.

For example, go for a dance floor with a polished, elegant look if you are having a wedding or a black tie event. Excellent options to choose from include a black and white checkered floor or a floor with a wood grain finish.

If you haven’t rented another dance floor before, get the help of an experienced professional to help you choose the right one.

Type of dancing

There is no way you can tell or dictate how the people will dance, but you should be prepared for it by renting the right dance floor. If you have invited plenty of young people to the event, chances are that they will be engaging in more energetic dancing.

To make it fun and safe, choose a dance floor with a sprung base to provide more cushioning and support.

Location of the event

Where will you have your event? It’s important to consider this. If you will be having the event outdoors, get a dance floor designed explicitly for outdoor. These dance floors are usually made from tough materials that withstand various weather elements. Excellent options to go with include a portable dance floor or tent floor.


It goes without saying that the cost of the dance floor is an essential factor to consider. Different dance floors go at different prices, and it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your budget.

Many rent from the first rental company they come across—this is wrong. The right way to go about it is to take your time and find a reputable store.

This calls for you to visit a couple of stores and compare the quality of dance floors they have in stock. Of course, you should rent the dance floor that is ideal for your event and goes at a lower cost.

To save even more money, rent from the same company you rent the other rental supplies. When you rent plenty of items from the same company, you attract higher discounts, saving a lot of money.

Parting shot

When renting a dance floor from party rentals Rockland NY, these are some factors you should consider. Regardless of the type of dance floor you rent, ensure that it’s high quality and is correctly installed.

You wouldn’t want the dance floor coming apart in the middle of the event, would you?

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