Hiring Tables and Chairs for Party Best Practices

Hiring Tables and Chairs for Party Best Practices

When renting party chairs and tables, you need to be cautious to have an excellent experience. To help you out, here are the best practices to consider to rent the best units:

Rent from a reputable company

The party chairs rentals company you rent the units from has a significant impact on the experience you have. As a rule of thumb, rent the units from an experienced company that has been around for a long time.

Before you head to the stores, starting your research online is always good. Read about the history of the company and its reviews. Of course, you should hire a company with an excellent reputation.

When you go to the stores, keep your eyes out for the quality of party supplies that the company has. You want to rent your units from a company with high-quality chairs and tables. This is because the good quality units are great to look at and give you peace of mind that they won’t break in the middle of the event.

Many people rent their units from the first company they come across—don’t do this. The best way to go about it is to compare two or more companies and settle on the best one.

Once you have settled on one company, sign a contract and then make your deposit. When it comes to the signing, don’t simply sign it—take time to read the contract and understand what it entails.

From the contract, it should be clear who is responsible for delivering the chairs and tables, who should pick them up from the site, who is responsible for the repairs in the event of an accident, and so on.

If there is something you don’t understand, don’t ignore it, as it might turn out to be too expensive in the future. When something isn’t clear, ask,

Rent the right number of chairs and tables

You don’t want some of your guests missing chairs or tables, do you? To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should rent the right number of chairs and tables. Before you head to the stores, ensure that you have an accurate headcount to rent the appropriate number of tables and chairs.

When renting the supplies, don’t rent the exact number for your guests—rent a few extra for uninvited or unexpected guests that might turn up.

Choose the right style of tables and chairs.

If you are having a themed event, it’s wise you ensure that the tables and chairs you rent have the same theme as the rest of the event.

Thankfully, most of the party chairs and tables are highly customizable, and all you need to do is to ask the rental company representatives to help you with that.

Think about the delivery and pickup logistics

Many people often ignore the delivery and pickup logistics, yet they are a critical factor to pay attention to. This is because they can make or break your event.

For example, when the supplies aren’t delivered on time, you will have to delay your event, and you don’t want this. Other companies will charge you extra if you don’t return the supplies within the specified time.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, agree with the rental company who will deliver and pick up the supplies and the fees involved.

It’s always good to have the supplies delivered and picked up by the rental company. Most of them will do this for free, especially if you have rented plenty of items from them, but even if there is a fee involved, it’s still better to pay them and have them deliver the units for you.

Put everything in writing.

Regardless of how understanding and sweet the representatives at the event rentals Rockland NY appear, don’t assume that they will stick to their end of the bargain. To make things official, always have even the most minute details in writing.

You should capture all the details of your rental agreement in writing. This includes the cost, delivery and pickup times, and damage fees.

You should capture the insurance limits and other relevant details if the rental company is insured.

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