Party Supplies: Guide To Throwing A Successful Luau Party

party supplies

As I have mentioned on a number of times on this blog, it’s always good to have a theme for your party. One of the best themes you should go for is the luau theme that is casual, colorful, fun and you can have it outdoors.

Party supplies that you need

For the party to be a success, you need the necessary party supplies. The supplies you need include:

Fire and flames: Tiki torches provide you with a tropical island feel and also play a vital role in keeping bugs away. In addition to the flames, you should also consider setting up flaming centerpieces or candles around the event. The units will serve as decorations and at the same time keep the bugs away. As rule of thumb ensure that they match the event theme.

Flowers and leis: No party will be complete without the flowers and the famous lei garland. You should place the flowers around the centerpieces, outfit accessories, and drinks. When ordering the flowers from the party rentals, you should go for those with broad, long leaves. Also, go for those with delicate and open flowers. Some of the best flowers that you should consider are: Bamboo Orchids, Frangipanis, and Philippine Ground Orchids. These flowers come in a wide range of colors to choose from. It’s up to you to choose the color that you want.

Bamboo: When it comes to the utensils, you should go for those made from bamboo. For the bowls, go with wooden ones. When it comes to color, go with bright colors. The best ones to consider include: orange, blue, pink, and yellow. You can use the colors in the flowers and leis, or incorporate them in your tiki torches.

Tips on how to make your luau party fun

The fun should begin from the invitations. You should ask the guests to wear flip flops so that they can be relaxed. In addition to serving food and drinks, you should also consider incorporating games in your party. Some of the games you can go with include: singing, hilarious photo props, making a lei, doing the limbo, and many others.


These are tips on how to a fun-filled luau party. Just like when throwing any other party, you should ensure that you start planning early enough. You should visit your local chairs rentals and other professionals and see what they have in store.

Party Rentals: Simple Details That Will Make Your Party Memorable

party rentals

When you are putting together a party, it’s always recommended that you work super hard and throw a party that the guests will remember for a long time. Many people think that they need to hire high-end party supplies to make their party memorable, but this isn’t always necessary. There are many minor details that you can put in place and create an unforgettable look. Some of these details include:


If you frequent parties, you must have been lost once or twice. This is because you are usually new to the area. To give your guests an easy time, you should have signs that point them to the different areas of the party such as the bathroom or sitting areas. Experts report that when you use signs, you show the guests that you care about them and they are welcome in your party. In addition to leaving the guests with a memorable impression, the signs will also play a vital role in keeping the entire event organized. When placing the signs ensure that they match your party theme. If having a formal party, go with high-end units.

Serve drinks at the start of the party

How many times have you been welcomed with a cold drink as soon as you arrive at a party? My bet is that you rarely do. This is because many people don’t do it as they feel it as unnecessary. Many people wait until the end of the party to give the drinks. To ensure that your guests remember the party for a long time, you should provide them with a drink as soon as they arrive. This not only makes them feel welcomed, but it also refreshes the guests that might be too tired thus setting them in the party mood.

In addition to serving drinks, it’s also wise to consider placing plated salads and appetizers on the table. These can be soup, salads, or appetizers. When you do this, you create a great experience as you don’t keep the guests waiting to be served food. The food also encourages the guests to sit down thus allowing you to start the party activities early enough.


These are some of the things you can do to make your party memorable. To have a great time, you should work with popular party rentals that will not only supply you with high-quality party equipment, but also help you with the planning of the party.

Party Supplies: Tips On How To Ease The Process Of Party Planning

party supplies

Anyone putting together a party wants to put together a party that people will remember for a long time. While this is the dream of every individual, the process is usually not easy. The cool thing is that there are a number of things you can do to ease the process. Some of these things include:

Start planning early

This eliminates the last minute rush that often results in complications and an ugly party. You should reach out to the guests and confirm the ones that will be in attendance. You should also visit a number of party rentals and see what is available in the market. You should take a look at the available party tables, chairs, and any other supplies that you will be requiring. Experts recommend that you start the process at least three months before the day of the party. To ensure that everything is in place you should have a timeline to guide you.

Work with a party supplies company

In addition to renting the supplies you need for your party, there are many other benefits you can get from the rental companies. The rental supply company can help you in getting the exact things you need to for your party. While the company might not be having what you want, the representatives might know where you can get them thus eliminating the hassle of walking from one company to another. The representatives will also guide you in coming up with ideas for the party and how to make the party more memorable.

Most of the party rental companies have staff that helps with the installation of the party tents and other supplies. In the process of helping you with the installation, they will also assist you in choosing the right location for the party, best layout for the tables, dance floors, lighting, and other units. To have an easy time working with the companies, you should do your research and ensure that the company is reputable and highly experienced. The company should also have friendly staff.


These are some of the ways in which you can make the process of planning your party easy. To make the event memorable, you should have a party theme. During the planning, you should ensure that party chairs, linen, flowers, and any other units match the theme. For example, if having a beach theme, go with simple, wooden chairs, tables and simple or no linens.

Factors To Consider When Renting Cutlery From Party Rentals

party rentals

When you set out to rent cutlery from party rentals, you will find that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to companies that offer these services. It would be advisable to seek referrals from family and friends for reliable companies. Alternatively, you can browse through the rental items catalog of a variety of party rental services to find one that offers what you need. Here are some factors you should consider before renting from rental companies.

Available Items

The ideal rental company offers you a variety of items to choose from. In this case, you need to pick a rental firm with a variety of cutlery options. Inquire whether the rental service has a showroom where you can preview the inventory.

Responsibility For Equipment

It is important to review the rental company’s policies on damaged, broken, or missing items, and your responsibility with regard to the rented items. All silver, china, and glassware need to be cleaned and repackaged in the containers in which they were given to you.

Delivery and Pick Up

Many party companies offer delivery and pickup of items at a nominal fee. You should consider whether you need this service or whether it is an unnecessary cost. To make your work easy, it’s always wise that you go with a company that will help with the delivery and picking up of the supplies. Even if the company asks you to pay a fee, the extra charge is worth it as you will save you a lot in the long run.


Besides looking for a rental company that offers variety, you need to find a service that will accommodate your budget. Since you are looking for cutlery, you should be able to choose from high-end to average options. Be honest regarding your budget with the rental service, and ensure you scrutinize the contract for missing services and hidden costs. To avoid stress, rent the party units from a company that is within your budget.


If you are planning to throw a party, apart from the location, decoration, and accommodation considerations, you need to think about the food and cutlery that will be used during this occasion. If you do not have appropriate or sufficient cutlery for the party, you can always rely on a party supplies company to solve this problem.

Party Rentals: Tips On How To Increase The Comfort Of Your Party Guests

party rentals

When you invite people to your wedding party or any other party you want them to be as comfortable as possible. While many people want to keep their guests comfortable, studies show that only a few of the people know how to do it. To help you out, here is a guide on what you should do.

Hire high-quality party supplies

Unless you regularly throw parties, chances are that you don’t have all the party supplies you need for the party—you have to rent them. Just like in other situations, there is no way your guests will have a great experience if you use low-quality supplies. Whether you are renting party chairs, tables or any other units, ensure that they are of high quality. You can easily do this by renting them from a reputable party rental company.

To create a great impression, ensure that the supplies you rent match the theme of your party. For example, if having a formal party that will last for a long time, go for formal, cushioned chairs. If on the other hand, you are having a simple party, go for simple, wooden beach-style chairs.

Provide good food

I have mentioned on this blog on numerous occasions that no party is complete without food. To prevent the guests from leaving, you should provide them with food. You can prepare the food at the party venue or order it from the local restaurants. If preparing it at the party venue, you should approach your local kitchen rentals and rent the cooking supplies. Some of the rental companies have people that can help you with the cooking and in other cases, you have to look for the people to help you with food preparation. When renting the kitchen equipment pay attention to their quality. Also, consider the number of guests that will be attending the event.

Go the extra mile

When people are having a party, they rent the usual supplies: party tents, kitchen equipment, etc. To ensure that your guests are comfortable, you shouldn’t stop here—you should go the extra mile. In addition to the regular supplies, you should also include other supplies such as air conditioners and heating equipment that will increase the comfort levels.  To get these supplies all you need to do is visit your local party rental companies and choose the highest quality units. While you will pay an extra amount, the extra cost will be totally worth it.

Linen And Décor For Weddings Rentals: How To Get The Most From Party Linen

Linen and décor for weddings rentals

If your party chairs or tables are in bad shape and you want to give a great impression, you should decorate them using party linen that you can easily rent from your local party rentals. For you to get the most from the linens you need to do a number of things:

Rent high-quality linens

There is no way you will create a great impression with poor quality linens—you need to use high-quality units. You can easily do this by renting from high-quality party rental companies. Many people go for cheap linens as they save them a lot of money but this shouldn’t be you. Remember that the cheaper the linen are, the cheaper the look they give your party. If you are having a formal event, the last thing you want is your party appearing cheap. As rule of thumb, you should go with a party company stocking only high-quality party linens.

Be cautious of the linen colors

How the linens look plays a vital role in setting the mood for the party. The cool thing is that the units come in different colors; therefore, you have many options to choose from. some of the options include:

Monochromic colors: Here you need to use linen of the same color. For an interesting look, you should use light and dark versions of the same color. For example, you should use light pink tablecloths and their darker counterparts. In addition to this look giving your party an interesting look, it also ensures that your party remains colorful without requiring you to introduce another color.

Analogous colors: Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. A great example is red and orange. While they are next to each other, they should complement each other. Analogous colors are ideal when you are looking to use more color in your party.

Complimentary colors: If you want a bolder look, you should go for colors that are direct across from the primary colors on your color wheel. For example, you can go with red and green. When using the colors, pay close attention to their shade. For a great look ensure that the shades match each other.


These are the things you should do when suing linen to decorate your party. As mentioned, for a great look, you should rent the units from reputable and high-quality linen and décor for weddings rentals.

Party Supplies: Everything You Need To Know About Party Linens

party supplies

Linens have been used for centuries in decorating all types of parties ranging from baby showers to graduation parties. They come in different colors and designs and all you need to do is choose the ones that are ideal for you. For you to make the right choice, you need to consider a number of factors that include:

Quality of the linens

As mentioned, the linens are of different types. If there are friends in your circle that have high-quality linens you should borrow from them. If there aren’t, you should consider renting from your local party rentals. As rule of thumb, ensure that the linens are of high quality. Before you sign an agreement with the rental company, you should check the way that the units are sewn together.

Color of the linens

In addition to considering the quality of the units, also consider their color. As rule of thumb, ensure that they have a color that matches the theme of your event. If you are having a beach theme, go with white linens. If having an outdoor theme, go with green linens and so on.

Length of the linens

This is an important factor that many people don’t pay attention to. There are two lengths that you can choose from: floor and knee length. Floor length linens are ideal for use in formal events. The cool thing about them is that they give an elegant appeal. They also cover the legs of the tables and chairs; therefore, if you aren’t proud of your chairs and tables, these are the best units to go for. The main drawback with the units is that they are expensive to rent. It’s also common for drinks and people to get caught in them thus putting them at great risk of getting damaged.

Knee length linens are ideal for use in less formal events. The good thing with these linens is that they are cheap and easy to find. It’s also rare that someone will trip or get caught in them. The unfortunate thing is that they can’t hide your table or chair legs. If you will be using them, you will be forced to hire expensive party chairs and tables with beautiful legs.


Table linens are ideal for use in decorating both food and cocktail tables. For the elegant look, you should go with floor length linens. Ensure that the units you are renting are of high quality and you are getting them from a reputable party supplies company.

Party Rentals: Tips On How To Put Together A Successful Party

party rentals

Holding a party is challenging as there are plenty of technicalities that you have to deal with.  While it’s challenging, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. To help you out, here are tips that you should follow for you to put together a successful party.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning

A successful party requires you to conduct all the planning early enough to save you the energy of rushing through a lot of details in little time. Prior planning ensures that you put everything in place and are able to tell what has been left out early enough. If you are having a highly formal party, early planning helps you conduct a mock party that can help you gauge the outcomes. Experts recommend that you start planning the party at least 3 months before the big day. During this time you should visit the local rental companies and compare the prices of the party tents and other products that you need. As rule of thumb you should go with a company supplying you high quality units at least cost.

Avoid a lot of alcoholic drinks

You should not include a lot of alcoholic drinks in your party refreshments requirements. When in need of holding any party even including a birthday party as a host you should minimize the alcoholic drinks to be offered, this is to ensure that the guests are not too drunk to concentrate with the party.  If you have to provide alcohol, ensure that the bar has a bar tender who will keep an eye on the consumption levels of the guests.

Get high quality party supplies

You need to have party supplies for your party to be a success. Some of the supplies you need include: tents, chairs, tables, and many others. The quality of these supplies determines the impression you create with the guests. For a great impression, go with high quality supplies. This calls for you to rent from a high quality, reputable store.


These are the tips that you should consider for you to throw a beautiful party. As mentioned, you should start planning early enough. You should also go for high quality supplies. The party rentals you work with have a great impact on the success of your party; therefore, always ensure that the companies are of high quality and certified to work in your local area.

Party Rentals: Dos And Don’ts For A Successful Party

party rentals

When you are throwing a party you want to throw the best and most memorable party. For you to do it you need to do and avoid a number of things.

Dos for a successful party

Have a venue backup: An outdoor party during summer is fun and sets everyone in a party mood. Most of the guests will be comfortable standing if the party is going to be short. Others will be comfortable sitting in the sun even if the party will be long. While the summer weather is great and makes party planning easy and fun, it’s always wise to have a party venue backup.

Weather can inclement any minute. To ensure that the party goes on despite the bad weather you should have a party tent in place. The cool thing is that if you don’t already own a tent you can always rent one from your local party rentals. When renting, pay attention to the size of the tent and its quality. As rule of thumb, buy one that is large enough and gives your party a high-end look.

Start planning early: To ensure that everything goes perfectly, you should start the party preparations early enough. If having a wedding party, you should begin the preparations at least 3 months before the big day. If you are having a small office party, begin preparing for it a few weeks before. When you start early you have ample time to get the venue, invite the guests, and have all the necessary party supplies in place.

Don’ts for a successful party

For the party to be successful you need to avoid doing the following:

Ignoring the comfort of the guests: You need guests for your party without them you don’t have a party. When you are organizing your party, the comfort of the guests should always be your priority. If the party will last for a long time, you should provide them with party chairs that ensure their comfort. If the weather isn’t right, you should provide party tents and even air conditioners.

Fail to provide food: A party without food is stale and boring. For the party to be entertaining you should provide the guests with enough food. You can rent the kitchen rentals and prepare the food at the party venue or order it from the local restaurants. For ideal results, you should prepare the food at the venue as you liven up the party. You also get to serve the food while still hot.

Must Have Party Supplies When Organizing A Corporate Event

party supplies

If you are planning a corporate event there are a number of supplies that you must have to make the event a success. These supplies include:

Corporate tents

The corporate world is known to be serious and often boring. To bring some change you should consider having your event outdoors. For the guests to be comfortable you should protect them from the sun, wind and other weather elements. You can easily do this using corporate tents. In addition to these tents protecting your guests, they are also easy to brand thus getting the name of your company out. When renting the tents, pay attention to the number of guests that will be attending. Also, consider the high quality of the tents.

Tables and chairs

Your need for tables and chairs depends on the type of event that you are having. If having a simple meeting that will only last a few hours, you can rent only party chairs but if you will be serving a meal or the event will last for a few days you should include party tables on your rental list. If the event will last for a week or more, it’s always wise to have a theme in order to make it memorable.

Audio/visual equipment

The last thing you want is the speakers shouting at the top of their lungs for the guests to hear. This not only tires the guests, it also gives the party an unprofessional look. Unless you are having an extra small corporate event, it’s always good to have speakers and microphone in place. You should place the equipment at strategic areas for everyone to hear. They also should be of high quality in order to give top notch sound.

It’s common for people to make presentations in corporate events. To make it possible you should have a presentation board in place. Also, provide enough lighting. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have all the equipment in your company as you can always rent them from your local party rentals. The most important thing to consider when renting is the quality of the units and their ability to do the work you are interested in.


These are some of the party supplies that you need when you are having a corporate event. To avoid rushing the last minute, visit a few rental companies weeks before the event day and make reservations. To have an easy time, work with reputable rental companies.